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There is normal shedding of hair in a day as a part of hair growth, but when there is excessive shedding of hair than normal, it is known as hair fall.
Hair fall can affect men, women as well as children.

1.A prolonged illness
4.Thyroid hormone imbalance
5.Imbalance in androgens hormones.
6.Drug induced.
7.Fungal infection of scalp.
8.Hair styles which involve tying of hair tightly, usage of tight rollers, etc.
9.Systemic Diseases like lupus, diabetes, etc.
10.Use of harsh chemicals, hot oil, pollution,

Preventing hair loss:
Hair loss may also occur for reasons where it is possible to do something about it. If there is any hair loss and cannot attribute any reason to it, check to see that these things are not done.

  • Tying hair tightly for prolonged periods.
  • Wearing helmets, tight caps or turbans for long periods.
  • Using strong chemicals in hair.
  • Dieting or eating poor diet.
  • Bacterial or fungal infections of the scalp can also cause loss of hair. However, these can usually be cured easily with the use of medicines or medicated shampoos.
Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia)
Baldness occurs both in men and women as their age advances.
The baldness which occurs in men is called "male pattern baldness" and is characterized by receding hairline and loss of hair on the crown area. It is generally experienced around and from age of 25 years.
The baldness which occurs in women is called "female pattern baldness" and is characterized by overall thinning of hair on scalp and little loss of hair on crown or hairline. This can begin at puberty but usually occurs after menopause.
The cause for both types of baldness is attributed to genetic factors which have been inherited.

Alopecia Areata
Small circular patches of baldness start appearing on the scalp and hair re-grows in these patches after few days. This is called as alopecia areata. Persons who are affected by this condition will have repeated hair fall and regrowth of the above mentioned pattern.
In severe conditions, total loss of scalp hair occurs - this is called as "alopecia totalis". Some times complete loss of body hair also occurs. This is called as "alopecia universalis". In few people, the hair re-grows, but the hair loss may occur once again - this is an autoimmune disease.

1.Stress should be avoided.
2.Use of harsh chemicals must be avoided.
3.Balanced diet must be taken
4.If any hormonal imbalance is present, then treatment must be accordingly.
5.Homoeopathy- It provides correct and constitutional treatment. The medicines which are used in treatment are natural medicines having no side effects. These medicines not only prevent hair fall but promote hair growth also.

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