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Dentition Teething

It is defined as the development of teeth and their arrangement in the mouth. It is also known as eruption of teeth from gums in a baby. The typical time for appearance of teeth is usually between sixth to ninth months, but it may vary on child to child. Usually, the first tooth to erupt is one of the lower, central incisors. As the tooth penetrates the gums, the area may appear slightly red or swollen over the tooth. Some teeth may be more sensitive than others when they erupt.
Deciduous teeth or milk teeth tend to emerge sooner in females than in males. The exact pattern and initial starting times of teething appear to be hereditary. They are 20 in numbers.
1.Lower central incisors (2)
2.Upper central incisors (2)
3.Upper lateral incisors (2)
4.Lower lateral incisors (2)
5.Canines (4)
6.First molars (4)
7.Second molars (4)

Signs and Symptoms:
1.Increased salivation.
2.Restlessness, sleeplessness due to discomfort in gums.
3.Refusal of food due to soreness in gums.
5.Mild rashes on the skin surface.
6.Chewing of objects.
7.Rubbing of cheek and ear region due to referred pain.
9.Fever, between 100 to 101 ºF, but may vary from child to child.

Order of tooth eruption in baby:
1.Central incisors: 6-12 months of age
2.Lateral incisors: 9-16 months of age
3.Canine teeth: 16-23 months of age
4.First molars: 13-19 months of age
5.Second molars: 22-24 months of age
Between the ages of 6 to 12 years of age, these 20 primary teeth are replaced by 32 permanent teeth.

1.Any medicines, which are responsible for numbness for gums should not be used.
2.If pain gums causes discomfort, so different types of nipples and cups must be used to improve feeding.
3.Oral hygiene must be maintained even before eruption of tooth.
4.Cold objects must be used to reduce inflammation of gums.
5.Due to irritation of gums, babies used to chew objects. This can be dangerous if the baby is allowed to chew on objects which are small enough to be swallowed or which could break while being chewed and cause choking. So it must be avoided.
6.Homoeopathy is a holistic system of medicine, it helps in treating the suffering without harming the patient. Homoeopathic medicines will help in reducing the inflammation and behavioural disorders from which infants are suffering.

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