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Marasmus, especially of lower extremities only, yet with good appetite. Neck weak, cannot hold the head. 
Tubercular peritonitis. Angioma of face. 
Stomach feels as if swimming in water. 

SYNONYM : Artemesia abrotanum 
COMMON NAME : Southern Wood / Lady's Love 
FAMILY : Compositae-Canymbiferae 
A/F : -Suddenly checked diarrhoea 3 or secretions -Malnutrition -Defective digestion or assimilation -Following operations for hydrothorax or empyema 
MODALITIES : < Cold air 3 > Loose stool2 < Checked secretion 2 > Motion < Fog < Night < Wet (damp) 
MIND : -Mental symptoms alternate with physical. 
-Anxiety from pain in stomach. 
-Irritability in children with marasmus. 
-Sadness, despondency, dejection, depression in marasmus. 
-Delusion that he hears voices in bed, which cease when listening intently. 
-Cruelty, brutality. 
-Dreams of biting a mad dog. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Emaciation from below upwards. [Emaciation from above downwards-Sanic, Lyc, Nat-m]. Emaciation in children, pale, hollow eyed, old face, blue rings around eyes. 
-Ravenous appetite. Child eats well yet loses flesh. 
-Metastases-Rheumatism joints to heart, to spine, to mumps, to mammary glands or testes or pancreas. 
-Alternations- -Rheumatism <-> Piles [Collin, Sabina] -Rheumatism <-> Dysentery [Kali-bi] -Rheumatism <-> Skin eruptions -Rheumatism <-> Catarrh of nose -Diarrhoea <-> Constipation [Ant-c, Ant-t, Cheli, Podo, Nux-v, Sulph, Verat]. 
-Mind <-> Physicals -Headache <-> Haemorrhoids -Cardiac symptoms <-> Pain is joints 
-Exudations into pleura, joints, from navel. Oozing of blood or moisture from navel. [Oozing of urine from navel-Hyos] 
-Weakness-after influenza, after hectic fever, cannot hold up head. 
-Perspiration of whole body at night (F.V. Synoptic). 
-Wandering pains. 
-G.I.T.-Tendency to loose stool after acute diarrhoea. 
-Walking or stooping impossible from distension of abdomen. 
-Bloated abdomen. 
-Aversion to milk. 
-Respiratory system-Dry cough following diarrhoea. 
-Male genitalia-Hydrocoele in children. 
-Extremities-Rheumatism from suddenly checked diarrhoea. 
-Rheumatism without swelling, but gout with swelling and inflammation. 
-Gout of ankle and wrist joints. 
-Painful contractions of limbs (Amm-m) from cramps or following colic. 
-Gout of ankle and wrist joints [Ruta]. 
-Skin-Purplish after suppression of eruptions, respiratory infections, after suppression of eruptions (Morrison). 
KEYNOTES : -Emaciation; in children ascending. Ravenous hunger but still does not thrive. 
-Alternating symptoms. 
-Sensation of stomach floating or swimming in water [Bufo], with coldness. 
-Craving for bread boiled in milk. 
-Intolerance of coffee (F.V. Synoptic). 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Marasmus most pronounced in the lower extremities. 
-Metastasis and alternating complaints. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -A/F checked eruptions, discharges. 
-Marasmus of lower limbs. 
-> diarrhoea. 
CLINICAL : -Inflammation of the parotids, changing to testes or mammae is a generally cured by Carb-v or Puls, but ABROTANUM has cured when these remedies have failed- Dr. Kent. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Benz-ac, Bry, Iod, Nat-m, Scrophularia, Stellaria. 
-After Aconite and Bryonia in pleurisy, when pressing sensation in affected side persists impeding respiration. 
-After Hepar in furuncle. 
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