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Emaciation, wasting diseases, marasmus. Haemorrhages, anaemic, waxy pale. 

COMMON NAME : Vinegar 
FAMILY : Organic acid. 
SOURCE : Distilled water is used for attenuation IX and I. 
Very dilute spirit 3x up to 4, Rectified spirit for 5 and higher. 
A/F : - Anaesthetic vapours, fumes of charcoal and gas. 
-Stings and bites (Led). 
-Surgical injuries, surgical shock. 
-Sausage poisoning. 
MODALITIES : < Cold air > Motion < Wet > Loose stools < Checked secretions < Fog < Night 
MIND : -Ailments from shock 2, excitement. 
-Anxiety and fear, driving him from place to place, in dyspnoea, in liver complaints. 
-Irritability with headache and abdomen and liver complaints. 
-Lamenting, wailing with delirium, with swelling of abdomen. 
-Hystera; crawling and rolling on the floor. 
-Grieves about sickness and children. Worried about business. 
-Forgetful about what recently happened, does not know her own children. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Constitution -Suited to pale, lean persons with lax flabby muscles, face pale, waxy (Fer). 
-Who have inherited pthisis and suffer from chronic weakness, anaemia, emaciation. 
-Haemorrhagic diathesis. 
-Marasmus and other wasting diseases of children (Abrot, Iod, Sonic, Tub) emaciation of face, hands thighs (Nash). 
-Great prostration after injuries, after surgical shock, after anaesthetics. 
-Burning thirst, insatiable, even for large quantities but no thirst in fever. 
-Profound anaemia with waxy pallor of the face. 
-Haemorrhage from all orifices. 
-Excessive wasting and debility. 
-Mouth-Profuse salivation day and night. 
-Stomach-Great thirst with dropsy but not in fever. 
-Cancer of stomach, peptic ulcer, intestinal tuberculosis where there is vomiting after every kind of food. 
-Vomiting after anaesthetics. 
-Cannot tolerate cold drinks, vegetables except potato, bread and butter. 
-Violent burning pain followed by coldness of skin, cold sweat on forehead. 

-Sleep-Cannot sleep lying on the back (Sleeps better on back Ars). 
-Sensation of sinking in abdomen causing dyspnoea, better lying on belly. 
-Fever-Hectic fever, drenching night sweats, sweat profuse and cold, otherwise skin dry and hot. 
-Red spot on left cheek. 
-No thirst during fever. 
KEYNOTES : 1) Great prostration after surgical injuries, after anaesthetic. 
2) Cannot sleep on back, rests better lying on belly (Am-c). 
3) In fever red spot on left cheek, drenching cold night sweat. 
4) No thirst during fever. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Phthisical states. 
-Wasting debility, with coldness of body, anaemia with waxy pallor of face. 
-Emaciation of face, hands, thighs. 
-Great thirst, insatiable. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : - Pale, waxy, oedematous with burning thirst in dropsy. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : - Cidar vinegar antidotes Carbolic acid. 
- Follows well after-Cinchona in haemorrhage, Digitalis in dropsy. 
-Aggravates the symptoms of Arn, Bell, Lach, Merc, especially the headache from Bell. 
-Antidotes-Anaesthetic vapours, fumes of charcoal and gas, Opium and Stramonium. 
CLINICAL : 1)Great prostration after surgical shock after anaesthesia, after injuries-(Dr.H.C.Allen) 2)Acetic acid relieves the parched mouth of people in the terminal stages of heart or kidney diseases. [Dr. Raj Jack] 3)For the bad effects of narcotics. 
4)For the bad effects of carbon monoxide. 
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