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Rheumatism of the small joints (wrist, finger joints)< touch, motion. 
Great oppression, shortness of breath on exposure to cold air. 

COMMON NAME : Baneberry 
FAMILY : Helleboreae 
A/F : -Over-use, over exertion of joint -Fatigue -Fright 
MODALITIES : < Change of weather < Cold < Night < Touch < Motion < Cold air < Slight exertion 
MIND : -Absentmindedness; alternating with confusion of the mind. 
-Confusion of mind, almost to insanity, in fits. 
-Raving, raging delirium in fever. 
-Fearful, starts easily. 
-Fear of-being alone -death, at night. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Rheumatic remedy. Affinity for locomotor joints. Acts upon the joints, especially small joints 3. 
-Affects wrist joints prominently. Other joints like ankles, fingers, toes are also affected. 
-It is especially suited to men [Act-t- to women] in old age. 
-Hyper sensitive to cold. 
-Pulsations over the whole body, especially liver, renal region. 
-Swelling of the joints from slight fatigue. 
-Wrists swollen, red < any motion. Lame feeling in arms with paralytic weakness in the hands. 
-Right Sided - Wrist [Ulmus], shoulder. 
-Joint pains are of a violent, tingling, tearing, drawing character < by touch, movement. 
-Paralytic weakness of affected parts. 
-Violent pain in upper jaw, running from teeth through malar bones to temples. < touch and especially, from motion of facial muscles. Pains running from decayed tooth to temples. 
-Great oppression. Shortness of breath on exposure to cold air. 
-Great lassitude, debility; after eating, walking in the open air or much talking. 
-Tearing, rheumatoid pains, gastric derangement. Sour vomiting. Sub acute gout, sour stomach; goes out feeling fairly good, but as soon as one continues to walk, the joints, especially the small ones, ache and swell. 
-Tearing, darting, cramp-like pains in stomach, epigastrium with difficult breathing and sense of suffocation. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Swelling of joints from slight fatigue. 
2. Violent tearing pains < by touch, movement. 
3. Affection of small joints. 
4. Wrist rheumatism. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : - Rheumatic remedy. - Small joints affected. 
- Right sided. 
- Wrist rheumatism < any motion. 
- Slight fatigue causes swelling of joints. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Swelling of joints from slight fatigue. 
CLINICAL : -Cardiovascular spasm, Pulsations, Rheumatism. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Copare-Caulo, Cimic, Led. 
-Complementary-Colo, Sabin, Sticta, Viola-o, Caul (rheumatism of fingers). 
-Follows well-Nux-v. 
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