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Fluent acrid coryza. Bland lachrymation. Neuralgia of amputed stump. 

FAMILY : Liliaceae 
A/F : -Exposure to damp north western cold wind 3 -Bad effects from getting wet 3 -Overeating. 
-Eating spoiled fish, salads, cucumber 2 -Trauma. 
-Surgical operations 2 -Injuries. 
MODALITIES : < Evening 3 < Damp weather > Cool open air 2 < Warm room 3 < Spring > In cold room < Wet feet 2 < Sitting > Motion < Cold clamp winds < Trauma > Bathing < Eating spoiled fish < Singing < Cucumber, Salads < Over eating < Peaches 2 
MIND : - Absent mindedness and confusion of mind after wine or coffee in the afternoon; with irritation of the brain. 
- Dreams of battles, fights, precipices or being let down into wells. 
- Dreams of being near water, of high waves; vexation, in convalescence. 
- Fear that she would become disturbed from pain in the supporting fingers. 
- Fear that pain will become intolerable. 
- Insanity, passive. Does not recognize familiar people, indifferent to them. Foolish behaviour. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -LEFT SIDED MEDICINE. Symptoms go from left to right. 
-HAY FEVER- in August every year. Frequent VIOLENT SNEEZING < on rising from bed, 
-Spring coryza after damp winds. Discharge burns like fire and excoriates nose and upper lip. 
-Catarrhal dull headache, forehead, eyes and face < closing eyes 
-CATARRHAL LARYNGITIS - Severe cough seems to TEAR AND SPLIT THE LARYNX - Compels patient to grasp the larynx. 
-Hoarseness, incessant hacking tickling cough in spring, cold air. 
-NEURALGIC pains like a LONG THREAD in face, head, neck, chest, following amputation or injury to nerves. 
-TRAUMATIC CHRONIC NEURITIS. Neuralgia of stump after amputation with burning and stinging pains. 
-Sore and raw spots on feet, especially the heel from FRICTION. EFFICACIOUS WHEN FEET ARE RUBBED SORE. 
-Nasal polyps (Sang, Psor, Mar-v, Teucr). 
-Colic; from cold by getting wet; overeating, cucumber, salads; haemorrhoidal, of children. moving about. 
-Phlebitis, puerperal or after forceps delivery or PANARITIA with red streak up the arm with pain driving patient to despair, of lying in women. 
-Burning, biting in eyes, smarting as from smoke but tears do not excoriate as they flow down the cheek. 
-COPIOUS URINE with coryza. 
-Sensation of glowing heat in different parts of body. BURNING in nose, mouth, throat, bladder, skin. 
-Breathing oppressed from pressure in middle of chest 
-Good remedy for earache. (Puls, Cham). 
-Food and drinks: desires: onions aversion: cucumbers. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Profuse watery and acrid nasal discharge with profuse bland lachrymation. 
2. Severe cough seems to split and tear the larynx compels the patient to grasp larynx. 
3. Shooting pains as fine as a thread following amputation or injury to nerves or other surgical operations. 
4. Headache ceases during menses, returns when flow disappears. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Profuse watery discharges. 
-Excoriating nasal discharge with bland lachrymation. 
-Left sidedness. 
-Thread like pains. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : Profuse watery and acrid nasal discharge with profuse bland lachrymation. 
CLINICAL : 1. For neuralgic pain after operation. 
2. Amputation, phantom pains (Am-m, Asaf, Hyper, Staph, Symph). Ulcers feet, esp. heel. 
3. Most commonly indicated in earaches of children (Puls, Cham). 
4. In a Phosphorus constitution, Allium cepa should be given for coryza and laryngitis. (Phos, drives it in to the chest). 
5. A raw onion eaten just before going to bed is a popular remedy for sleeplessness. 
6. Phlebitis after forceps delivery. 
7. Panarita. 
8. Nasal polyps. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : Complementary: Phos, Puls, Thuja, Sars. 
Incompatible: All-sat, Alo, Scilla. 
Follows Well: Sang, Psor. 
Followed by: Calc-c, and Sil (in polyps). 
Antidotes:Arn (toothache). 
Cham (abdominal pains). 
Verat (colic with despondency). 
Nux-v (coryza recurring in august). 
Thuj (offensive breath and diarrhoea after eating onions). 
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