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Insecurity of the anus. Relaxation and venous congestion. Hungry during stools. 

A/F : -Sedentary life -Eating oysters -Old beer drinkers -Summer 
MODALITIES : < Summer 3 > Cool open air < Dry hot weather 3 > Cold applications 3 < Early morning 3 < After eating 2 or drinking 2 < Walking, standing 
MIND : 1. Aversion to mental labour, it fatigues him. 
2. Children very emotional, cheer and laugh but excitable during pain. Hate people repel everyone. 
3. Angry and dissatisfied with himself when constipated or with pains. 
4. Feels life is a burden thinks he will die in a week. 
5. Preoccupied with his disease (stool). 
6. Irritable, discontented, filled with displeasure, has tempers, though appears to be calm, stoic, content; underneath he is indifferent, not involved in life. 
7. Easily excited, alternating with resigned and weak. 
8. Predicts time of death (acute cases). 
9. Alternating states, < during digestion; < after eating. 
10. Irritable before stool, weak after. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Adapted to persons having aversion to mental or physical exertion. 
-Complaints come on slowly. 
-Extreme prostration and perspiration. 
-Weakness of sphincter ani, causing insecurity of rectum. 
-Discharges gelatinous eg. stool, post nasal discharge etc. 
- < Heat (but can be chilly). 
-Congestion, fullness on surface of body. 
-Lump sensation. 
-Sensitive to noise, especially music, causes trembling. 

-Head -Headache <-> lumbago -Heaviness in head. Aches above forehead, must partially close eye. 
-Complaints of head alternate with other ailments: abdominal, uterine symptoms, lumbago, haemorrhoids. 
- < Heat 3 > cold application 3 < constipation. 
-Desire juicy things, fruits especially apples, salty food. 
-G.I.T.-Extreme hunger after stools, especially during diarrhoea. 
-Pulsation in rectum after eating. 
-Indigestion after beer, sour things. 
-Complaints < from suppressed anger. 
-Fullness, distention, gurgling before stool. 
-Pain before stool. Pains extend to different parts. 
-Abdomen feels full heavy, bloated, hot. 
-Weakness as if diarrhoea would come on, soreness of abdominal wall on touch or pressing at stool. Pain in abdomen >discharging of burning flatus. 
-Insecurity of rectum, weakness of anal splinter. Does not pass flatus or urine out of fear of passing stool. 
-Diarrhoea from oysters, in summer, from beer -Rumbling and gurgling, heaviness in rectum before stools. 
-Tenesmus during stools. 
-Faintness and prostration after stools, with hunger. 
-Rumbling, gurgling in bowels, sudden urging, sense of insecurity, then hurriedly passes a gushing, watery stool. 
-Urge for stools wakes him up early in morning with insecurity of rectum. Urge drives him out of bed. 
-Anus weak, oozes mucus. 
-Solid stool passes unnoticed. 
-Piles prolapsing like a bunch of grapes, > cold bathing. 
-A plug seems wedged in pelvis. 
-Head alternating with lumbago or abdominal symptoms. 
-Rectum-Annoying, tormenting, insecure feelings in rectum: WEAKNESS, intense, deep itching, plug sensation, full sensation, paralyzed feeling, etc. 
-INVOLUNTARY OR UNNOTICED STOOL ON PASSING FLATUS, during conversation, sleep, etc.; irritability, shame because of this. 
-DIARRHEA:5 or 6 a.m., driving them out of bed (Podo, Sulph), from unripe fruit, beer, oysters, being overheated, before menses, from vexation, < standing, > lying on abdomen, sputtering, cream colored, burning stool, mucus in stool, jelly-like. 
-HAEMORRHOIDS like bunch of grapes, purple, > cold bathing. 
-Genitalia- Impotent. 
-Cough-> Lying on abdomen, < rising from sitting. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Transparent jelly like lumps, mucus in stools. 
2. Want of confidence over splincter ani, especially early in morning. 
3. Colicy, cutting, gripping pain. 
4. More of flatus and less of stool. 
5. Lumbago <-> haemorrhoids or with headache. 
6. Itch appears every year as winter approaches and diarrhoea in summer. 

NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Venous congestion - fullness (heaviness) in rectum. 
-Rectum -Prolapse recti, piles, sensation of heavy dragging. 
-Weakness of splincter -driving out of bed for stools. 
-Lumpishness - Lumpy watery stools, jelly like mucus -Alternation of Lumbago <-> piles and headache. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Sense of insecurity -soils the clothes with stools. 
-Heaviness, gurgling in abdomen before stools. 
-Hungry during diarrhoea. 
-Prostration after stools. 
-Jelly like mucus. 
-Haemorrhoids <-> with lumbago, >cold applications. 
CLINICAL : Aloes 6th dilution is reported to have cured falling of the hair -Dr. Ruddock 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : Compare- Lil-t, Pod, Sep, Sulph. 
Complementary- Sulph. 
Antidote- Sulph, Opium.
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