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ALUMEN [Alumn]

ALUMEN [Alumn] 

Obstinate constipation, haemorrhage from bowels in Typhoid. 
Paralytic weakness of muscles. Indurations. 
Dryness and constrictions. Mental paresis, dysphagia especially to liquids. 

COMMON NAME : Common Potash Alum. 
SOURCE : Double salt of aluminium sulphate and potassium sulphate. Trituration of the pure crystals. 
FAMILY : Mineral salt. 
A/F : -Bad news [Gels] -Operations on eyes; on teeth. 
MODALITIES : < During sleep. 
< Lying on right side. 
< Cold (except headache which is relieved by cold) < Rest 
> Motion > Open air > Pressure > While eating > Touch > Drinking cold water. 
MIND : -Nervous tremors, from bad news. 
-Fear of insanity; of losing his reason. 
-Dreams of dead bodies with fear; wishes to end it by turning on side, but cannot. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Adapted to old people suffering from bronchial catarrh. 
-PARALYTIC WEAKNESS of the muscles in all parts of the body especially arms and legs. 
-Sensation of Constriction, as of a cord or BAND around limbs, in paralytic states. 
-Sensation of DRYNESS and CONSTRICTION in various parts. 
-Tendency to INDURATION of glands and other tissues. 
Scirrhous indurations. Indurations resulting from long continued inflammatory irritations. 
-Tongue, rectum uterus etc. are hardened; ULCERS WITH INDURATED BASE. 
-Sensitive to cold; exposure to air causes roughness and chaps in the skin. 
-Catarrhal conditions [Throat, lungs, vagina, urethra] Yellow bland discharges. 
-Haemorrhage from bowels in the course of typhoid. Haemorrhage, with large clots. 
-Head-Burning pain, as of weight on top of head, > pressure of cold hand. 
-Headache > drinking cold water. 
-Vertigo-With weakness in pit of stomach > opening eyes, > turning on right side. 
-Eyes-Prolapse of iris after cataract operations. 
-Bleeding after tooth extraction. 
-Throat-Every cold settles in throat. 
-ENLARGED and INDURATED TONSILS from frequent colds uvula elongated, relaxed. 
-Copious ropy morning expectoration in aged persons. 
-Catarrh of chest; chest weak; haemoptysis; and mucus expelled with difficult. 
-G.I.T.-CONSTIPATION of the most aggravated kind, as in cancer of uterus and rectum. 
-No desire for days. 
-HARD, MARBLE-LIKE MASSES passed, but rectum still feels full. 
-Stool as HARD AS STONE. 
-Long lasting pain and smarting in rectum after stools. 
-Male genitalia-Eczema on the back of penis and scrotum. 
-Female genitalia-Induration of cervix uteri; and mammary glands. [Carb-an, Con] 
KEYNOTES : -Hears every noise in sleep. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Paralytic weakness of the muscles and induration of glands or other tissues of the body. 
-Aged persons with paralytic weakness and scirrhous indurations. 
-Yellow bland discharges. 
-Sensation of dryness and constriction. 
-Band-like sensation. 
-Haemorrhages with large dots. 
-Very obstinate constipation. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Constipation, no desire for stool; marble like masses pass, but rectum still feels full. Long lasting pain and smarting in rectum after stool. 
CLINICAL : -Powdered alum, 10 grains, placed on tongue, is said to arrest an attack of asthma. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Antidoted by-Cham, Ip, Nux-v, Sulph. 
-Antidote to-Lead poisoning, Calomel and other mercurials, Aloe. 
-Similar to-Alumina, Aluminium.

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