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Sluggish and dull minded state. Weakness and exhaustion. 
Epistaxis on washing the face. 
Tired, oppressed feeling in the chest. 

COMMON NAME : Smelling salt. 
A/F : -Charcoal fumes -Snake bite, stings of insects -Exposure to cold, stormy, wet weather 
MODALITIES : < Evenings 2 < Washing 3 > Pressure 2 < From cold wet weather3 < Cloudy weather > Lying on painful side < Wet applications 3 < During 3 to 4 a.m. > Lying on stomach 3 < During menses 2 < Wet poultices 3 > Dry weather 3 < During motion 2 > New moon 2 > Eating < Chewing < Pressing teeth < While or after eating 2 < Right side 2 
MIND : -Active, but soon exhausted. 
-Forgetful, ill - humoured, gloomy, during stormy weather. 
-Headless and unruly, disobedience. 
-Depressed with weakness of intellect. 
-Vacant mind. 
-Loss of memory < vexation. 
-Hearing others talk or talking himself, affects him. 
-Aversion to work. 
-Peevish, fretting, as if urine has been committed. 
-Disposed to weep, sadness. 
-Tendency to make mistakes in speaking, writing and calculating. 
-Timidity of character. 
-Great restlessness in the evening. 
-Quarrelsome during menses. 
-Taking in sleep about what he thought when awake, reveals secrets in sleep. 
-Fear of misfortune in the morning. 
-Aversion to women. Aversion to sea. 
-Reserved during menses. 
-Irritability after eating, during headache, during menses. 
-Oversensitive to sensual impression. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -It is adapted to stout, fleshy women, with various troubles in consequence of leading a sedentary life. Delicate women, who must have the smelling bottle constantly at hand. 
-It is adapted to fat patients, with weak heart, with wheezing and suffocative feeling. 
-Very sensitive to cold air. 
-Great aversion to water, cannot bear to be touch it. Children dislike washing. 
-Pains-bruised and sore, there is internal raw burning. 
-Discharges-hot, acrid adherent. 
-It is tight sided remedy. 
-Haemorrhagic tendency-blood dark, degenerated, watery, offensive and noncoagulable blood. 
-Ulceration tends to gangrene. 
-Heaviness in all organs. 
-Head-Headache with sensation of fullness as if forehead, would burst, shocks through head. 
-Mouth-Toothache during menses. 
-Pressing teeth together, sends shocks through head, eyes and ears. 
-Tender, bleeding gums. 
-Throat-Putrid sore throat. 
-Tendency to gangrenous ulceration of tonsils, glands engorged. 
-Diphtheria, when nose is stopped up, membrane extends to upper lip. 
-Nose-Nosebleed when washing the face and hands in the morning, from left nostril after eating. 
-Stoppage of nose at night, with long continued coryza, must breathe through mouth. 
-Loses breath when falling asleep, must awaken to get dream. 
-Snuffles of children. Inability to blow the nose in children. 
-Ozaena, blowing bloody mucus from the nose frequently, blood rushes to tip of nose when stooping. 
-Respiratory system-Emphysema. 
-Cough-dry, every morning from 3 to 4 a.m. 
-from tickling in throat as from dust -with dyspnoea, palpitation, burning in the chest -
-after influenza. 
-Rattling in the chest but gets up little. 
-Much oppression in breathing, worse after any effort. 
-Asthenic pneumonia. 
-Slow laboured, stertorous breathing, bubbling sound. 
-C.V.S.-Heart, weak. Wakes with difficult breathing and palpitation. 
-Palpitation audible, with fear, cold sweat, lachrymation, inability to speak, loud breathing and trembling hands. 
-Female genitalia-Cholera like symptoms at the commencement of menstruation. 
-Menses-too frequent, profuse, early, copious, clotted, black -with colicky pains and hard difficulty stool -with fatigue, especially of thighs -with yawning and chilliness -with toothache, sadness. 
-Menses flow more at night or when sitting, then dyspnoea, and weakness. 
-Leucorrhoea-copious, burning, acrid, watery from the vagina, with excoriation of vulva. 
-Bleeding piles during menses. 
-Extremities-Panaritium, deep seated periosteal pain. 
-Pain in wrist joints when sprained long ago. 
-Drowsy by day, sleepless by night. 
KEYNOTES : 1) Nosebleed when washing the face and hands in the morning, from left nostril, after eating. 
2) Pressing teeth together sends shocks through head eyes and ears. 
3) Cholera like symptoms at the commencement of menses. 
4) Children dislike washing. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Weak, nervous, persons of a lymphatic or nervous temperament; stout, sedentary women who always have the smelling bottle at hand, unclean in body habit. 
-Inflammation of mucous membranes tending to ulceration and gangrenous states. 
-Sluggish circulation causing lividity, weakness, drowsiness and low vitality, with lack of reaction. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : - Stout, nervous, fleshy women leading a sedentary life. 
- Nosebleed when washing the face. 
- Stopping of nose mostly at night, must breathe through the mouth; snuffles of infants. 
- Cough < 3 - 4 a.m. 
- Cholera like symptoms at commencement of menses. 
CLINICAL : -Allergy, Bronchitis, Congestive cardiac failure, Epistaxis, Haemorrhoids, Pharyngitis, Pulmonary oedema, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Thyroiditis. 
-Cough following influenza when Bryonia does not work, give Am-c- Dr. Tyler. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Calc, Mag-c, Laur, Stann, -Antidotes poisoning with Rhus and stings of insects. 
-Followed well by-Bell, Calc, Lyc, Phos, Puls, Rhus, Sep, Sulph. 
-Inimical to-Lach. 
-Antidoted by-Arn, Camph, Hep. 
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