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Trauma or injury remedy. Painful bruised, sore feeling. 
Foulness. Haemorrhagic. 

A/F : -Bad effects of mechanical INJURIES, even if received years ago -Traumatism of grief, remorse or sudden realization of financial loss 
-Falls -Injury due to blunt instruments -Blow -Hard work (over exertion) -Concussion -Excessive use of any organ -Contusion -Mental or physical trauma -Stings -Charcoal vapour 2 -Sprains -Spirituous liquor 2 -Mental shock -Financial loss 2 -Jarring -Fright, anger, repentance -Labour -Excessive venery 
MODALITIES : < From least touch 3 Open air Uncovering Cold bathing < Lying on left side Lying down and < head with lying MIND : 1. Says there is nothing the matter with him sends the doctor away. 
2. Stupor can be aroused, answers correctly and slips into coma. 
3. Fear of being struck or touched or approached (in Gout).Fear of wind, sudden death. 
4. Says NOTHING AILS HIM. Wants to be let alone. 
5. Stupor with involuntary discharge of urine and stool. 

GUIDING SYMPTOMS : -Acts best in sanguine, plethoric persons feebly in debilitated persons with impoverished blood. 
-TRAUMATIC remedy par excellence. Trauma in all its varities- mental or physical and their effects recent or remote. 
-Sore, lame, BRUISED feeling all over body as if beaten. Hard bed sensation (Bapt, Rhus-t, Pyrog). Sore pain when touched. 
-Everything on which patient lies seems too hard (Pyrog.). 
-HEAD HOT WITH COLD BODY. (Bell, Verat-v, Glon). Great coldness of nose. 
-In acute case of injury - controls hemorrhage, promotes reabsorption of extravasated blood, prevents suppuration and septic condition and helps in recovery of parts. 
-Discharges are FOUL - breath, taste, flatus, stools etc. Putrid odours of ROTTEN EGGS. 

-Ascending type of rheumatism. (Led.). 
-MIND and uterine symptoms alternate. 
-HAEMORRHAGIC tendency. Blood vessels are relaxed, causing ecchymosis, petechia. Every little hurt makes a BLACK AND BLUE SPOT. 
-SYMMETRICAL ERUPTIONS; indurated. Very sore acne or CROPS OF SMALL BOILS (Ichth, Sil.). 
-Physically restless but mentally prostrated and APATHETIC. 
-DYSENTRY WITH LONG INTERVAL between stools (4 - 6 hrs.) 
-Cough causes blood shot eyes or epistaxis. Child cries before coughing as if aware of the soreness it will cause. Horror of instant death with cardiac distress at night. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Hot head with cold body. Icy coldness of nose. 
2. Putrid foul discharges. 
3. Dysentry with long interval between stools. 
4. Symmetrical eruptions. 
5. Ribbon like stools due to enlarged prostate or retroverted uterus. 
6. Fears being struck by those coming near him. 
7. Many boils painful one after another. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : - Trauma- mental or physical with extravasation of blood. 
- Sore lame, bruised sensation. 
- Black and blue spots. 
- Foul discharges. 
CLINICAL TIPS : -First drug to be considered in APOPLEXY. Concussion of brain. 
-EXTRAVASATION OF BLOOD in injuries or surgery. 
-Epistaxis from washing face. 
-Sprain (Bry, Rhus-t). 
-Delivery-to start labor pains, -bruised feeling after delivery. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : After trauma, if Arn gives no amelioration: think of Sulph-ac. 
Complementary: Acon, Ip, Calc, Nat-s, Sul-ac, Verat, Hep, Sulph, Hyper, Rhus-t. 
Followed well by: Acon, Ars, Bry, Ip, Sul-ac, Ruta, Bell, Calc, Calad, Cact, Cham, Chin, Con, Rhus-t. 
Follows well: Acon, Ip, Verat, Apis, Ham, Opium (in cerebral accidents). 
Antidote to: Am-c, Chin, Cic, Ferr, Ign, Ip, Seneg. 
Antidoted By: Camph, Ip, Coff, Acon, Ars, Chin, Ign, Ip. 

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