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Nervous exhaustion, sexual debility, morphine habit. 
Debility after exhausting diseases. 
Sleeplessness of alcoholics. 

COMMON NAME : Common Oat 
A/F : -Masturbation -Sexual irregularities -Debility from exhausting diseases -Bad effects of Morphine 
MIND : -Prostration of mind, mental exhaustion, brain fag with sleeplessness. 
-Dullness, sluggishness with difficulty in thinking, comprehending. 
-Ambition to keep the mind on any subject due to masturbation. 
-Alcoholism, dipsomania. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -In nervous exhaustions, it improves the nutrition of the brain and nervous system. 
-Nervous tremors of the aged, with paralysis agitans, chorea, epilepsy, nervous palpitations 2. 

-Nervous states of female troubles in amenorrhoea or dysmenorrhoea with weak circulation. 
-Nervous headaches at menstrual period. 
-Spermatorrhoea, impotence after too much indulgence. 
-General debility, strength of hands diminished. 
KEYNOTES : -In nervous exhaustions or affections in females or aged after exhausting diseases. 
-Inability to keep the mind on one subject. 
-Alcoholism, insomnia, especially of alcoholics. 
-Bad effects of masturbation and morphine habit. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -To supply nutrition to brain, nervous system after exhausting diseases, sexual overindulgence; morphine habit, alcoholism, which has caused a general debility and nervous exhaustion. 
-Nervous exhaustion 
CLINICAL : -Spermatorrhoea or Impotency from over indulgence. 
-Insomnia especially in alcoholics. 
-Alcoholism and morphinism. 
-Nerve tremors in the aged, Neurasthenia. 

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