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Arthritis, gout. 
Concentrated, offensive, brown urine with sediments 

COMMON NAME : Gum Benzoicum 
SOURCE : Obtained by sublimation from GUM BENZOIN or artificially from several aromatic hydrocarbons. 
A/F : - Gouty, Rheumatic diathesis engrafted on a gonorrhoeal or syphilitic patient. 
MODALITIES : < Open air > Heat < Cold > Profuse urination. 
< Changing weather > Discharging sediments in urine < Motion < Uncovering 
MIND : -Prone to dwell on unpleasant things in past. 
-Omits words in writing. 
-Child cross, wants to be held in the arms, will not be laid down. 
-Shudders if he sees anyone deformed, fear following hurry. 
-Anxiety while sitting. 
-Delusion, hears confused voices < swallowing or walking in open air. 
-Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -A remedy for uric acid diathesis. Patient gives out a strong urinous odour. 
-Pains suddenly change their location but are mostly felt in the region of heart or they alternate with urinary symptoms. 
-Changing alternating and metastating symptoms of gout. 
-Heart condition alternates or results from suppressed rheumatism. 
-Symptoms appear left side first and then on the right side. 
-Urine is highly coloured, very offensive with gouty symptoms. 
-Concomittant to any disease condition is, highly intensified odour of urine. Smells like horses urine. 
-Urination profuse and scanty alternately. 
-Nocturnal enuresis of delicate children. 
-Renal or urinary bladder calculi. 
-Prostatic enlargement of old men with dribbling of urine, strong characteristic odour of urine, excess of uric acid. 
-Pains tearing, stitching in a large joints of big toe. Redness and swelling of joints. Gout, worse at night. 
-Neuralgias worse from suppression of urinary deposits. 
-Ganglion of wrist and Bunions of great toe. 
-Tongue spongy on surface with deep cracks and spreading ulcers in gouty persons. 
-Diarrhoea of children- white, very offensive, exhausting, liquid stools, running right through the diaper, urine offensive and of a deep red colour. 
-Cough with expectoration of green mucus. Throat symptoms > eating Sensation of lump in the throat. 
KEYNOTES : -Urine dark, brown, with highly intensified urinous odour or odour of horses urine. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Urine strong smelling, offensive, profuse. All symptoms >profuse urination. 
-Complaints left sided going to right side, usually pains stitching, tearing, change the locality suddenly. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Uric acid diathesis. 
-Urine high coloured and very offensive with gouty symptom. 
-Pains alternate with heart symptoms, painful gouty nodes. 
CLINICAL : -Contractures, Gout, Rheumatic heart disease, Rheumatism, Uric acid diathesis, Urinary calculi. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Berb, Colch, Led, Nit-ac. 
-Follows well after -Colchicum in gout -Copaiva in gonorrhoea. 
-Kali-nit in enuresis when it fails. 

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