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Thrombosis. Hemiplegia, aphasia, inability to articulate (without affection of tongue). Haemorrhages. 

SYNONYM : Lachesis Lanciolatus 
COMMON NAME : Yellow Viper. 
FAMILY : Is an Ophidian of the FAMILY: of Crotalidae. Its an inhabitant of the island of Martinique. 
PREPARATION : Solution of poison in glycerine, attenuation in rectified spirit. 
MODALITIES : < Right side 3 
MIND : 1. Forgetfulness of words. While speaking, hunting for words. 
2. Mistakes makes, talking, using wrong word. 
3. Desire to be silent, taciturn indisposed to talk. 
4. Aphasia. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Haemorrhages -Blood becomes extremely fluid and dark, sometimes spouts out in jets. 
-Haemorrhage from every orifice of the body, in broken-down haemorrhagic constitutions. 
-Black spots on the skin. 
-Diagonal course of symptoms (intolerable pain in right great toe, patient is bitten in left thumb). 
-Great slowness and sluggishness, with lassitude. 
-Septic condition with slight shivering, followed by profuse sweat and nervous trembling. 
-Thrombotic phenomenon, aphasia without affection of the tongue, unable to articulate. 
-Hemiplegia - paralysis of one arm, one leg only. 
-Face-Besotted appearance of face. 
-Day blindness, can scarcely see her way after sunrise, from hemorrhage into retina. Conjunctival haemorrhage. 
-Throat-Red, dry, constricted, swallowing difficult, cannot pass liquids. 
-G.I.T.-Epigastric distress, black vomiting, bloody stools. 
-Respiratory system-Pulmonary congestion. 
-Oppressed breathing and bloody expectoration which is profuse. 
-Skin-Swollen, livid, cold with haemorrhagic infiltration. 
-Malignant erysipelas, lymphatics swollen. 
-Gangrene. Bones become bare from gangrene and become neurotic. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Aphasia, unable to articulate, without affection of the tongue. 
2. Day blindness cannot see her way after sunrise. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Thrombotic phenomena, as hemiplegia aphasia; hemorrhagic septic states. 
-Haemorrhagic conditions - Blood dark and fluid. 
-Right sided affections. 
-Slowness, lassitude, forgetfulness. 
-Diagonal symptoms. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : 1. Hemiplegia (right) sided with aphasia without affections of tongue. 
2. Haemorrhges- dark and fluid. 
CLINICAL : -Amourosis, Aphasia, Conjunctival haemorrhage, Erysepelas (malignant), Gangrene, Haematemesis, Haemorrhages, Hemiplegia, Septic states, Thrombosis, Trembling (nervous), Tympanitis. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Crotalus, Elaps, Lach, Naja. 

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