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Swelling, induration and stony hardness of glands. 
Summer complaints. > at sea. Asthma in sailors which is aggravated on leaving the sea. 

FAMILY : Halogen group. 
A/F : -Complaints from becoming over heated. 
-Chilled when hot. 
-Too much clothing. 
-Damp warm weather (of spring, summer, autumn). 
-Effects of sea side. 
MODALITIES : < Dust < Warmth > At sea3 < Overheating < Shore > Shaving < wrapped up < Chilled when hot > From any motion < Lying on left side < Sea bathing > Exercise < When at rest < Warm room > Riding on horse back < From evening until midnight > Nose bleed (Vertigo, head, chest) 
MIND : -Anxious apprehensiveness, with great depression of spirits. 
-Expects to see things jump around the floor as if someone were behind him. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Suited to blue-eyed, fair people especially children with thin white delicate skin, very light hair and eyebrows. SCROFULOUS CONSTITUTIONS. 

-LEFT SIDED REMEDY -breast, throat, ovary, headache, left sided mumps. (Exception -affection of right lung). 
-Tendency to infiltrate GLANDS, become enlarged, hard but seldom suppurate. Parotid, thyroid, ovaries and mammary glands - swollen and indurated. 
-Continued yawning and drowsiness with respiratory troubles. 
-Respiratory system-Dry CROUPY cough with hoarseness, with rattling of mucus in larynx. 
-LARYNGEAL DIPHTHERIA - membrane formation occurs in larynx, spreading upwards. 
-Colds start in larynx, go upwards (Merc, Sep) and downwards. 
-COLD sensation in larynx when inspiring (Rhus-t, Sulph) >AFTER SHAVING (worse after shaving - Carbo-an). 
-Every inspiration provokes cough. 
-Spasms of glottis. 
-Asthma, INSPIRATION VERY DIFFICULT (Iod) (Chlorum- difficulty in exhaling). 
-ASTHMA OF SAILORS GOING ASHORE >when they go to sea again [Clarke ->at seaside is the rule, case of sailors being exception]. 
-Nose bleed accompanies many affections, especially of chest. 
-Endocrines-Hard GOITRE (Spong). 
-Even a small goitre oppresses. 
-G.I.T.-PILES -Bleed intensely, painful wetting part with saliva. 
-Loud emissions of air (noisy flatus) from vagina. 
-Extremities-ICY COLDNESS of forearms. 
-Hands cold and moist. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Asthma of sea faring men when they come to land > AT SEA. 
2. Membranous formation occurs in larynx, then runs upwards to fauces. 
3. Cold sensation in larynx when inspiring > after shaving. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : - Left sided affections. 
- Scrofulous children with enlarged glands. 
- >at sea. 
- Laryngeal diphtheria with membrane formation in larynx spreading upwards. 
- Weak and easily overheated, then extremely sensitive to cold. 
- Ascending complaints. 
CLINICAL : -Acne, Adenopathy, Asthma, Croup, Diphtheria, Glandular indurations, Goitre, Laryngitis, Laryngospasm, Ovarian cysts, Pharyngitis, Rhinitis, Tonsillitis, Tumours. 
-Hoarseness caused by weeping. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Con, Iod, Med, Spong. 
-Useful after-Iod, Phos, Spong, Hep-s. 
-Antidoted by-Camph, Amm-c, Mag-c, Op. 
-Compatible-Arg-nit, (Generally after Brom) Kali-c (Emphysema). 

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