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Mental retardation or delayed development. 
Mentally slow and unrefined. Rather basic and instinctive. 
Desires solitude to practice masturbation. 

COMMON NAME : Poison of the Toad. 
A/F : -Fright, fear -Disappointed or unhappy love -Onanism 
MODALITIES : < Warm room > Bleeding [Lach, Melil, Sars] < Sexual excitement > Cold air < Masturbation > Cold bathing < Least motion > Feet in hot water < Injuries < On waking < During sleep. 
MIND : -Amorous disposition, shameless. Disposistion to handle genitals. 
-Desire for solitude to practice masturbation. 
-Feeble minded. 
-Cretinism; takes on the ways of a child, becomes passive, angry if misunderstood. 
-Talks nonsense, then angry if not understood. 
-Anger before convulsions. 
-Stupefaction between convulsions. 
-Unconsciousness after convulsions. 
-Weeping easily in epilepsy -Convulsive, a spasmodic laughter before, during and after epilepsy. 
-Weakness, or loss of memory after puerperal convulsions. 
-Confusion, loss of memory, bordering on imbecility. 
-Howling, impatient, nervous, imbecile. 
-Walks on the floor, wrings the hands. 
-Propensity to bite, biting nails. 
-Irritability in morning on waking; at night after returning, after menses. 
-Sadness on waking. 
-Offended easily. 
-Music is unbearable [Ambra]. 
-Fears -animals -cancer -strangers -mirrors in room. 
-Anxious about health. 
-Delirium in dysentery. 
-Deceitful, moral depravity. 
-Dreams amorous. 
-Low minded, and develops low type of disease also. 
-Accuses lowest passions making man beastly. 
-Basic types; not necessarily retarded but dose. 
-Remedy for depravities due to bad inheritance. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -C.N.S.-Convulsions from suppurative conditions. 
-Epilepsy ushered in by a cry, livid face. 
-Aura begins in solar plexus or uterine region. 
-Convulsive seizures occurring during sleep, at night, patient may a may not awaken by attack. If not, when he does, will have a violent headache. 
-Convulsive seizures connected with sexual derangements (at the time of menses, in females when sexual desire is excited; in young males due to onanism or during coition). 
-Spasms in children after nursing an angry or frightened mother. 
-Spasms that end in convulsive movements in abdomen. 

-Eyes-Aversion to the sight of brilliant objects. 
-Ears-Music is unbearable. Every little noise distresses. 
-Mouth-Constant licking of lips; lapping of or playing with tongue. 
-G.I.T.-Desire for sweet drinks. 
-Desire for intoxicating drinks producing impotency. 
-Male genitalia-Involuntary emissions, impotence, ejaculation too quick, spasms during coition. 
-Female genitalia-Violent pain in mammae. Cancer of mammae.
-Epilepsy at time of menses. 
-Excitement with epileptic attacks. 
-Bloody milk. 
-Tumours and polypi of womb. 

-C.V.S.-Heart feels too large. 
-Sensation of heart swimming in water. 
-Back-Lumbago < rising up or from least motion. 

-Extremities-Trembling of limbs, staggering gait. 
-Stiff and numb limbs. 
-Injury to fingers, pain runs in streaks up the arms (bluish swelling follows the course of lymphatics). 
-Feeling as if a peg were driven in the joints. 
-Skin-Suppuration for every slight injury. 
-Bullae which open and leave a raw surface; exuding an ichorous fluid. 
-Blisters on palms and soles. 
-Blisters on hands occuring annually. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Desire for solitude to practice masturbation. 
2. Constant licking of lips, lapping of tongue or playing with tongue. 
3. Sensation of heart swimming in water, heart seems to float in water or air. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : 1. Amorous disposition 2. Feeble minded. 
3. Angry before convulsions 4. Unconsciousness after convulsions. 
5. Epilepsy ushered in by a cry, livid face. 
6. Convulsive seizures occuring during sleep at night, patient may or may not be awakened by the attack, if not, when he does awaken, he will have a violent headache. 
7. Convulsive seizures with derangements of sexual sphere, at the time of menses, in females when sexual desire is excited; in young males during coition or due to onanism. 
8. Impotence; involuntary emissions, ejaculation too quick spasms during coition. 
9. Injures to fingers; pain runs in streaks up the arms. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Early broken down, prematurely simile person. 
-Low-mind and develop low types of disease. 
-Arouses lowest passions making man beastly. 
-Basic types; not necessarily retarded, but close. 
-Remedy for depravities due to bad inheritance. 
-Epileptic seizures; occuring during night. 
CLINICAL : -Bubo, Cancer, Carbuncle, Cervix ulcerated, Epilepsy, Epistaxis, Impotence, Lymphangitis, Mammae indurated, Mental retardation, Metrorrhagia, Milkleg, Panaritium, Paralysis agitans, Pemphigus, Tics, Uterine polyp. 
-Dr. Twentyman suggests use of Bufo in regional ileitis. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Antidotes- Lach, Op, Seneg. 
-Complementary- Calc, Card, Salamandra. 

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