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Constrictions, as of an iron band. 
Haemorrhage, constrictions, periodicity and spasmodic pains. 
Favours formation of clots speedily. 
Endocarditis with mitral insufficiency, together with violent and rapid action. 

SYNONYM : Selenicereus 
COMMON NAME : Night-blooming Cereus. 
FAMILY : Cactaceae 
SOURCE : Tincture of youngest and tenderest stem. 
A/F : -Sun -Damp -Love disappointment -Rheumatism 
MODALITIES : < Lying on left side > Open air < Lying on back > Pressure on vertex < Occiput > Sitting < Periodically > Rest < Exertion < 10-11 a.m. or 11 p.m. 
< Night < Walking < Going upstairs < Noise < Light < Heat of sun < Slight contact < About noon < Night (menses ceases at night) < After eating, fasting 
MIND : -Fear of death, believes the disease is incurable. 
-Sadness, apprehension, taciturn and tendency to be easily frightened. 
-Irresitable desire to cry. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Constriction, contraction and congestion of any organ in the body, especially heart, uterus, chest, throat, bladder, rectum, etc. 
-Constricting pains run through whole whole pathogonesis of Cactus because it acts on circular muscles. 
-Severe, violent, constricting pains, so severe that the patient cries out. 
-Pains everywhere, darting and springing up like a chain of lightning, and pressing with a sharp vice-like grip, only to be renewed again. 
-The whole body feels as if caged and each wire is being twisted tighter and tighter. 
-Circulation becomes irregular, causing violent congestion or localised pulsation behind stomach at odd places. 
-It is a haemorrhagic remedy. Favours formation of clots speedily. 
-Periodicity is marked and neuralgic pains occur periodically. 
-Head -Headache pressing like heavy weight on vertex during climacteric period. 
-Congestive headaches, periodical threatening, apoplexly. 
-Right sided prosopalgia, constricting pains, return at same hour daily. 
-Heat in head from mental exertion. 
-Vertigo-From deep breathing. 
-C.V.S.-Heart feels clutched and released alternately by an iron band and there is no room to beat. 
-Oppression of chest as from a great weight as if an iron band, preventing normal breathing and motion. 
-Fluttering palpitation day and night < walking < lying on left side < approach of menses -Endocarditis with mitral insufficiency, together with violent and rapid action. 
-Endocardial murmurs, excessive impulse, increased precordial dullness, enlarged ventricle, low B.P. 
-Numbness, or pains entending into the left arm, hand or even fingers with heart disease. 
-Cardiac Rheumatism. 
-If he holds the breath, it seems as if heart would fly to pieces, it would go so fast. 
-Periodical attacks of suffocation with fainting cold sweat on face and loss of pulse. 
-Feels as if cord is tightly tied around the lower part of the chest marking the attachment of diaphragm with heart. 
-Female genitalia-Menstrual flow ceases when lying down. (Bov, Caust, Lil-tig). 
-Menses blood is lumpy, black, pitch-like (Cocc, Mag-c). 
-Severe dysmenorrhoea with heart symptoms. 
-Fever-Paroxysm return at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. 
KEYNOTES : -The whole body feels as if caged and each wire is being twisted tighter and tighter. 
-Periodicity marked. Periodic neuralgia. Fever paroxysm return at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. 
-Menstrual flow ceases when lying down. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Primarily a cardiac remedy, characterized by horribly, painful or constricting condition, with congestion and disturbance of blood flow. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Sensation of being caged and each wire twisted tighter and tighter. 
CLINICAL : -In any haemorrhage, seeming to be in relation with heart trouble, think of cactus-Dr. Nash. 
-Cardiac troubles with oedema of left hand-Dr.Leon Ranniar. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Digital, Spig, Convallar, Kalmia, Naja, Magnol. 
-Antidotes-Acon, Camph, China. 

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