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Peevish, restless and fretful. 
Soft, thin bones. Malassimilation. Delayed closure of fontanelles. 
Flabby, sunken abdomen, festering navel. 
Complaints of tall, scrawny school going children. 

COMMON NAME : Phosphate of lime. 
A/F : -Grief and vexation -Disappointment in love -Anaemia or debility after acute disease, or chronic wasting disease. 
MODALITIES : < Loss of fluids 3 > Summer < Fruits 2 > War < Cold drafts < When the snow is melting < During pregnancy. 
MIND : -Discontent, peevish, dissatisfied, constantly complaining. 
-Friendly, open, sensitive. 
-Strong desire to travel. 
-Child-irritable, whiny, requires constant attention and needs to be carried. 
-Boredom. Mental dullness or weakness. 
-Fear of-dark -thunderstorms -on hearing bad news. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Delayed development, slow to walk. 
-Mental and physical weakness and fatigue. 
-Head-Headaches in school going children. 
-Pain along the suture lines, originating in the cervical region.
-Delayed closure of fontanelles. 
-Perspiration on head at night, while in bed. 
-Vertigo-From constipation < drafts < winds. 
-Mouth-Delayed dentition and teething problems. 
-G.I.T.-Chronic abdominal colic in school going children, with or without diarrhoea. 
-Desires smoked meat, hot dogs, bacon, salami, sweets, salty food, ice cream. 
-Diarrhoea accompanied by flatus. 
-Stools-hot, lienteric. 
-Flabby, sunken abdomen. 
-Festering navel. 
-Male genitalia-Increased sexual desire to the extent of promiscuity. 

-Female genitalia-Dysmenorrhoea beginning at menarche and lasting upto adulthood. 
-Pain in symphysis pubis during pregnancy. 
-Back-Cervical pain and stiffness < draft < exertion. 
-Curvature of spine- scoliosis, spondylosis. 
-Extremities-Growing pains in children. 
-Delayed healing of fractures or sprains. 
-Carpal tunnel syndrome. 
-Arthritic nodosities. 
-Sleep-Deep sleep, especially in the morning hours, with difficulty in waking. 
KEYNOTES : -Discontent and dissatisfied, hence, strong desire to travel, with a hope to change the environment and find a sense of happiness. 
-< drafts or wind. 
-Delayed development. Milestones delayed. 
-Headaches in school going children. 
-Delayed closure of fontanelles. 
-Desires smoked meat, ham, bacon, salami, salty food, sweets, ice cream. 
-Growing pains in children. 
CLINICAL : -Arthritis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Cervical spondylosis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Dentition, Depression, Diarrhoea, Headache, Haemorrhoids, Lumbago, Obesity, Otitis media, Scoliosis. 
-Pain in sacroiliac symphysis during pregnancy - Dr. Farrington. 
-If a child refuses to eat even after taking vitamins, tonic etc., think of Calc, especially Calc-p - Dr. Arthur W. Records. 
-If Phosphorous does not hold, study Kali-p or Calc-p. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Calc-f, Carb-an, Fluor-ac, Nat-m. 
-Similar to Psorinum in debility remaining after acute diseases. 
-Complementary-Hep-s, Ruta, Sulph, Zinc-m. 
-Remedies that precede well-Ars, Chin, Iod, Merc. 
-Remedies that follow well-Rhus-t, Sulph. 
-Acts best before-Iod, Psor, Sanic, Sulph after-Ars, Iod, Tub. 

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