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Feebled circulation, lowered vitality, glands indurated, veins distended, skin blue, ulceration, decomposition, offensiveness. 
Easily strained from lifting. Weak joints, turn easily. 
Stitch remaining after pleurisy. 
Local congestion without heat. 
Hearing confused, cannot tell direction of sound. 
Weak digestion. 

COMMON NAME : Animal Charcoal 
SOURCE : The remedy is prepared from charred ox-hide and contains a small quantity of Calc phos in it. 
A/F : -Bad effects of spoiled fish, decayed vegetables and ptomaine poisoning -Sprains -Loss of vital fluids. 
MODALITIES : < While eating 3 > Laying hand on part < Slight causes 2 > Warm room - small depletions - sprains - lifting - talking < Cold, dry air 2 < Old age < After menses < Shaving 
MIND : -Sad and reflective. 
-Homesickness -Desires to be alone, avoids conversation. 
-Weeps when eating. 
-Alternate gaiety and despondency. 
-Sadness in the morning. 
-Aversion to company. 
-Fearful, easily frightened. 
-Afraid of the dark < closing eyes. 
-Anxiety at night, with orgasm of blood. 
-Confused and dull, does not know where the sound comes from. 
-Anger about former vexation. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Useful in scrofulous and venous constitutions, in old persons, greatly debilitated by disease. 
-Enlargement of veins in different parts of the body, blueness of skin with weak circulation and lowered vitality. 
-Diseases which have an insidious onset, are chronic and sluggish in development and may assume malignancy in the long run. 
-Weak anaemic and broken down constitutions. 
-Indurations, glands swollen, painful, in neck, axillae, groins, mammae, uterus. Buboes with hardness, with pains, which are lancinating, cutting, burning. 
-Burning-Burning pains, the inflammed parts. Burn intensely like fire, are indurated and bluish. 
-Burning and drawing pains in mammary cancer. 
-Malignant ulcerations in the cervix with burning. 
-Decomposition and ulcerations, gangrene with foul discharges and much blueness. 
-Ulcers indurated, especially of glands. Benign suppurations change into malignant conditions. Greenish, foul smelling, purulent acid discharges. 
-Great exhaustion from slightest causes, from loss of vital fluids. Exhaustion in females most marked after menses. During menses so weak, can hardly speak or walk. Leucorrhoea, menses, diarrhoea all exhausting. 
-Head -Headache as if a tornado in the head, with a loose sensation of the brain, as if the head had been blown up, must sit up and hold it together. 
-Rush of blood to head. 
-Pain > eating, night < wet weather. 
-Headache with dimness of vision > rubbing eyes. 
-G.I.T.-Desire for refreshing things. 
-Aversion to fats, tobacco. 
-Flatulence, eructations taste of ingesta. Pyrosis. 
-Respiratory system-Useful in late stages of pneumonia pthisis, pleurisy of a typhoid character. 
-In pneumonia with greenish, ichorous, offensive pus with a suffocating, hoarse cough, causing shaking in the brain as if loose. 
-Female genitalia-Menstrual flow dark, flows only in the morning, black, offensive, with cancerous ulcers in the uterus or cervix. 
-Menses too early, too long, too profuse, followed by great exhaustion (can hardly speak). 
-Nausea of pregnancy, worse at night. 
-Cancer of the uterus. 
-Darting in breast, painful indurations in breast, especially right. 
-Back-Pain in coccyx, burns when touched. 
-Extremities-Ankles turn easily. 
-Great debility from straining and overlifting. 
-Easy dislocations of hands and legs, or go to sleep easily. 
-Wrist pain. 
-Corns painful, numerous. 
-Skin -Spongy ulcers, copper colored eruptions. 
-Verruca on hands and face of old people, with bluish colour of extremities. 
-Night sweat fetid and profuse. 
KEYNOTES : -Indurations especially, of glands with stony hardness and blueness. 
-A gone feeling in the stomach especially, after loss of vital fluids. 
-Menses flow only in the morning, followed by exhaustion. 
-Ankles turn in easily. 
-Stitch remains after pleurry. 
-Nosebleed in the morning, preceded by menses. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Sad, fearful, debilitated and broken down constitutions in late stages of exhausting diseases. 
-Slow, chronic malignant disorders < from slight cause. 
-Indurations, burnings, ulcerations and degenerations. 
-Great weakness, exhaustion from loss of vital fluids. 
CLINICAL : -Acne rosacea, Bubo, Flatulence, Glandular indurations, Metrorrhagia, Pleurisy, Ptomaine poisoning, Ulceration, Verruca. 
-Affections caused by wearing leather made articles. 

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