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Disintegration and imperfect oxidation. General venous stasis. 
Coldness (but aversion to being covered), blueness, burnings (internal burning with external coldness, with desire for fanning rapidly and closely) with prostration. 
Coma. Collapse. Fainting from indigestion, flatus, sunstroke, infection etc. 
Weak, exhausted with haemorrhages of dark blood. 
Flatulent dyspepsia in upper abdomen with all complaints. 

COMMON NAME : -Vegetable Charcoal -Wood Charcoal. 
A/F : 1) Loss of vital fluids. 
2) A/F quinine, suppressed intermittents. 
3) Abuse of mercury salt, meats, salted-spoiled fish, fats. 
4) Bad effects of being overheated. 
5) Bad effects of exhausting diseases. 
6) Bad effects of a long ago injury. 
MODALITIES : < Warmth 3 < Depletions 3 > Eructations 3 < Loss of vital fluids 3 < Cooling off 2 > Cool air 2 < Exhausting diseases 3 < Overlifting > Elevating feet < High living 3 < Rich foods 3 > Sitting Up < Walking in open air < Pressure of clothes < Cold night air < Frosty; humid climate < Suppressions < Air - wind on the head < Lying flat 3 < Weather, extreme temperature 
MIND : -Mentally as well as physically much SLUGGISHNESS, laziness, slowness of thoughts, comprehension, dullness, sudden loss of memory. Concentration difficult. 
-INDIFFERENCE, hears everything without feeling about it. Indifference to music which he loves. 
-Great IRRITABILITY, especially directed at the family. 
-Harsh and cutting remarks. 
-Anxiety in the evening accompanied by shuddering. Anxiety on closing eyes. 
-Easily frightened or startled. Fear of ghosts; of darkness, of accidents, of people. 
Restlessness. Oversensitiveness to noise. Timidity appearing in public. 
-Peevish irritable angry. Child bites, strikes and kicks. Confusion > mental exertion. 
-Sensation of being smaller before an epileptic fit. 
-Sees frightful images in the dark. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Wood charcoal by itself is a product of imperfect oxidation and therefore IMPERFECT OXIDATION and DISINTEGRATION are keynotes of this remedy. It contains a small quantity of Kali carb. It has deodorant disinfectant and antiseptic qualities, and has a cheif action on venous circulation. 
-Useful at the extremes of life, in old persons, or prematurely old individuals with a puffy bluish cachexic look, with coldness of the body, anaemia. Persons who have never recovered from the exhausting effects of the previous illness, typhoid, tuberculosis, asthma. 
-A chronic, deep acting anti- psoric medicine with imperfect oxidation and blueness. Ecchymoses and passive haemorrhages. 
-Prostration and exhaustion at all levels from previous illness or loss of vital fluids. A state of collapse. Last stage of diseases. 
-Surface of body very cold to touch, COLDNESS of sweat, breath, skin, tongue etc. 
Cold knees even in bed. Air hunger - GASPING FOR AIR wants to be fanned hard. 
-BURNING pains, burning heat in internal parts in veins, chest, lungs, skin, stomach. 
Burning in gangrenes. 
-DECOMPOSITIONS - Ulcerations, gangrenes, relaxation of tissues. 
Humid gangrene in cachexic persons. 
-Putrid or septic phenomena, associated with burning sensation. FOULNESS of discharges - Cadaverous smelling stools. Acrid and corrosive discharges. 
-Haemorrhage from any mucous outlet, in broken down debilitated subjects, with thin foetid, black blood, passive flowing. 
-BLUENESS of parts - venous stagnations. Varicosites, piles. 
-Desire to be FANNED rapidly and from a CLOSE distance. 
-Flatulance and fullness with weak digestion, accompanies all complaints. Simplest food disagrees. Flatulence upper abdomen. 
-Craving for coffee; acids; sweets and salted things, alcohol. 
Aversion to meat; fats; milk. 
-G.I.T.-Looseness of teeth with early bleeding gums. 
-Simplest food disagrees with much bloating of upper abdomen. 
-Sour and rancid erucations. 
-Flatulence obstructed. Loathes even the thought of food. Cannot bear tight clothing around the waist >eructations of flatus 
-Faeces -escape with flatus, frequent, involuntary, cadaverous smelling stools. 
Moisture on perineum. 
-Painful diarrhoea of old people. Soft stools passed with great difficulty; with burning in the rectum. 
-Respiratory system-HOARSENESS 
-Laborous quick short breathing with burning in chest with haemoptysis. 
-Expectoration thick, sticky, yellowish, profuse with desire to take a deep breath. 
-Cold breath, cold tongue and lost voice. 
-Skin-Blueness ecchymoses. 
-Varicose ulcers, burnings. 
-Wounds which open up again after healing, gangrenes boils, carbuncles with putridity. 
KEYNOTES : 1) Craves things which make him sick. 
2) > rapid fanning wants to he fanned. 
3) Hoarseness in the evening. 
4) Coldness of the body especially the legs. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Useful in the old or prematurely old; debilitated, broken down persons, with lack of reaction who have never been well since a previous exhaustive illness. 
-Disintegration and imperfect oxidation are the cause of most of the symptoms. 
-General venous stasis. 
-Much coldness, blueness, burnings and prostration in late stages of disease with decomposition. 
-Weak, exhausted with haemorrhages of dark blood. 
-Flatulent dyspepsia in upper abdomen with all complaints. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : 1)Internal burning with external coldness with desire for fanning rapidly. 
2)Flatulence in upper abdomen with temporary relief from eructations. 
3)Great debility and decompositions. 
CLINICAL : -Asthma, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Collapse, Coma, Congestive heart failure, Cyanosis, Fainting, Gangrene, Gastritis, Obesity, Pneumonia, Post-surgical, Syncope, Varicose veins and ulcers. 
-An excellent remedy for the terrible dyspnoea of chronic aortitis especially when the patient has become very anaemic, dropsical etc. (Dr. Farrington.) -When the patient is a barbiturate addict Carb-v is an almost sure antidote-Dr.T.K.Moore. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Arg-n, Ars alb, Calc, Camph, Carb-an, Chin, Colch, Kali-c, Lyc, Nit-ac, Sep. 
-Complementary-Ars alb, Kali-c, Phos. 

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