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Irritant, anaesthetic. 
Foul, putrid destruction of tissues. 
Increased olfactory sensibility. Very offensive breath. 
Burning in mouth to stomach. Fermentative dyspepsia. 
Cramps in forepart of leg, close to tibia, during walking. 

SOURCE : Solution in rectified spirit. 
FAMILY : Organic acid. 
A/F : -Bee sting -Physical exertion 
MODALITIES : < Jar > Smoking < Reading > Strong tea < Pregnancy > Rubbing < Walking > Binding < Combing hair [Bry, Chin, Ign Sel] < Straightening up < Mental exertion < Cold 2 and Heat 2 
MIND : -Prostration of mind. Mental exhaustion, brain fag (Pic-ac) -Mental exertion aggravates. 
-Loss of memory for what he was about to do. 
-Dreams usually unrembered or amorous, of fire, of journey, of body part embalmed. 
-Delusion as if he had taken opium in the morning. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Irritant, antiseptic, anesthetic. 
-OFFENSIVENESS. Discharges foul, burning, putrid. 
-Languid, PAINLESS, foul, destructive remedy. 
-Pains come suddenly, last for a short time and disappear suddenly [Bell, Mag-p, Flour-ac, Eup]. 
-Physical exertion brings on abscess somewhere in the body especially right ear. 
-Anaphylaxis to bee stings. Swelling of face and tongue [Apis]. 
-Malignant and septic conditions. 
-Burns lead to ulceration with ichorous discharge. 
-Excessive thirst. 
-Prostration of mind but desire for mental work. 
-Profound prostration, collapse, surface pale and bathed in cold sweat [Camphor, Carb-v, Verat]. 
-Head -Dull heavy headache as if rubber band were stretched tightly around the forehead [Gels, Catus, Merc, Plat, Sulph, Nit-ac, Spig]. 
-Headache < bending head forward > green tea > while smoking > tight band > cold hand. 
-Migraine just before or after menses. 
-Vertigo shutting the eyes. < sitting down > walking fast in open air. 
-Nose -Smell very acute. Pressing pain above root of nose. 
-Ozaena with foetor and ulceration. 
-G.I.T.-Diphtheria; foetid breath, regurgitation through nose on swallowing liquids but little pain [Bapt]. 
-Desire for stimulants and tobacco [Staph], whiskey [Syph]. 
-Fermentative dyspepsia. 
-Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy < morning, with headache, heartburn and eructation. 
-Vomiting; of drunkards, ca stomach, sea sickness. 
-Constipation with very offensive breath [op, Psor]. 
-Bloody stools like scrapings of intestines [Canth, Colch] with tenesmus. 
-Passes mucus from anus when urinating. 
-Urinary system-Urine black or olive green. 
-Female genitalia-Leucorrhoea in children [Cann-s, Merc, Puls, Sep]. 
-Irritating leucorrhoea; itching and burning [Kreos]. 
-Uterine displacement with or without discharge. If discharge present, it is offensive [Nit-ac, Nux-v, Sep]. 
-C.V.S.-Thready pulse. 
-Back-Backache across loins with a dragging down sensation from buttocks to thighs. 
-Extremities-Bones bare, crushed, much sloughing of soft parts. 
-Skin-Vesicular eruptions all over the body which itches excessively > after rubbing but leaving a burning pain. 
-Malignant scarlatina and variola [Amm-c] -Lacerated wounds from blunt instruments. 
-Pains come suddenly, last a short time, and disappear suddenly. 
-Dreams of fire. 
-Great tenderness over transverse colon. 
-Physical exertion brings on an abcess somewhere in the body. 
-Anaphylaxis to bee stings. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Prostration of mind, mental exhaustion, brain fag. 
-Offensiveness and painlessness with destruction. 

NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -A remedy to be thought of in malignant conditions with tendency to destruction of tissues and putrid discharges, collapse and cold sweat. 
-Mental and physical prostration. 
CLINICAL : -Constipation, Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Diphtheria, Influenza, Leucorrhoea, Lumbago, Ovarian neuralgia (left), Ozaena, Vomiting. 
-Carbolic acid 12 has proved of use in cases of the migraine in children-Dr. Dewey. 
-In pertussis, this helps to stop the paroxysm in 1x or 2x potency. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Ars, Carb-v, Chrysarobin, Guano, Kreos, -In exhaustive diarrhoea, with very little offensive stools when Carb-v and Psorinum do not help-Bhanja, C. Pearson. 
-In cholera, when Veratrum is indicated but fails. 
-Antidoted by-Diluted cider vinegar either externally or internally when acid has been swallowed either accidentally or taken for suicidal purposes. 
-Alcohol, Chalk, Iod, Glaubers salt in watery solution. 
-Incompatible-Glycerine, Vegetable oils. 

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