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Dreams of rape. Increased sexual desire in both sexes. 
Ineffectual attempts to recline. 

SYNONYM : Igonocephalus contortrix Ancistrodon. 
COMMON NAME : Copperhead Snake 
FAMILY : Ophidia 
SOURCE : Solution of venom. 
MODALITIES : < Pressure < Lying down < Afternoon, night 
MIND : -Suspiciousness, thinks her husband is going to put her in an insane asylum. 
-Mistrustful of everyone, especially in the afternoon (3-8 p.m.) -Jealousy, quarrelsome, scolding. 
-Forsaken feeling. 
-Alternating moods; excitement in morning, sadness in evening. 
-Absent-minded, dreamy, sensation as if in a dream. 
-Presentiment of death; of a sudden death. 
-Fear to go to sleep, fear will suffocate, during sleep. 
-Fear of penetration, of pins, of stings, of pointed objects. 
-Dreams-amorous, lascivious -frightful, vivid, horrible, cannot be shaken off during waking hours. 
-of seeing rape, of copulating animals, indecent, of men and women. 
-that she is pursued for the purpose of rape. 
-that he has committed rape. 
-Delusions- that he is persecuted, that he is in different places at a time. 
-Time passes too slowly, appears longer. 
-Anxiety-in evening in bed, after midnight. 
-in chest (region of heart) while lying. 
-Restlessness; mental physical. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Right sided affections. 
-Allergies < spring. 
-Tight clothing unbearable [Lach]. Wants clothing loose. 
-Increased sexual desire in both sexes. 
-Head-Aching pain in left frontal eminence, left side of teeth. 
-Swelling above eyes, below, brow, like an over-hanging bag of waters. 
-G.I.T.-Empty swallowing difficult, with easy swallowing of solids and liquids. 
-Thirst for small quantities of water. 
-Female genitalia-Right ovarian region painful < walking. 
-C.V.S.-Pulsating sensation in various parts, synchronous with heart beat. 
-Heart feels distended, fills whole chest, as if it full down in stomach, sharp stitches fluttering under left scapula. 
-Respiratory system-Respiration arrested during sleep. 
-Hard, dry, tickling cough < 3 p.m. [Clarke] -Must lie down with head drawn back, chokes so. 
-Ineffectual attempts to recline. 
-Sleep-Awoke with throbbing in vulva, anus followed by a dull aching in sacral region > walking about. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Presentiment of death, of sudden death. 
2. Dreams- amorous, lascivious, frightful, vivid and horrible. Cannot be shaken off during waking hours. 
3. Dreams of rape; of seeing rape, of being pursued for the purpose of rape, that he has committed rape. 
4. Tight clothing unbearable. 
5. Ineffectual attempts to recline. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : 1. Suspiciousness, mistrustful, especially in afternoon (3-8 p.m.), 2. Jealousy, quarrelsome, scolding. 
3. Alternating moods. 
4. Fear of sudden death. 
5. Dreams-amorous, lascivious, frightful, vivid, horrible. Cannot be shaken off during waking hours; of rape. 
6. Tight clothing unbearable, wants something loose. 
7. Increased sexual desire in both sexes. 
8. Ineffectual attempts to recline. 
9. Right sided complaints. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Like other snake poisons, it affects the system profoundly. 
-Like Arsenic, it has dyspnoea, restlessness and thirst for small quantity. 
-Like Lachesis, necessity for having clothing loose. 
CLINICAL : -In cardiovascular cases where the sensation "heart feels too big in chest " is present, Cencheris has done excellent work- Dr. R.F. Rabe. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Antidoted by - Cham ( internal haemorrhage), Ammon-carb (general symptoms). 
-Antidote to- Puls. 

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