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Nausea, loathes the smell or sight of food. Cold, weak, sensitive and restless. 

COMMON NAME : Meadow saffron 
A/F : Grief, misbehaviour of others, checked perspiration, night watching and hard study. 
MODALITIES : < Sundown to sunrise, external impressions, light, noise, strong odours, contact, stubbing toes, cold, damp weather, Autumn, change of weather, motion, evening, any exertion mental or physical 
> Warmth, rest, doubling up, sitting. 
MIND : -Very irritable with pains. Troubles seem intolerable. 
Extreme impressions like- bright light, strong odours, touch, misbehaviour of others; make him besides himself. Sensitive to all external impressions. 
-Mind generally distracted. 
-Mind befogged but answers correctly. 
-Cannot tolerate misdeeds of others. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Extreme relaxation of muscular system. Head falls forewords or backwards when lifted. 
-Coldness, profuse cold sweat.Sensation of icy coldness in stomach with prostration. 
Tendency to collapse. 
-Burning sensations. Parts are red hot swollen. 
-All functions mental and bodily are slow- nutrition, digestion, yet patient doesnt emaciate rapidly. 
-Sensitive to ext. impression light noise, odours, contact, bad manner. 

-Tearing pains 
-Tingling in many part as if frost bitten, when the weather changes. 
-Adopted to rheumatic gouty diathesis. Persons of robust vigorous constitution; diseases of old people. 
-Smell painfully acute- nausea and faintness from the odour of cooking food, especially fish, eggs, or fat meat (Ars, Sep). Nausea at thought of cooking food. Craving for various things but averse to then when smelling them. Craves aerated drinks. 
-Autumnal Dysentery-painful scanty, transparent, jelly like mucus, scraping of intestines (Canth; Carb-ac).Agonizing pain remain long after stools. Rice water stools, hippocratic face, coldness, cramps, prostration. 
-Urine dark scanty or suppressed black inky. Nephritis with great oedema. 
Urine sediment may alternate with the rheumatic or heart complaints. 
-Shifting rheumatism, pains go from left to right (Lach) inflammation of great toe, heel. Cannot bear to be touched. Tingling in finger nails. Knees strike together. Powerlessness with oedematous swelling. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Ailments from grief, misdeeds of others (Staph). 
2. Smell painfully acute, nausea with faintness from odour of cooking food, or thought of cooking especially fish eggs, fat meat (Ars, Sep). 
3. Meteorism. Trapped gas. 
4. Dreams of mice. 
5. Burning or icy coldness of stomach or abdomen. 
6. Pains are superficial during warm weather; affect the deeper tissues when the air is cold. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : For the gouty rheumatic diathesis patient. 
1. Icy coldness of the parts. 
2. Prostration with powerlessness. 
3. Sensitive to external impressions and restlessness. 
4. Extreme painfulness. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : 1. Nausea and fainting due to smell, sight, even with the thought of food cooking > lying quietly. 
2. Gout with painful joints, from left to right 
CLINICAL : -Arthritis, Gout, Gastroenteritis, Nausea of pregnancy, Nephritis. 
-It is specific for the type of rumbling distention, very annoying to the patient and felt below the belt -Dr.J.S. Hepburn 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : Antidoted By-Bell, Camph, Coccul, Nux-v, Puls, Spig; honey and sugar. 
Follows well-Lyc. 
Followed well by-Carb-v. 
Antidotes -Thuja, Camph, Coccul, Puls, Nux-v. 
Complementary- Merc, in dysentery with great tenesmus; Ars, Spi. 
Compare: Ars, Arn, Aco, Cact, Abrot, Bry, Coccul, Podo, Nux-v, Op, Sep, Calc, Ambra, Ver. 

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