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Weakness (mental, emotional, physical), paresis, gradual paralysis. 
Cowardice, an inability to face challenge. Stage fright. 
Nervous diarrhoea, trembling, weakness, urgent urination. 
Feels heart will stop beating, causing him to jump up, fears heart will stop unless he stays in motion. 

COMMON NAME : Yellow Jasmine 
FAMILY : Loganiaceae 
A/F : -Depressing emotions 3 -Fright3, Anxiety, Anger. 
-Bad news 2 -Anticipation 3 - going for a church, examination, public platform -Self abuse; masturbation -Heat of sun 2 -Damp weather, warm or cold -Thunderstorm -Alchohol -Haircut -Mechanical injuries. 
MODALITIES : < Emotions 3 < Dread 3 > Profuse urination 2 < Ordeals 2 < Surprise 2 > Sweating 2 < When thinking of ailment < Bad news 2 > Shaking 2 < Excitement < Bending forward > Alcoholic drinks 2 < Humid weather 3 < Spring 3 > Stimulants 3 < Foggy weather 3 < Heat of sun 2 > Continued motion < Thunderstorm < Dentition > Reclining with head high < Tobacco smoking < 10 a.m. < Mental effort 
MIND : -Dullness of mental faculties; with languor, listless and inability to fix attention. 
-Drowsy dazed. 
-Doesnt wish to speak or have anyone near her, even if the person be silent. 
-Desires to be left alone. 
-Nervous dread of appearing in public. 
-Anticipation of any unusual ordeal, like preparing of church; exam etc. brings on complaints. Utter lack of courage. Nervousness. 
-Fearful (diarrhoea) and all complaints thereafter. 
-Fear of -falling -ordeals -death -pain -losing self control -that heart will stop beating unless on the move. 
-Stage fright. Helps acutely the terror before performance. 
-Susceptible to mental disturbances such as sudden excitement or emotion, any bad news or fright. 
-Delirious sleep; half waking and incoherent talk. 
-Great depression of spirits. Wants to throw himself from a height. Wants to commit suicide. 
-Apathetic regarding his illness. 
-Answers slowly. Inability to concentrate. 
-Exhilaration, can recall things long forgotten. 
-Vanishing of thoughts on mental exertion. 
-Child starts and grasps the nurse from fear of falling [Borax]. 
-People who give up their work; unable to face it longer. 
-Cowardice. Timid. 
-Sadness with inability to cry. Depression. 
-Dullness; Dizziness; Drowsiness, Trembling. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Aching; Tiredness; Heaviness, Weakness and soreness in the muscles (Physo). 
-Catarrh of mucous membranes causing watery discharges. 
-Paralysis of various groups of muscles about the eyes, throat, chest, larynx, sphincter, extremities etc. 
-Tremors or twitching of single muscles, face, chin, tongue etc. 
-Muscular weakness with complete relaxation and prostration. 
-Lack of muscle coordination, muscles to obey will. 
-Affects circulation which becomes sluggish causing passive arterial and venous congestion and sense of heaviness and fullness in different organs- heart; liver etc. > profuse urination. 
-Patient has a flushed dusky red face and sleepy look and a " Worn-out" expression on face (Bapt; Gels). 
-General depression from heat of sun, or summer. 
-Sticky perspiration all over the body. 
-Complaints lingering since the time of influenza. 
-Thirstless or little thirst. 
-Weakness tremendous, unable to move, great prostration of vital forces. 
-Trembling is so great, that patient wants to be held because he shakes so. 
Trembling of tongue, hands, legs. 
-Rigidity and stiffness with cramp-like pains in muscles; during menses. 
-Neuralgias of various parts with loss of control and pains which are most deep seated. Sore bruised feeling all over especially the limbs. 
-Head-Headache beginning in occiput or neck, radiating to forehead (Sil). 
- Sensation of an band around head [Carb-ac; Plat; Sulph] - Dull heavy headache with heaviness of eyelids. 
- Pain in head with soreness of neck muscles. 
- Headache preceded by blindness (Kali-bi; Lac-def) >profuse urination < sun, lying with head low, mental exertion. 
- Congestive stage of meningitis with pain at back of head and neck with dilated pupils. 
-Vertigo-With blurring of vision; lack of muscular steadiness < Walking < Sudden movement of head. 
-Eyes-Visual symptoms like drooping, diplopia from weakness. 
-Heavy, can hardly open them. Drooping. [Caust; Graph] -Dim vision pupils dilated. 
-Diplopia from weakness of extra ocular muscles during headache. 
-Slow accommodation of vision. 
-Detached retina [from injury or myopia] -Blindness before headaches. 
-Face-Besotted face [Bapt, Opium]. 
-Drunken appearance. 
-Hot heavy flushed face. 
-Mouth-Tongue trembling paralysed. 
-Thick speech as if drunk. 
-Thick yellow coating of tongue. 
-Throat-Sore throat during menses. 
-Loss of voice from fright. 
-Paralysis of throat. Post diphtheric paralysis [Causticum; Diphtherinum] -Paralytic dysphagia after cerebral apoplexy. 

-G.I.T.-Usually thirstless, but thirst with sweat -Diarrhoea from emotional excitement or fright or bad news [Ph-ac] -Diarrhoea, cream coloured [Calc-c], tea green. 
-Painless diarrhoea in nervous individuals. 
-Partial paralysis of rectum and sphincter. 
-Prolapse rectum after labour. 
-Respiratory system-Sneezing with fullness at root of nose. 
-Watery excoriating discharge. 
-Sensation of hot water flowing through nose. 
-Sneezing < morning. 
-Catarrh associated with inflamed throat. 
-Acute nasal catarrh; great disposition to take cold. 
-Urinary system-Urine profuse, clear, watery. 
-Partial paralysis of bladder, flow intermittent (Clematis) -Retention of urine. 
-Incontinence from excitement -Loss of bladder power in old persons or following diphtheria. 
-Male genitalia-Profound weakness and relaxation of genitals.
-Spermatorrhoea without erections. 
-Cold relaxed genitals [Phos-ac] -Sexual power exhausted but slightest caress causes emission. 
-Female genitalia-Dysmenorrhoea with pain to back and hips. 
-Pains insufficient with os widely dilated, complete atony. 
-C.N.S.-Coma, Apoplexy; sub arachnoid haemorrhages. 
-C.V.S.-Sensation as if heart would stop beating if not be in motion. 
-Slow pulse. 
-Pulse soft; weak, full and flowing. 
-Back-Chills running up and down the back -Dull heavy pains in lumbar or sacral region -Pains under scapula neck muscles. 

-Extremities-Loss of power of muscular control [Alum; Aster-r]. 
-Trembling and weakness of all limbs -Fatigue after slightest exercise -Limbs heavy with knees weak -Tottering gait. Paraplegia. Locomotor ataxia [Physostigma] -Inability to walk, tottering and falling when closing eyes [Arg-n; Alum] -Paralysis [Acon, Arg-n, Caust, Cocc, Con, Cup, Dulc, Merc, Kalm, Nat-m, Nux-v, Phos, Plumb, Rhus-t, Sulph, Zinc] 
-Sleep-Sleepless from anticipation or excitement or smoking -Sleepless from nervous irritation [Coffea]. 

-Fever-Eruptive fevers, especially measles, with catarrh symptoms. 
-Fever with prostration, stupor, thirstlessness. 
-Dullness, dizziness, drowsy, trembling. 
-Does not want to move in fever. 
-Chills- in back going up an down. 
-Could tell when chill was about to return as incontinence of urine would set in. 
-In fever, wants to be held, he shakes so. 
-Chill and languor, and aching, mixed with heat or alternating with heat. 
-Heat with drowsiness. 
-Perspiration not profuse. 
-In Typhoid fevers, with dark red face and besotted appearance. 
-Measles with catarrhal symptoms, aids in bringing out eruptions. 
KEYNOTES : -General depression from heat of sum of summer. 
-Nervous individual, with dread of appearing in public. 
-Anticipatory diarrhoea while preparing for exams etc. 
-Fear heart will stop beating unless he moves. 
-Headache preceded by blindness > profuse urination. 
-Chills running up and down back. 
-Child starts and grasps the wise screams as if afraid of falling. 
-Aphonia, sore throat during menses. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : 1. Symptoms of gradual onset. 
2. Dullness, dizziness, drowsy, trembling. 
3. Catarrhal complaints. 
4. Paralysis with complete prostration, relaxation. 
5. Thirstlessness. 
6. Anticipatory - complaints. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Indicated in people whose complaints come on from anticipation and depressing emotions. 
-Especially useful in paralysis and neuralgias of various kinds, associated with dullness, dizziness, drowsiness, trembling and weakness. 
-Useful in muscular incoordination and prostration. 
-Thirstlessness accompanies most complaints. 
CLINICAL : 1. Gelsemium in drop doses, repeated hourly, causes rapid and permanent relief in the body- Dr. Douglas. 
2. For angina pectoris, depending upon fatty degeneration of heart, Gelsemium [and Belladonna] are good palliative- Dr. Hempel. 
3. For preventive of sunstroke- Dr. C.G. Raue. 
4. Earache during menopause is almost always relieved by Gelsemium -Dr.Dorothy Shepherd. 
5. Gelsemium lX is the best remedy for insomnia with no bad effects- Dr.Cuthbert. 
6. Anxiety, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Diarrhoea, Diplopia, Fever, Hayfever, Headache, Influenza, Insomnia, Laryngitis, Migraine, Multiple sclerosis, Myesthenia gravis, Paralysis, Tremor, Vertigo. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compatible-Baptisia ( Typhoid; Influenza) -Complementary -Arg-n, Sep. 
-Antidoted by -Atropine, China, Coffea, Digitalis, Nux-m. 
-Antidote to -Mag-p. 
-Remedies that follow well -Bapt, Cactus, Ipec. 

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