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Oversensitiveness (mental and physical). 
Strong violent impulses. Abusive. 
Sepsis, abscess, suppuration. 
Splinter-like, burning pains. 
Chilly. Intolerant to drafts. 

COMMON NAME : -Sulphuret of Lime -Hahnemanns Calcium Sulphide 
FAMILY : Mineral 
A/F : -Abuse of mercury 3 -Cold, dry winds 3 -Injury -Suppressed eruptions -Tobacco smoking. 
MODALITIES : < Cold air 3 > Warmth in general 3 < Uncovering 3 > Wrapping up warmly, especially head < Eating or drinking cold things 3 > Damp, wet weather < Touching affected parts 3 < Abuse of mercury < Night < Lying on painful side 
MIND : -Oversensitiveness 3 (physical or mental), to cold, pain, touch, noise, odours, draught of air. 
-Faints from pain. 
-Critical, impatient. 
-Hasty3 in speech, drinking. 
-Peevish, highly impulsive 3. Impulse to stab or kill. 
-Anguish in evening and night, with thoughts of suicide. 
-Irritable 3 and dissatisfied with oneself and others. 
-Starting on falling asleep. 
-Fear and dreams of fire. Wants to set things or house on fire. Throws things into fire. -Fear-hearing of violent accidents or movies -injury -dentist. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Intense sensitivity to pain. 
-Suppuration-tendency for all inflammations to terminate in suppuration 3. 
-suppuration sudden and rapid. 
-here, connective tissue is affected (Graph, Merc, Sil). 
-Chilliness 3 -extreme sensitiveness to cold air -takes cold from slightest exposure to fresh air -can feel air if door is opened in next room (Tub). 
-Pains-sore, sticking, like sharp splinters3 (sensation of splinter in parts). 
-Discharges-profuse, foul, sour 3, like spoiled cheese 3, offensive. 
-Sourness 3 -diarrhoea of children, perspiration. 
-Sweat 3 -easy, profuse, sour, but dose not uncover, without relief. 
-Periodicity-everyday, every 4 weeks (paralysis), every 4 months, winter, spring, autumn. 
-Persons with light hair and complexion, slow to act, muscles soft and flabby. Yellowish complexion., middle of lower lip cracked. 
-Head-Sensation as if a plug or nail were being driven into head -A feeling as if the eyes were being pulled backward into head. 
-> binding head up tightly. 
-Eyes-Iritis. Blepharitis. 
-Corneal ulcers. 
-Eruptions on eyelids. 
-Ears-Severely painful otitis media, child cannot be comforted, wakes up with pain, shrieking. 
-Mouth-Teeth-loose, sore, sensitive to cold drinks, abscesses at roots of teeth. 
-G.I.T.-Craving for sour, strong things, acids, wine, vinegar, pickles, spicy, pungent. 
-Aversion to fat 2 food. 
-Diarrhoea-chronic, painless, white or clay coloured, green or undigested, sour or decayed odour. 
-Even soft stool is passed slowly and with difficulty. 
-Eructations and flatus smelling like bad eggs. 
-Rectal abscess. 
-Respiratory system-Recurrent bronchitis from every cold. 
-Asthma-anxious, wheezing, rattling, short, deep breathing, threatens suffocation. 
-> sitting up with head bent backwards. 
-Asthma from suppressed eruptions. 
-Cough-when any part of the body is uncovered 3 -croupy, choking, strangling 3. 
-deep, barking cough with hoarseness < cold things3, < cold air 3 -Sensation of splinter in throat, stitches in throat extending to ear when swallowing. 
-Quinsy with impending suppuration. 
-Urinary system-Urine-is voided slowly with force -drops vertically -is obliged to wait awhile before it passes -bladder weak, unable to finish it. 
-Male genitalia-Urethral stricture. 
-Cold extremities, Raynauds syndrome. 
-Skin-Tendency to suppurate 3. 
-Very sensitive to touch. 
-Unhealthy 2. 
-Chapped skin, with deep cracks on hands and feet. 
-Ulcers very sensitive to contact, burning, stinging, easily bleeding. 
-Cant bear to be uncovered (even one part of the body), wants to be wrapped up warmly. 
-Chronic and recurring urticaria. Urticaria preceding or also with chill, disappears as heat begins. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Sensitiveness 3 to cold air, pain, touch etc. 
2. Sensation of splinter and splinter-like pains. 
3. Tendency towards suppuration, which is rapid. 
4. Easy sweating with relief. 
5. Sourness 3 of all discharges. 
6. Discharges smell like spoiled cheese. 
7. Faints 2 from pain. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Adapted to the psoric, scrofulous diathesis. Persons extremely sensitive, susceptible to cold. 
-Oversensitive to external impression, pain may cause fainting. 
-Tendency to suppuration with (old cheesy) sour discharges.
-Easy sweating. 
2. Sensation of splinter 3. 
3. > Warmth 3. 
4. Easy sweating with relief. 
5. Great sensitiveness to all impressions. 
6. Tendency to suppuration. 
CLINICAL : -Abscess, Acne, Adenopathy, Agoraphobia, Asthma, Balanitis, Blepharitis, Bronchitis, Croup, Eczema, Iritis, Laryngitis, Mastitis, Otitis media, Paronychia, Pharyngitis, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Prostatitis, Rectal abscess, Sinusitis, Tonsillitis, Urethral stricture, Urethritis. 
-It has been used for chronic malarial poisoning that has been maltreated with calomel and quinine. 
-In otitis media, in the adolescence, give Hepar sulph- Dr. Foubister. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Ars, Calc, Graph, Iod, Merc, Mez, Nit-ac, Nux-v, Psor, Rheum, Sil, Sulph. 
-Tendency to suppurate every injury-Graph., Merc, Sil. 
-Sensation of splinter-Arg-n, Nit-ac. 
-Complementary to- Calendula in injuries of soft parts. 
-Antidotes bad effects of Mercury, other metals, Iodine, Iodide of potash, Cod-liver oil. 

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