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Thick, gluey, adherent discharges. 
Pains -spotty, wandering, periodic. 
Rheumatism <-> Gastric or respiratory symptoms. 

COMMON NAME : Bichromate of Potash 
FAMILY : Mineral salt 
PHYSIOLOGICAL ACTION: -Mucus membrane-Copions, viscid, ropy mucorrhoea -Ulceration -Liver-Congestion, hypertrophy, fatty degeneration -Kidney-Tubular inflammation -Ulceration -Albuminuria -Skin-Pustular inflammation -Fibrous tissue or periosteum-Acute inflammation -Hypertrophy. 
A/F : -Indulgence in beer and malt liquors 
MODALITIES : < Heat of summer < Wrapping up > Heat < Hot weather < Hot weather 2 > Pressure < Autumn < Uncovering 2 > Motion < Spring < Touch < Rest < Stooping < Sitting < Open air < Morning after sleep 3 < 2 -3 a.m. 
< Protruding tongue < Alcohol, beer < Suppressed catarrh < COLD 3, damp 2 < Summer (though not heat). 
MIND : -Narrowness - on all three levels, typically a closed personality. Closed, rigid, proper. 
-Very conscientious and capable, rather conservative and conformists. 
-Rigidly adhere to the routine. 
-Long-winded. Explain things excessively. Step-by-step, routinized way of thinking. 
-Do not show their emotion and dont tend to complain of their mental or emotional problems. 
-Sadness after annoyance. Gloomy, indifference to business affairs. 
-Irritability > after eating. Easily angered and upset. 
-Anthropophobia - Avoids human society. 
-Practical, materialistic point of view. 
-Feel isolated and apart from social contact. 
-Peevish withdrawal from sullen indifference. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -It affects the mucous membranes of the air passages, nose, pharynx, stomach, duodenum. 
-Discharges are adhesive, sticky, VISCID, GLUEY, ROPY, stringy, tough, lumpy, or thick YELLOW (Hydr) discharges. Yellowness of discharges, especially tongue etc. 
-Pain -in SMALL SPOTS, can be covered with point of finger, WANDERING (Berb, Form, Kali-s, Puls), shift rapidly from one part to the other and appear and disappear suddenly and finally attack the stomach. 
-Stubborn suppurations. Tendency to ulcerations. Ulcers with dark dots, deep punched out, perforating, round with over-hanging edges or thick crusts. Septal or peptic ulcers. 
-Indolent or sluggish reaction in many conditions; ulcers, inflammations etc. 
-Diseased conditions progress slowly but deeply, causing great weakness bordering on paralysis, but little fever. Anaemia and absence of fever are characteristic. 
-Kali-bi is generally chilly yet symptoms occur and aggravate in hot summer weather, such as skin disease, rheumatism, dysentery etc. 
-Alternating symptoms-Rheumatism alternating with gastric symptoms, one appearing in the fall and the other in the spring. 
-Rheumatism and dysentery alternate. 
-Neuralgia every day at same hour. 
-Head-Blurred vision or blindness precedes the attack, must lie down, aversion to light, noise, sight returns as headache increases. 
-Headache over eyebrows. Pressing frontal pain or neuralgia. 
-Aching and fullness in glabella, root of nose. 
-From suppressed catarrh. 
-Bones and scalp feel sore. 
-Headache in small spots. 

-Eye-Swelling of lids. 
-PHOTOPHOBIA and visual disturbances before or with headache. 
-Ear-Viscid, ropy, yellow discharge. 
-Nose-Snuffles of children especially fat, chubby babies. 
-Pressure and pain at ROOT OF NOSE (Stict, Kali-i) and sticking pain in nose. 
-Septum ulcerated, round ulcer. 
-Fetid smell. 
-Discharge thick, ropy greenish yellow, tough elastic plugs from nose, leave a raw surface. 
-Loss of smell. 
-Coryza with obstruction of nose. 
-Violent sneezing. 
-Has violent pain from occiput to forehead if discharges ceases. 
-Chronic coryza. SINUSITIS. 
-Post-nasal drip (Cor-r). 
-Polyps (Calc, Sang, Teucr). 
-Nasal voice. 
-Face-Neuralgia from suppressed coryza. 
-Mouth-Sensation of hair on tongue (Crab apple, Sil). 
-Ropy mucus, saliva. 
-Tongue-Mapped red shining smooth (Pyrog, Lach, Ter) and dry. 
-With dysentery, broad flat indented, thickly coated. 

-Throat-Inflammation. Ulceration. 
-Oedematous bladder-like appearance of uvula, much swelling but little redness. 
-Diphtheria, pseudo-membranous deposit firm pearly fibrinous deposit. Prone to extend downward to larynx and trachea. 
-Stomach-ULCERS. Cancer (Hydr). 
-Gastric symptoms <-> Rheumatic or respiratory symptoms (Dulc). 
-Indigestion from meat, drinking beer. 
-Constant nausea in alcoholics. 
-Vomiting of ropy, yellow mucus or water and blood. 
-Desire- Beer and 
-Aversion- Beer. 
-Loss of appetite, weight in pit of stomach, flatulence 
-Round ulcer of stomach. 
-Under sternum rawness, pains through to back. 
-Rectum-Diarrhea < morning, drives out of bed, beer, summer. 
-Diarrhea alternating with rheumatic complaints (Dulc). 
-R.S.-Hoarseness. Croup. 
-Violent, rattling with gagging from viscid mucus in the throat < when undressing. 
-Croup-hoarse metallic, with expectoration of tough mucus or fibro-elastic casts in morning on awakening, with dyspnoea > lying down. 
-Asthmatic, < 1-2 a.m. 
-Rattling respiration < in old people (Kali-s in children). 
-Respiration loud. 
-Cough < eating, morning on waking. 
-Expectoration-copious, stringy, tough, yellow/green. 
-C.V.S.-Coldness about the heart, deep in chest. 
-Urinary system-Ropy, viscid urine, obstructs urethra. 
-Pain from kidneys extends to bladder and to the knee. 
-After urination a drop seems to remain which cannot be expelled. 
-Male genitalia-Desire diminished when puts on weight. 
-Female genitalia-Left sided ovarian cysts. 
-Prolapse of uterus < warm weather. 
-Leucorrhoea, yellow, tenacious. 
-Back-Pain in coccyx < sitting, during coition, before urination. 
-Pain in small spots, esp. angles of scapulae. 
-Extremities-Rheumatic symptoms <-> Gastrointestinal or Respiratory symptoms (Dulc). 
-WANDERING pains (Berb, Form, Kali-s, Puls). 
-Arthritic pain < cold and < summer. 
-Left sided sciatica, > motion, < warm weather. 
-Cracking joints. 
-Skin-Syphilitic ulcerations. 
-Itching > cold air (Fago). 
KEYNOTES : -Discharges of a tough, stringy mucus adheres to the parts and can be drawn into a long string. 
-Pain in small spots can be covered with point of finger. 
-Pains shift rapidly from one past to another. 
-Neuralgia everyday at the same hour. 
-Deep perforating round punched ulcers. 
-Uvula oedematous. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Affections of the mucous membranes with catarrhal state. 
-Discharge from mucous membranes which are adhesive, sticky, stringy, tough, lumpy or thick and yellow discharges. 
-Tendency to ulcers- deep perforating, punched out. 
-Pains in small spots, shifting alternating complaints. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Discharges-Adhesive sticky, stringy, yellow, tough lumpy or thick. 
-Pain covered with point of finger spotty pain. 
-Ulcers deep perforating round, punched with overhanging edges or thick crusts. 
-Rheumatism alternates with gastric symptoms or dysentery. 
CLINICAL : -Bronchitis, Croup, Gastritis, Migraine, Nasal polyp, Obesity, Ovarian cyst, Peptic ulcer, Sciatica, Sinusitis, Ulcers. 
-When you are struck with a Kali-bi migraine that does not respond, always remember Iris versicolor. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Complementary- Ant-t, Ars, Phos, Psor, Sep. 
-Compare-Amm-caust, Ant-cr, Ant-t, Brom, Dulc, Form, Hep-s, Hydr, Ind, Iod, Ip, Merc, Kali-c, Kali-s, Lith-c, Phyt, Puls, Sil, Stict, Sulp-ac. 
-Antidotes:- Ars, Lach, Puls. 

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