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Second stage of inflammation. Milky whiteness. Toughness, hard deposits. 

SYNONYM : Biochemic Sulphur 
SOURCE : Chloride of Potassium 
A/F : -Vaccinations -Sprains -Burns -Blows -Cuts -Rich food -Deranged internal function -Chronic use of laxatives -Drugs; anti-diabetics, anti-hypertensives, diuretics, cortisones 
MODALITIES : < Open air 3 < Cold drinks 2 > Cold drinks < Drafts < Heat of bed > Rubbing < Lying < Night > Letting hair down < Dampness < Motion > Rest < Sprains < Fats; Rich food 3 < During menses < Exertion < Touch, Pressure < Noise < Early morning < Evening. 
MIND : -Irritable at trifles. 
-Habitual loss of appetite or refuses food. Imagines he must starve. 
-Discontented, discouraged; sits in silence. 
-Catarrhal conditions where discharges are thick, WHITE or greyish-white, tenacious, soapy and can be pulled into long threads. 
-Slowness, Sluggishness, Relaxation, Oedema. 
-Tough plastic or fibrinous exudates, greyish in colour. 
-Hard deposits. 
-Glandular swellings. 
-Pains- sore, cutting, sticking < movement < pressure > rest 
-Ears-Chronic catarrhal conditions of middle ear and blockage of eustachian tube, deafness. 
-Snapping and noises in the ear. 
-Mouth-Hawks out thick, white, cheesy mucus. 
-Tongue - white, grey coating at base, salty, bitter taste. 
-G.I.T.-Indigestion. Fullness after eating. 
-Aversion to rich and fatty food. 
-Haemorrhoids bleeding, blood dark, thick, fibrinous clotted. 
-Anus sore < walking 
-Female genitalia-Menstruation too late or suppressed, checked or too early excessive discharge, dark clotted or tough, black blood like tar [Platina] -Leucorrhoea-discharge of milky white mucus, thick, non-irritating, bland. 
-Nodes in mammae feel quite soft and are tender. 
-Extremities-Rheumatic fever; exudation and swelling around the joints. 
-Rheumatic pains nightly; felt only during motion, lightening like from small of back to feet, must get out of bed and sit up. < warmth of bed. 
-Rheumatism of left shoulder and elbow < morning on rising. 
-Colds hands and feet. 
-Skin-Dry flour-like scales on skin [Ars]. 
-Prevents adhesions and scar tissue formation after operations and exudative diseases. 
KEYNOTES : -Imagines he must starve. 
-Thick white or greyish - white, tough, shiny, fibrinous discharges. 
-White or grey coating at base of tongue. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Discharges -greyish or white, thick, fibrinous. 
-Tongue coated white, grey at the base. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Scheusslers tissue salt useful in the second stage of inflammation with white or grey, thick, slimy tough, plastic or fibrinous exudates. 
CLINICAL : -Kali-m is a well proven anti-infective and antivirus remedy. It can be used as a prophylactic (for epidemic jaundice) and given to people near a patient; 3 dozes a day for a week or so. - Dr. Koppikar. 
-Kali-m is the most valuable single remedy for the deafness following purulent or Catarrhal otitis media - Dr. Roffat. 
-Enlarged joints after acute rheumatism rapidly reduce to normal with Kali-m -Dr. Nash. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Bry, Puls. a-Follows well after- Calc-f, Calc-p, Ferr-p, Bell. 
-Complementary- Calc-s. 
-Antidoted by- Bell, Calc-s, Hydr, Puls. 

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