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Weak, easily fagged. Great depletion. Putrid, carrion odour excretions. 
Coition aggravates. 

COMMON NAME : Phosphate of potash 
A/F : - Effects of mechanical injuries. 
- Sexual excitement from indulgence or suppression. 
- WORRY, mental FATIGUE, grief, vexation. 
MODALITIES : < Worry, mental or physical FATIGUE < Excitement 3 > Sleep < Touch < Pain > Eating < Cold 3 < Puberty > Gentle motion < Coition 3 > Leaning against something 
MIND : -Mental fatigue. Irritable, restless, anxious, from mental exertion. 
-Nervous dread. Feel unable to cope, despondency. 
-Mental breakdown after enormous mental exertion with nervousness and oversensitivity. Brain Fag, hysteria. 
-Slightest labour seems a heavy task. 
-Indisposition to meet people, or to talk with them. Extreme lassitude and depression. 
-Very nervous, starts easily from noise or when touched, hypersensitivity to all stimuli. 
-Night terrors. Somnambulism. 
-Shyness, disinclined to converse. 
-Aversion to her own family, cruel to husband, to baby. 
-Fear of being alone. 
-Easily upset from hearing bad news or hearing world catastrophes. 
-Irritability when spoken to, morose, obstinate, oversensitive children. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Conditions arising from want of nerve power. 
-Nervous, sensitive, weak and easily fagged- by slight cause, like PAIN, worry, mental fatigue etc. 
-General DEPLETION, weakness after chemotherapy or cancer surgery. 
-NEURASTHENIA, paralysis. Infantile during dentition, paralytic weakness or pain with sensation of paralysis. 
-Emaciation, wasting diseases, septic states and septic fevers. 
-Progressive muscular atrophy. 
-Discharges - PUTRID, carrion like odour of secretions, foul odour of body, golden yellow, copious. 
-States of adynamia and decay. Gangrenous conditions, suspected malignant tumours. 
-After operation, when in the healing process the skin is down tight over the wound, especially cancer. 
-Sexual excitement from indulgence or suppression. 
-Sea sickness without nausea. 
-Head-Headache, worse from mental exertion. 
-Vertigo- On facing the sun. 
-Face- Sad, care-worn look. 
-Eyes-Left lid droops. 
-Burn, sting and swim in tears. 

-Nose-Catarrh with yellow slimy discharge. Foetid discharge. 
-Nose stopped up. 
-Itching in posterior nares. 
-Hayfever <2 A.M. 
-Ears-Eustachian tube and middle ear catarrh. 
-Mouth-Warts on lips, Epithelioma of lips. 
-Aphthae in mouth. 
-Excessive salivation, yellow slimy tongue. 
-Bleeding gums from disturbed digestion. 
-Throat-Tonsilitis, pharyngitis with yellow slimy discharge. 
-Stomach-Craves ice cold drinks and food, sweets, vinegar. 
-Empty gnawing in stomach >eating. 
-Easy satiety. 
-Craving hunger soon after eating. 
-Stools-Golden yellow, putrid, hot. 
-Chest-Yellowish thin discharge, burning coarse rattling in chest. 
-Nervous asthma. 
-This remedy has saved many people from phthisis. 
-Urinary system-Milky urine. 
-Enuresis nocturna. 
-Female genitalia-Offensive menses or horrible foul leucorrhoea. 
-Irregular menses. 
-Intense sexual desire after menses. 
-Male genitalia-Sexual erethism, with prostration after coition or nightly emissions. 
-Skin-Profuse desquamation of epidermis. 
-Promotes falling of crust, and formation of healthy skin after small pox, prevents suppression of rash. 
-Profuse, easy sweat. Axillary sweat smells of onions. 
-Cancer - Epithelioma, with thin yellow, watery exudations. 
-Inactive skin. 
-Extremities-Pricking hands and feet. 
-Numb finger tips. 
-Foot feels frost bitten. 
-Pains in soles. 
-Sleep-Drowsy, yawning. 
-Night terrors of children, awake screaming. 
KEYNOTES : - Slightest labour seems a heavy task. 
- Discharges golden yellow, copious. 
- Night terrors of children, awake from sound sleep, screaming and in fright. 
- Intense sexual desire after menses. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Weak mentally and physically, especially after long standing disease. 
-Brain fag, tired. 
-Extreme sensitiveness to cold air and general tendency to catch cold. 
-They are usually tall, thin, lax and constantly tired. 
-Discharges are putrid, golden-yellow colour. 
-Mental disorders depending upon state of depression. 
-Somnabulism due to mental or physical shock or overstrain. 
-Specific remedy for Neurasthenia `want of Nerve power, Insomnia. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Conditions lacking nerve power, especially when both mind or body are depressed, especially after periods of stress or overexertion. 
-Depression, weakness, forgetful. 
-Great exhaustion or mental dullness if associated with nervous or oversensitivity. 
-Putrid or gangrenous state with putrid discharge. 
CLINICAL : -Anxiety, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Diarrhoea, Indigestion, Multiple sclerosis, Nocturnal enuresis, Neurasthenia, Vaginitis. 
-Useful when skin is drawn tight over the wound after removal of cancer. 
-If Phosphorous does not hold, study Kali-p, Calc-p - Dr. Boger. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Calc, Caust, Cocc, Gels, Pic-ac, Phos, Nux-v, Sep, Zin. 
-In dream-like mental state of the insane `Kali-p is to be followed by Cyclamen. 
-In enuresis, alternate Kali-p with Ferr-p. 
-In prolapse rectum, alternate Kali-p with Ferr-p or Calc-f. 
-In albuminuria, Kali-p <-> Calc-p -In dysmenorrhoea, Kali-p <-> Mag-p. 

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