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Bites, stings, puncture wounds. 
Chronic rheumatism >ice cold water application, though chilly (subjectively and obectively). Gout. 
Venous congestion, purple discoloration, passive oedema and haemorrhage. 

COMMON NAME : Wild rose marry Marsh tea or Marsh Cistus. 
FAMILY : Ericaceae 
SOURCE : -Tincture of dried small twigs and leaves collected after flowering begins. 
-Tincture of whole fresh plant. 
A/F : -Abuse of alcohol -Bad effects of colchicum -Injuries from sharp pointed instruments -Rat bites -Punctured wounds -Hair cutting -Suppressed discharges -Recent or chronic injuries. 
MODALITIES : < From heat of bed 2 > HOLDING FEET IN ICE COLD WATER (Sec) < Night > Cold air < On touch > From cold water < Warmth; of covers 2, stove, air > Uncovering < Injuries > Cold bathing < Walking > Reposing < Motion < Eggs < Wine 2 < Spitting 
MIND : 1. Angry, out of humour. Cross and surly. 
2. Dissatisfied, hates his fellow beings, avoids their company.
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -RHEUMATIC and GOUTY DIATHESIS; constitution abused by alcohol [Colch]. 
Gout, stones and nodosities in SMALL JOINTS LIKE wrist, fingers, ankles, toes etc. 
-Adapted to people who are CHILLY and feel cold all the time. General lack of animal heat, yet heat of bed is intolerable. 
-Cold to touch but not cold subjectively to patient. In spite of coldness of body, symptoms relieved by cold applications [Secale, reverse of Ars]. 
Sometimes only amelioration obtained by PUTTING FEET INTO ICE COLD WATER. 
-PUNCTURED WOUNDS - from sharp pointed instruments as awls, rat bites, nails [Hyper], PARTICULARLY IF WOUNDED PARTS ARE COLD. 
-If given immediately after punctured wounds, it PREVENTS TETANUS [Hypericum when tetanus develops]. 
-LONG REMAINING DISCOLORATION AFTER INJURY. Black and blue places, before green. 
-Weakness, numbness and EMACIATION of affected parts [Graph, Plumb]. 
-Haemorrhagic tendency. Bright red, frothy blood. Haemorrhage into anterior chamber of eye after iridectomy. 
-Rheumatism or gout begins in lower limbs and travels upwards [Arnica - descends, Cactus, Kalmia]. ASCENDING RHEUMATISM. 
-TETANUS with twitching of muscles near the wound. 
-Head-Mottled, puffy and bloated. 
-Periorbital bruises (Symph, Arn). 
-Eyes-BLOOD SHOT or bruised EYES. 
-Ecchymosis of lids and conjunctiva from injury to eye. 
-BLACK EYE- It is used to prevent or remove black and blue spots after blows or bruises. 
-Face-RED PIMPLES OR TUBERCLES on forehead and cheeks, as in brandy drinkers, stinging when touched. 
-Respiratory system-Cough, tormenting, then sobbing respiration 
-Bronchitis, Haemoptysis. 
-C.V.S.-Rheumatic heart disease. 
-Extremities-Swelling of feet upto knees, with unbearable pain when walking, as from a sprain or false step. 
-Ball of great toe swollen. 
-Painful heels as if bruised. 
-Diagonal, cross wise joint affections. Left shoulder and right hip joint [Ant-t, Stram, Agar] -Stiffness of all joints, can only move them after applying cold. 
-Easy spraining of ankles [Carbo-an] with marked bruising and effusion. 
-SOLES PAINFUL, can hardly step on them [Ant-c, Lyco, Sil]. 
-Skin-Intense itching of dorsae of feet, ankles at night 
-Puncture wounds with much suppuration. 
-Ecchymosis and bruising (Arn, Bell-p, Sul-ac). 
-Cellulitis with swelling and lymphangitis, cold. 
-Eczema, very inflammed skin >cold applications. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Affected parts cold to touch, yet >cold applications. 
2. Sometimes only relief is, by putting feet into ice cold water.
3. Rheumatism or gout begins in lower limbs and ascends. 
4. Long remaining discolouration after injuries. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : - Rheumatic and gouty diathesis. 
- Small joints. 
- Ascending rheumatism. 
- Punctured wounds. 
- Black and blue parts. 
- Coldness of wounded parts >ice cold applications. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Parts cold to touch, yet averse to external warmth >putting feet into ice cold water. -
CLINICAL : -Alcoholism, Bites, Bruises, Ecchymosis, Elephantiasis, Epistaxis, Gout, Haemorrhage, Paronychia, Purpura, Rheumatism, Sprains, Stings. 
-Superior to Arnica and Rhus tox in sprained ankles - Dr. Benjamin Goldberg. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Arn, Guai, Hyper, Puls, Ruta. 
-Remedies that precede well -Arnica [In bruises Ledum sometimes completes a case Arnica began well but could not complete. It removes the ecchymosis and discolouration more rapidly]. 
-Remedies that follow well -Acon, Bell, Bry, Chel, Puls, Nux-v, Rhus-t, Sulph. 
-Incompatible -Chin. 
-Antidote by -Camph, Rhus-t. 
-Antidote to -Apis, Chin effects of alcohol, whisky, insect poison. 

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