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Full, heavy, forced out feeling. Utero-ovarian sagging. Nervous tremor. 
Backward pains. 
Hurried, nervous, snappish, erotic, or depressed. 

COMMON NAME : Tiger Lily 
FAMILY : Liliaceae 
PHYSIOLOGICAL ACTION: 1. Female - Congestion, Hyperesthesia 2. Posterior cord- Hyperesthesia 3. Heart - Reglex excitablity 
MODALITIES : < Warmth of room 3 > Cool, open fresh air 2 < Motion > When busy 2 < Miscarriage 2 > Lying on left side < Walking > Sunset < Standing > Pressure 2 < Consolation > Support with hands 2 < Pressure of bed > Crossing legs < Clothes > Rubbing < Jarring > During the day < Evening. 
< Night after 5 a.m. 
MIND : -Mental and uterine or cardiac symptoms alternate. 
-Marked nervo-hysterical reflexes. hysterical, intense, and rage filled. 
-Profound depression of spirits; can hardly avoid weeping, is very fearful, indifferent about what is being done for her. 
-Tormented about her SALVATION [Verat, Sulph, Lyco]. 
Deep conflict inside the patient between a strongly sexual nature and an equally strong moral side. Frustration leading to anger and extreme IRRITABILITY. 
-Erotic. Nymphomania. Must keep busy to suppress sexual desire. 
-Sexual excitement <-> apprehension of religious ideas. 
Lasciviousness <-> anger. Lust <-> guilt. 
-Great kindness and sincerety <-> angry, nasty state. 
-Aimless, hurried manner, desire to do several things at once, resulting in inability to do anything productive at all. Fruitless activity. Feels she must do something, but cannot focus. 
-Must keep busy to repress sexual desire. Occupation ameliorates. 
-Listless; yet does not want to be still; restless yet does not want to walk; hurried manner; desire to do something, yet no ambition. Imperative duties, inability to perform them. 
-Snappish, can hardly speak a decent word to anyone. Haughty and ungrateful. 
Curses or swears. 
-takes offense no matter how kindly she is treated. 
-Dementia with business worries and sexual excess. Desire to pull ones hair. Violent. 
-Suicidal disposition by poison. 
-Weeping < consolation. 
-WILD, crazy, frantic feeling in the head following the suppression of sexual energy. 
-Dread of evil, insanity, heart disease, being incurable, something bad will happen. 
-Desires finery. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Chief action upon VENOUS CIRCULATION, HEART, FEMALE ORGANS rectum, bladder and left side. 
-Chilly >open air, < warm room. 
-Pain-In small spots, constantly shifting [Kali-bi], travel from left to right. 
-Wandering, flying, shooting pains or opening and shutting sensation. 
-Radiating pains from ovaries to heart, to left breast, down the legs, etc. 
-Backward pains; about eyes to occiput, from nipples through chest, from heart to left scapula. 
-Full, heavy or FORCED OUT FEELING in uterus, ovaries, heart etc. 
-Pulsations, ebulliations over whole body, full distended feeling as if blood would burst through the vessel [Aesc]. 
-Head-Wild feeling in head. 
-Burning headache walking in open air. 

-Eyes-Myopic astigmatism; has to turn head sideways to see clearly. 
-Feel sprained, bite and burn 
-Mouth-Tongue; coated yellowish, white in patches. 
-G.I.T.-Thirsty; drinks often and much before several symptoms. 
-Craving for MEAT, sour or sweet dainties. 
-Aversion to coffee, tea, bread, to the usual cigar [ Tyler]. 
-Hunger as from spine. 
-Stiff, tense abdomen. Cant bear weight of covers. 
-Sharp abdominal pains 
-Heavy, dragging down of whole abdomen contents: even organs of chest, must support abdomen. 
-Urge for stool, but only passes urine. 
-Lump sensation in the rectum 
-Early morning diarrhoea, frequent stools with tenesmus. 
-Constant desire to defecate, from pressure in rectum, ineffectual desire < standing > urinating. 
-Tenesmus of rectum and bladder [Canth, Erigeron, Nux-v]. 

-Urinary system-Increased frequency of urination, passes urine every 15 minutes. 
-Cystitis with urethral burning. 
-If desire for urination is not attended to, feeling of congestion in chest. 
-Female genitalia-HYPERSEXUAL. 
-Menses early, scanty, dark, clotted, offensive, flow only when moving about. 
-Left ovarian neuralgia. 
-BEARING DOWN SENSATION [Sep, Murex, Kreos, Bell] and urgent desire for stool, as though organs would escape > sitting down and crossing legs or supporting with hand. 
-Menses cease when resting [ Bell, Lac-c, Sep]. 
-Constant desire to support parts externally, must cross her legs. 
-Acrid, brown leucorrhoea, staining brown, smarting in labia 
-Severe neuralgic pain in uterus, cannot bear touch, not even weight of bed clothes or slightest jar. 
-C.V.S.-Angina pectoris with pain in right arm < stooping, lying on right side. > rubbing >pressure. 
-Sensation as if heart is clutched or grasped in a vice [Cact], or as if hanging by a thread. 
-Sensation as if blood had gone to the heart and made it overful, feels full to burst. 
-Sensation as if heart were alternately grasped and relaxed. 
-Palpitations during pregnancy. Rapid heart beat 150-170 beats/min. 

-Extremities-Cannot walk on uneven ground or terrain. 
-Burning palms and soles. 
KEYNOTES : -Must keep herself busy to suppress her sexual desire. 
-Always hurried and busy. 
-Hunger as if from the spine. 
-Sensation as if rivet or ball under left mammae. 
-Sensation as if heart is hung by a thread. 
-Menses only when moving, cease when resting. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Bearing down sensation with increased sexual desire. 
-Symptoms reflex from the genitals. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Women exhausted by sexual excesses. 
-Complains reflex to some pathological condition of uterus and ovaries. 
-Symptoms due to congestion of pelvic organs. 
LILIUM TIGRINUM SEPIA down Sensation - Everything forcing down - Pressure from back as if it would come out of to abdomen. 
cross legs of sympathy - Feels heat more - Feels cold more - Hurried and worried - Indifferent - Craves meat - Aversion to meat stand, must sit down and cross legs or support the parts. 
CLINICAL : -Arrhythmia, Cystitis, Depression, Dysmenorrhoea, Headache, Haemorrhoids, Hysteria, Irritable bowel syndrome, Palpitations, Premenstrual syndrome, Sexual disorders, Tendonitis, Uterine prolapse, Vertigo, Visual disturbance. 
-Think very highly of LILIUM in case of ciliary spasm where the nervo-muscular derangement of the eye has caused a certain degree of astigmatism. - Dr. Woodyatt. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare- Alo, Bell, Lach, Med, Murx, Nux-v, Plat, Puls, Spi. 
-Antidote- Platina, Nux-v. 
-Belladonna- > Standing -Pulsatilla- < Lying down. 

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