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Inferiority complex. Egotism. Bullying, domineering, arrogant. Lack of discipline. 
Fears commitment and responsibilities. Weeps when thanked or from sentimental events. Stage fright. 
Right sided. Deep furrows of the brow, prominent glabella. 
Loud rumbling in abdomen. Bloated, distended abdomen. Easy satiety. 
Impotence. Sexual promiscuity, adultery. 

COMMON NAME : Wolfs foot - Club moss 
PREPARATION : -The dust like powder, which is yellowish smooth to the touch are the spores obtained from the ears of a moss which grows in Russia, Finland, North America a Great Britain. This has been called as "Vegetable Sulphur" probably on account of their use for producing stage lightning at theatres. 
The spores are triturated or tincture is made. 
A/F : - Fright, chagrin, mortification or vexation with reserved displeasure (Staph). 
- Anxiety. 
- Fevers. 
- Riding in carriage. 
- Masturbation, Tobacco - Chewing, Wine. 
MODALITIES : < Pressure of clothes 3 < Warmth 3 > Warm drinks 3, food < Awakening 2 < Eating 2 > Cold application, open air < Indigestion 2 < 4-8 p.m. > Being uncovered. < Wet, weather stormy weather < Fasting > Motion 2 < Before menses < From suppressed menses > Eructations 2 < Milk, vegetables, beers, < Missing a meal > Urinating 2 bread, pastry. > After midnight 
MIND : -Cowardice, feels weak and inadequate. Incapable of fulfilling their responsibilities in life so they avoid responsibilities. 
-Due to this patient develops inferiority a becomes very shy, introverted, soft and rather a loner. 
-Or to compensate this the patient becomes egotistical, bragging, acting extrovered, assertive, domineering (so comes the "love of power"). 
-Such people have "low self esteem", "low confidence". 
-Patient has "dread of appearing in public". 
-Anticipation, he is obsessed with the idea that he will make a mess of it, but when he undertakes the task he goes through this with ease, but he will face the same terror next time. Apprehensive. 
-Wants to be alone with someone in the next room, because he fears to be alone. 
-Patient dreads the presence of new persons or visitors. 
-Desire for sexual gratification, without wanting to face the personal responsibilities with are implicit in such intimacy, so, such relationship to sex is superficial one. 
-Due to this fear of responsibility, of commitment, patient often faces sexual dysfunctioning in married life. 
-Fear- of ghosts, cancer, of being alone at night, people, claustrophobia, public speaking, agoraphobia, commitment and marriage. 
-Anxiety about health, about career, cancer. 
-Irritable, peevish and cross on waking. Kicks and screams. 
-Easily angered, cannot endure opposition or contradiction. 
-Avaricious, greedy, miserly, malicious, pusillanimous. 
-Weeps all the day, cannot calm herself, very sensitive, even cries when thanked. Weeping aloud ameliorates. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Constitution: Especially suited in the extremes- children and old people. 
-For persons intellectually keen but physically weak. 
-Old persons, where the skin shows yellowish spots, pale, earthy complexions, with deep furrows. 
-Children precocious, weakly. 
-Upper part of the body emaciated, lower part semi-dropsical. 
-Lymphatic constitution with catarrhal tendencies, predisposed to lung and hepatic affections. 
-Right sided affections, complains go from right to left. 
-Symptom generally worse between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. 
-Repeating or alternating symptoms- flexion the extension, flushing then pallor. 
Relapses, sudden symptoms. 
-In general > Uncovering, loosening the garment. > Warm drinks. 
-Suddenness of complaints sudden flashes of heat. Lightning-like pains, sudden satiety. Burning pain > heat. 
-Dryness of parts, of mucous membranes, vagina, skin especially palms. 
-Nose-Sensitiveness to strong smells, to noise. 
-Fanning of wings of nose3. 
-Nose stopped at night 2, child starts from sleep, rubbing its nose root of nose, frontal sinuses. 
-Eyes-Eyes half open. 
-Hemiopia. Sees sparks. 
-Face-Copper-coloured eruptions of face. 
-Dropping jaw 2 in typhoid fever (Lach, Op) 
Throat -Complaints go from right to left. 
-Dryness of throat without thirst. 
-Food, drink regurgitates through mouth. 
-warm drinks 3 -Tubercular laryngitis. 
-Stomach -Food tastes sour. 
-Excessive hunger, but eating ever so little creates fullness 3. 
-Wakes at night feeling hungry. 
-Incomplete burning eructations rise only to pharynx. 
-Sour eructations due to farinaceous or fermentable food, cabbage, beans, oyster. 
-Aversion - Bread -Desire - Sweet 2. 
-Abdomem-Abdomen bloated, full 2 < immediately after a light meal, and especially the lower abdomen. 
-Hepatitis, atrophic form of nutmeg liver - dropsy. 
-Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left. 
-Flatulence much noisy 3 < lower bowel 3. 
-Urinary system -Pain in back before urinating > after flow. 
-Flow slow 2, must strain, scanty. 
-Child cries before urinating 2 (Especially children, who wake up from pain, screaming, toss the limbs about). 
-Red sand in urine 3. 
-Male genitalia -Sexual exhaustion 2, impotence, erection feeble. 
-Impotence of young men from onanism. 
-Old man with strong desire, but imperfect erections 3. 
-Falls asleep during an embrace. Premature emission. 
-Female genitalia-Dryness of vagina 2. Burning during and after coition (Lyc). 
-Leucorrhoea acrid, periodical < before full moon. 
-Foetus appears to be turning somersaults. 
-Respiratory system-Pneumonia, neglected or maltreated, at base of lung. 
-Cough deep, hollow, with expectoration. 
-Craves air, but is chilled by it. 
-Fanning of alae nasi. 
- < 4.8 p.m. 
KEYNOTES : -Complaints < 4-8 p.m. 
-Excessive hunger, but little food overfills. Wakes up at night feeling hungry. 
-Noisy flatulance < lower bowels. 
-Red sand in urine, child cries before urinating. 
-Baby cries all day, sleeps all night. 
-Cries was when thanked. 
-Fan like motion of alae nasi with all complaints. 
-Discharge of blood from genitals with every stool. 
-One foot hot, the other cold. One foot or hand much colder than the other. 
-Eyes half open during sleep. 
-Craves everything warm, intolerant to cold drink. 
-Backache > urination. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Right sided remedy -< 4-8 p.m. 
-Easy satiety, a few mouthful fill him up. 
-Bloated, full of gas, especially lower abdomen. 
-Urinary complaints, with red sand in urine. 
-Apprehensive. Anticipation. Lack of self confidence. 
CLINICAL : -Should not be repeated frequently after improvement begins.
-Useful in some cases of insulin shock -Dr. Roberts. 
-Amenorrhoea with non development of breast -Dr. Leon Renoud. 
-Post diptheric paralysis of soft palate- Dr. D.N. Gibson. 
-Lycopodium is a master remedy for infantile eczema -Dr. Leon Renard. 
-Half open condition of the eye points to Lycopodium. 
-It is a wonderful remedy for the anticipatory fears of children going up for exams - Dr. Sir John Weir. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Follows well after Calc, Carb-v, Lach, Sulph. 
-Complementary - Calc, Iod, Kali-c, Lach, Graph, Chel, Med. 
-Antidoted By - Camphor, Caust, Cham, Coff, Graph, Muse-v, Puls. 
-Antidotes - Merc, Chin. 
-Remedies follow well -Agar, Bell, Bry, Colch, Dulc, Hydr, Hyos, Kali-c, Phos, Puls, Sep, Sil, Stram. 

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