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Extremist. Aggression. Cruelty. Violence. Self-centered. 
Sensitive. Passionate. 
Cruel to animals or excessive love for pets in children. 
>sea bathing and at sea. 
>evening, loves the night. 
History of gonorrhoea. 
Dyspnoea >knee-chest position. 

SOURCE : Nosode prepared from gonorrhoeal virus. 
A/F : -Bad effects of suppressed or inherited gonorrhoea. 
MODALITIES : < Damp cold < Daytime 3 > Fresh air < Sunrise to sunset 3 < 3-4 a.m. > Being fanned 3 < Touch, even slight < Before storm > Sunset 3 < After urinating < Close room > Hard rubbing > Sea side, damp3 > Stretching > Lying on abdomen 3 (Tongue protruded out) 
MIND : -Weak memory, loses the thread of conversation, cannot speak without weeping, tells it over again and again. 
-Time passes too slowly. Hurry, impatient, over trifle. 
-Great hurriedness, when doing anything, is in such a hurry that it fatigues her. 
-People and time move too slow for her. 
-Despair of recovery. 
-Difficult concentration. 
-Fears going insane. 
-Fear in the dark that somebody behind her, starts at the least sound. 
-Nervous restless. 
-Melancholy and suicidal thoughts. 
-Forgetful for names, words, errands, has to ask name of the most intimate friend even forgets his own name. 
-Impulsive, abrupt, rude, mean, cruel. 
-Desire to experience everything, loves the forbidden. 
-Apprehensive, anticipates events, feels far off, as though things done today occurred a week ago. 
-Sad dismal outlook > weeping. 
-Weeping ameliorates symptoms. 
-Cross by day, merry at night. 
-Feels life unreal, everything seems unreal. 
-Great difficulty in stating her symptoms, question has to be repeated as she loses herself. 
-Anxiety when time is set. 
-Aversion to being touched. 
-Passionate, wild, strong sex drive. 
-Lack of self control, cruel, self centered. 
-Withdrawal from outer world, into inner dream world. 
-Sensitive to beauty, flowers, nature etc. 
-Shuns responsibilities. 
-Biting nails. 
-Increased sensibility, clairvoyance. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Usually dwarfish, stunted, sour smelling children, with mentally dull and weak concentration. Mongolism in children with history of gonorrhoea in parents. 
-Discharges profuse, acrid, causing itching, fishy odour. 
-Offensive odour of body, especially in children and women. 
-States of collapse, wants to be fanned all the time. 
-Burning of palms and soles. 
-Hot patient. 
-Worse thinking about the complaints. 
-Poor reaction due to sycotic taint. 
-Trembling all over, intense nervousness and profound exhaustion. 
-Head-Headache-intense burning pain in brain < in cerebellum extends down the spine. 
-Sensation of faintness and constriction. 
-Headache and diarrhoea from jarring of cars. 
-G.I.T.-Deglutition of either solid or liquid is impossible. 
-Throat constantly filled with thick, gray, or bloody mucus from posterior nares. 
-Craving for-liquor, which before she hated. 
-ice, unripe fruits, oranges, salty, sweet, sour, all kinds of food tastes. 
-meat, meat fat, fish, tobacco. 
-Aversion to- cold drinks, cold food, peas, beans, egg plant, slimy foods. 
-Ravenous hunger immediately after eating. 
-Constant thirst, even dreams she is drinking. Thirst for cold drinks. 
-Stools-Inertia of bowels, tenacious, clay like or ball like, sluggish, cannot strain from a sensation of prolapse of rectum. 
-Constipation > bending backwards. 
-Sharp needle like pains in rectum. 
-Urinary system-Severe pain in renal region > profuse urination. 
-Renal colic with intense pain in ureters, with sensation of passing of calculus, bubbling sensation > ice. 
-Nocturnal enuresis -passes large quantities of ammoniacal, high coloured urine in bed every night. < Overwork or over play, extreme of heat or cold. 
-Female genitalia-Menses-Profuse, very dark, clotted, stains difficult to wash out. 
-Metrorrhagia at climacteric, profuse, for weeks. 
-Flow dark, clotted, offensive, in gushes, with malignant disease of uterus. 
-Intense menstrual colic, with drawing up of knees and terrible bearing down pain like labour, must press feet against support as in labor. 
-Sycotic sterility. 
-Intense pruritus of labia and vagina < by thinking of it, > rubbing and tap water bath, especially in non menstrual period. 
-Breast and nipples sore and sensitive to touch. 
-Leucorrhoea-Thin and of fishy odour. 
-Respiratory system-Asthma-Choking caused by a weakness or spasm of epiglottis. 
-Sycotic or infantile asthma > in knee chest position > lying on abdomen and protruding tongue. 
-Dyspnoea, can inhale, but no power to exhale. 
-Cough-dry, incessant, severe < night, from sweets > lying on stomach. 
-Back-Intense burning heat, beginning in nape of neck and extending down spine. 
-Lumber vertebrae painful and sensitive to touch. 
-Extremities-Rheumatism at top of shoulder and arm, pains extending to fingers > by motion. 
-Heaviness of legs, feel like lead, walking very difficult, legs are so heavy, legs give way. 
-Lower limbs ache all night, preventing sleep. 
-Intense restless and fidgety legs and feet. 
-Ankles turn easily when walking. 
-Painful stiffness of every joint in body. 
-Deformity of finger joints, large, puffy knuckles. 
-Swelling and painful ankles. 
-Great tenderness of heels and balls of feet. 

-Skin-Sycotic warts. 
-Corns very tender. 
-Perspiration easy, sweating feet. 
-Cold foot sweat during winter, copious, hectic night sweats, staining yellow, cannot be washed. 
-Fiery red rash developing about the anus in babies a few days old. 
KEYNOTES : -Asthma > from lying on abdomen and protruding the tongue out, better at sea side. 
-Craves ice. 
-Burning of hands and feet, wants them uncovered, wants to be fanned. 
-Constipation > bending backward. 
-Intense restless and fidgety legs and feet. 
-Breasts cold as ice, especially the nipples < during menses. 
-Sycotic warts. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Sycotic taint - A/F suppressed gonorrhoea or inheritant gonorrhoea for women with chronic pelvic disorders. 
-Chronicity, obstinacy of complaints. 
CLINICAL : -Angina, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Behaviour disorders, Eczema, Herpes, Hypertension, Leucorrhoea, Manic depression, Migraine, Peptic ulcer, Pulmonary fibrosis, Reiters syndrome, Sinusitis, Urethritis, Vaginitis, Warts. 
-Medorrhinum rectifies the obscure metabolic defects in the mother, when her children come in for infantile death one after another- Dr. Ghosh. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Anac, Bar-c, Carc, Lach, Nat-m, Nat-s, Nux-v, Plat, Psor, Sulph, Thuj, Tub. 
-Antidoted by-Ipecac (dry cough). 

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