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Gentle, sacrificing. 
Cheerful and jocular, even though sad within. Mental fatigue. 
Sadness and weeping from music. 
Inability to assimilate -emotional (intolerant to certain people) and physical (food allergies, especially milk). 
< sun. 

COMMON NAME : Carbonate of soda 
SOURCE : Trituration 
FAMILY : Mineral kingdom 
A/F : -Chronic effects of sunstroke. 
-Over study -Strain -Dietetic errors 
MODALITIES : < Heat of sun 3 > Eating < Music 3 > Rubbing < Mental or bodily exertion 3 > Motion < 5 a.m.3 > Pressure < Milk 3 > Wiping with hand < Thunder storm 3 > Boring into nose or ears with fingers < Dietic errors 3 > Sweating < Drafts 2 < Vegetable, starchy food 3 < Cold drinks when overheated 
MIND : -Gentle, refined, selfless individuals. 
-Self contained, independent, yet very mild, kind, unselfish. Tendency to sacrifice. 
-Desire to be magnetized, occupation ameliorates. 
-Sensitive to sensual impression. 
-Feels stupefied if he tries to exert himself. 
-Mental weakness and depression. 
-Examination funk after over study. 
-Very sensitive to noise. Starting from noise. 
-Anxious and restless during thunderstorm, due to electrical changes in atmosphere. 
-Worse from music, music causes great sadness and tendency to suicide. 
-Sadness, religious insanity. 
-Sensitive to presence of certain persons. Aversion to certain people. 
-Cross and irritable. 
-Aversion to company. Indifference to own family or husband. 
-Occupied with sad thoughts. 
-Depressed and irritable especially after meat. Hypochondria from eating. 
-Delusions, is deserted, forsaken, cannot succeed. 
-Conscientious about trifles. 
-Irritability during heat. 
-A/F - Excessive joy, loquacity. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Great debility caused by heat of summer and sun chronic effects of sunstroke. 
-Exhaustion and debility from least efforts, either mental or physical. 
-Emaciation, milky white skin, pale face, blue rings around eyes, anaemia, puffiness, chilly patient. 
-Children who cannot tolerate milk but thrive better on cereals. Nervous children startle in sleep. 
-Head-Headache from slightest mental exertion, from sun 3 or working under gas light. 
-With tension in nape or occiput. 
-Head feels too large as if it would burst. 
-Face-Herpes of lips or face. 
-Eyes-Ulceration of cornea with burning and dryness of conjunctiva. 
-G.I.T.-Mucus in throat and posterior nares, constantly hawking to clear the throat. 
-Dropping into the throat from posterior nares, thick, foul yellowish, greenish. 
-Craving for potatoes, sweets, milk. 
-Aversion to milk 3, diarrhoea from it. Food allergies. 
-Slightest error in diet causes diarrhoea. 
-Stool like orange pulp. 
-Flatus changes places, abdomen pouts here and there. 
-Acidity, acid dyspepsia and which is > soda biscuits. 
-Gastric pain > eating. 
-Always nibbling, feels hungry at 5 a.m. 
-Urinary system-Chronic cystitis, pain at the end of urination.

-Female genitalia-Menses-scanty, like meat washing. 
-Sensation of foetus in uterus. 
-Bearing down, as if everything would come out. 
-Sterility due to lack of retention of semen, due to excessive discharge of mucus from vagina. Discharge of mucus after an embrace. 
-Herpes of genitalia. 
-Back-Stoop shouldered. 
-Extremities-Relaxation, easy dislocation, pain causes tremors, cold sweat, anxiety etc. 
-Twitching in the muscles and limbs. 
-Contraction of muscles and tendons. 
-Paralysis of the left tower extremity with tingling. 
-Weak ankles, they turn easily. 
-Skin-Eczema of finger tips or in the antecubital region. 

KEYNOTES : -Great debility caused by heat of summer and sun chronic effects of sun-stroke. 
-Great debility from slightest mental 3 or physical exertion. 
-Complaints in general < music. 
-Aversion to milk, it disagrees. Milk causes diarrhoea of stool like orange pulp. 

-Weak ankles, they turn easily. 
-Sterility due to lack of retention of semen due to excessive discharge of mucus. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Great debility from heat of summer, chronic effects of sunstroke, causing recurrent headaches during summer. 
-Examination funk due to over-study, headache. Comprehension difficult. 
-Diarrhoea from milk with aversion to milk. 
-Sterility due to lack of retention of semen, due to excessive discharge of mucus from vagina. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : - Debility, exhausion, from heat of the sun, overheating, mental or physical exertion. 
- < sun < music < milk - Oversensitiveness to music, to open air, to noise. 
CLINICAL : -Cystitis, Eczema, Food allergies, Gastritis, Headache, Herpes, Infertility, Irritable bowel syndrome, Multiple sclerosis, Peptic ulcer, Urethritis. 
-Nat-c has helped when the cervix is enlarged or has a congenital defective growth of the anterior vaginal wall - Dr. Farrington. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Lyc, Mag-m, Nat-m, Sil, Staph. 
-Remedies that follow well-Calc, Nux-v, Puls, Sel, Sep, Sulph. 
-Follows well after Sep. in bearing down sensation. 

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