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Sourness and acidity. Worms. Yellow creamy coat on base of tongue. Deep yellow discharges. 

COMMON NAME : Phosphate of soda 
SOURCE : Trituration 
A/F : -Mental exertion -Sexual vices -Sugar -Milk -Fat food -Bitter foods -Thunderstorms. 
MODALITIES : < SUGAR < Milk 2 > Cold < Thunderstorm < Mental exertion > Eating small quantities < Walking upstairs < Bitter foods < Fat food 2 < Lying on left side. 
MIND : -Extremely refined patients. 
-Fear of dark, storm, insects, death, illness, poverty. 
Fear < night that something will happen. 
-Imagines that pieces of furniture are person, that he hears foot steps in next room. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Hyperacidity, worms, rheumatic and gouty deposits. 
-Discharges- GOLDEN YELLOW, acidic, acrid, excoriating, sour. 
-SOURNESS; eructations, vomiting, stools, expectoration, sweat, leucorrhoea, etc. 
-Face, pale or red on alternate sides. 
-Mouth-Golden yellow, creamy coating at the back of roof of mouth and tongue. 
Thin, moist coating on the tongue. Blister in the tongue. 
-As of a hair on tongue or lump in throat. 
-Nose-Itching nose, about mouth and anus. 
-Child picks nose. 
-G.I.T.-Acidity in infants who have been fed to excess of milk and sugar. 
-Desire for strong tasting things, salts, eggs, fried fish, ice-cream, beer which >, PICA. 
-Aversion to bread and butter. 
-Cheesy vomitus. 
-Noisy flatulence. 
-Gastro-duodenal catarrh. 
-Fullness in abdomen 
-Stool-Hacked stool. 
-Involuntary with passing of flatus, greenish diarrhoea 
-Male genitalia-Nocturnal emissions. 
-Emissions without dreams with weakness in back and trembling in limbs. 
-Female genitalia-Sterility with acrid secretions from vagina. 
-Extremities-Synovial crepitations. 
-Skin-Eruptions about joints. 
- Itching in various parts especially of ankles. 
- Hives. 
- Heart pains <-> Rheumatic pains. 
- Feet icy cold during day, burn at night. 
- Child picks nose. 
KEYNOTES : 1) Golden yellow coating of tongue. 
2) Discharges golden yellow, acid. 
3) Feeling as if a bubble started from the heart and were forced through arteries. 
NUCLEUS REMEDY: -Schusslers remedy for excess of lactic acid in the body resulting in dyspepsia, gastralgia with flatulence, sour eructations and sour vomiting. 
CLINICAL : -A biochemic remedy for acidity and worms. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-cina, Kali-s, Kreos. 

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