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Suicidal. Discharges yellow green. Flatulence and rumbling. Spluttering, noisy stools. Chilly. 

COMMON NAME : Glaubers Salt 
SOURCE : Sulphate of sodium. 
A/F : -Anger - Injury to head (fall) - Suppressed gonorrhoea - Abuse of quinine - Ill effects of O.C.pills - Damp, rainy weather - Ill effects of diuretics, anti-diabetic, anti-hypertensives, cortisones. 
MODALITIES : < Damp weather [Arn, Ars-i, Dulc] < Night air > Open air. < Cellars < Lying on left side > Warm, dry air < Injuries to head < Lifting > Change of position < Touch < Pressure > Breakfast < Every spring [Lach, Rhus tox, Psor] < Light, mellow light > Lying on back < Music [Acon, Dig, Graph, Kreos] < Late evening > After dinner < Vegetables, fruits < Cold food and drinks > Motion. < Lying long in one position < Wind > After stool < Warm, wet weather [Lach, Carb-v, Sil] 
MIND : -Mental changes from injuries to the head. 
-Suicidal tendency but restrains himself because of his duties to his family. 
-Wants to commit suicide by shooting or hanging. 
-Closed, serious or overly responsible patients. 
-Sadness < music or mellow light, sitting near a stained glass window. 
-Cheerful after stools. 
-Mental exertion exaggerates. 
-Fear from noise at night. 
-Averse to being spoken to. 
-Weeping > open air. 
-Objective; realistic, always adheres to matter of fact. 
-Dreams of fighting [Allium-c, Ferr, Nat-m, Ran, Staph]. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Hydrogenoid constitution, feels every change from dry to wet. 
-PERIODICITY of complaints - 4 to 5 a.m. 
-Piercing pains; at short ribs left, in left hip < rising < sitting down. 
-Worse - Warm wet weather 
-Discharges-thick, mucoid, frothy, initially white later on green or greenish yellow. 
-Dirty brown or greenish yellow thick pasty tongue especially at base, tip feels burnt. 
-PHOTOPHOBIA [Graph] on waking in morning, often during headache. 
-Toothache < warmth > cold water, cool air [Bism and Bry, Coff, Puls]. 
-Thirst for something cold, desire for ICE or COLD WATER. 
-Desire for salty fish, beer, COLD DRINKS, ICE. Desire for or aversion to yogurt. 
-Aversion to meat and bread which she was fond of. 
-Starchy food, milk and potatoes aggravate. 
-G.I.T.-Flatulence, incarcerated, painful wind colic, in ascending colon, wakes her at 2 a.m. eating. 
-Rumbling, gurgling in bowels more in right ileo-caecal region, then sudden, noisy, spluttering stools, after rising in the morning (9 a.m.) or drives out of bed. 
-Loose stools < after spell of wet weather. 
-Great size of faecal mass. 
-Diarrhoea from vegetables, farinaceous, fat food. Comes on regularly every morning and returns quite regularly each day. Diarrhoea with flatus. 
-Pain in the liver region. Desire to lie on right side with legs curled up. 
-Colic > rubbing abdomen > lying on sides. 

-Female genitalia-Leucorrhoea yellowish green following gonorrhoea. 
-Respiratory system-Asthma in children, asthma after grief. 
< early morning (4-5 a.m.) < damp < exertion -Dry cough; < morning after rising < night, on lying down > sitting up and holding chest with both hands [Bry] -Cough thick, ropy, greenish expectoration, chest feels all gone. 
-Sycotic pneumonia, pain through lower left chest. 
-Extremities-Arthritis of left hip < stooping < motion < rising from a seat [Willard Pierce] 
-Skin-Warts on hands, head, trunk, about anus, plantar warts.
KEYNOTES : -< Dampness of weather, damp houses, cellars, wet weather. 
- Lively music makes her sad. 
-Mental traumatism: mental effects from injuries to head. 
-Greenish yellow discharge and thick discharges. 
-Dirty, greenish - gray or brown coating on tongue. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Corresponding to the hydrogenoid constitution- < damp weather, sea air, damp cellars, fruits that thrive near water, Schusslers remedy for elimination of water from the body. 
-Sycotic dyscrasia - asthma, acute or chronic diarrhoea, spinal meningitis etc. 
-Effects of chronic gonorrhoea. 
CLINICAL : -Asthma, Colitis, Colorectal polyps or malignancies, Depression, Diabetes, Head injury, Hepatitis. 
-Acute appendicitis with extreme pain in caecal region; apparently it is a retro caecal appendix. -Dr. D. M. Borland. 
-Leukemia- Dr. Bellokossy -Intense occipital pains due to emotional states - Dr. J. W. Waffensmith. 
-Acute hip joint disease, particularly right hip -Dr. D. M. Borland. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Nat-m, Aur, Med, Chin, Chel, Dulc, Kali-c, Kali-bi, Sulph. 
-Complementary-Ars, Thuja, Med. 

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