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Blissed-out state- dream like, peaceful, euphoric state. 
Lack of reaction with insensibility and sleepiness. 
Hyperesthesia, overexcitement and sleeplessness. 

A/F : -Emotions - fear, FRIGHT, anger shame, sudden, joy. 
-Receding eruptions -Suppressed discharges -Sun -Alcohol -Charcoal fumes -Lead -Drug withdrawal. 
MODALITIES : < Heat > Cold things < During and after sleep [Lach, Apis] > Constant walking < Receding eruptions, suppressed discharges > Uncovering < Fear, fright < Stimulants < Sunstroke < Alcohol < Odours 
MIND : -All complaints are characterized by SOPOR. Heavy, stupid, comatose sleep. Stupor and coma. Coma from injury, fright, apoplexy. 
(Urine and stools involuntary; after fright. Suppression of menses, or threatened abortion and suppression of lochia from fright). 
-Constitutional LIARS. Tendency to lie. 
-Blunted morals. NO CONSCIENCE. 
-Blissful, peaceful, sensous, dreamy. Sensation of happiness, carefulness. 
-Forgetful of sufferings. PAINLESSNESS of complaints usually painful. 
-Excitement, great flow of ideas, vivid imagination. 
-Impatience, irritation, nervousness. 
-Beautiful or frightful delusions and dreams. 
-Workaholic, carries out tasks with an extremely clear mind. Great mental acuity. 
-Desire to escape from reality (Anh, Cann-i). 
-Acute senses. 
-Ailments of drunkards; of children and of old age with want of bodily irritability. 
Marasmus, child looks like a wrinkled, dried old man. 
-Increased sensitiveness and activity of the muscles subject to the will and diminutions of it in the muscles not subject to the will. 
-Lessens voluntary movements, depresses higher intellectual powers, lessens self control and power of concentration, judgement and stimulates the imagination. 
-LACK OF VITAL REACTION. Want of susceptibility to remedies even though indicated. INSENSIBILITY OF NERVOUS SYSTEM. 
-PAINLESS of normally painful complaints. Complains of nothing asks for nothing. 
-Internal dryness. CHECKS ALL SECRETIONS of the body, except that of skin. 
-SWEATY SKIN. HOT PERSPIRATION over whole body, except lower limbs. Bed feels so hot that cannot lie on it. 
-PARALYSIS; PAINLESS [ Oleand]; of brain, tongue and bowels. 
Complete loss of consciousness; APOPLETIC state. Involuntary and unconscious passing of stool and urine. 

-Head-Pain in back of head, great weight there. 
-Injury or concussion (Arn, Cic, Hell, Nat-s). 
-Face-Flushed face, deep red, dark, hot, intoxicated, swollen, veins distented. 
-Looks dull, besotted. 
-Hanging down of lower jaw. 
-Eyes; staring; glassy or half open. Pupils insensible constricted. 
-Mouth-Paralysis of tongue. 
-Abdomen-Colic, tympanitis, post-surgical ileus (Raph). 
-Incarcerated, umbilical or inguinal hernia. 
-Vomiting; in peritonitis; of faecal matter of urine. 
-Faecal impaction with retention of stools from ileus. 
-Receding stool. 
-Diarrhea from fright or joy. 
-Constipation of newborns. 
-Stools involuntary, black, offensive, frothy. 
-PARALYTIC ATONY OF BOWELS and BLADDER; after laparotomy. 
-Urinary system-Retained urine or involuntary urination after fright. 
-Retention of urine in newborns. 
-Female genitalia-Suppressed menses, threatened abortion from fright. 
-Cessation of labor with coma and twitchings. 
-One of the chief remedies for foetal movements when they become excessive. 
-Respiratory system-SNORING. 
-SLEEP APNEA. BREATHING STOPS ON GOING TO must be shaken to start it again (Lach, Grind). Wakes suddenly or has to be shaken to start again. 
-Unequal, rattling STERTORUS BREATHING. 
-C.V.S.-Pulse full and slow. 
-C.N.S.-Spasms of children; from nursing after fright of mother; from heat. 
-Epilepsy from approach of strangers (children); from fright. 
-Screaming before and during spasms. 
-Drowsiness or stupor between the spasms. 
-Tetanic spasms, opisthotonus. 
-Extremities-Trembling and twitching of all limbs < after fright.
-Sleep-NARCOLEPSY, FALLS INTO A HEAVY STUPID SLEEP. Sleepiness on reading or concentrating. 
-Very sleepy but cannnot sleep [Bell]. 
-Sleeplessness from slight noises, from ACUTENESS of HEARING. 
Cocks crowing or clocks striking at a great distance, keep him awake. 
-Bed feels too hot. 
-Skin-Hot perspiration. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Painlessness with almost all complaints. 
2. All complaints are accompanied by heavy, stupid, comatose sleep. 
3. Lack of vital reaction with want of susceptibility to the action of medicines. 
4. Obstinate constipation with stools of round, hard, black balls. 
5. Checks all secretions of body except skin. Sweaty, hot perspiration. 
6. Fears; after fright, which remains. 
7. Breathing stops on going to sleep; must be shaken to start it again. Rattling, unequal, stertorous breathing. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : - Sleepiness - Painlessness - Stertorous rattling breathing - Hot, Sweaty skin - Paralysis; painless of bowels, brain, tongue. 
- Constitutional liars. 
- Insensibility of nervous system. 
- Lack of vital reaction. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : 1. Painlessness of normally painful complaints. 
2. Lack of vital reaction with want of susceptibility to the indicated remedies. 
3. All complaints are accompanied by sopor. 
4. Fears; after fright; which remains. 
CLINICAL : -Bowel obstruction, Cerebral accident, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Concussion, Constipation, Fecal impaction, Insomnia, Meningitis, Narcolepsy, Seizures, Sepsis, Sleep apnoea. 
-May be given when the system fails to respond to the indicated remedy and then is often followed by Lachesis. 
-Retention of urine following parturition- Dr. E. A. Farrington.
-If a patient has enuresis or other psychosomatic illness after discharges from a hospital, remember Opium if other selected remedies fail - Dr. Fouister. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Acon, Alum, Arn, Bell, Bapt, Carb-v, Coff, Hell, Laur, Nux-m. 
-Complementary-Alum, Bar-c, Bry, Phos, Plb. 
-Remedies that follow well-Acon, Bell, Ant-t, Bry, Hyos, Nux-m, Nux-v. Arn- in apoplexy. 
-Antidotes-Bell, Cham, Camph, Con, Coff, Merc, Ip, Nux-v, Plb, Arg-n, Sars, Sulph. 
-Antidote to-Ant-t, Bell, Dig, Lach, Merc, Nux-v, Strych, Plb, Stram. 

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