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Degeneration of the spinal cord. Acute ascending paralysis, Neurasthenia, Tired heavy feeling all over the body, especially the limbs, worse exertion. 
Brainfag. Occipital headache relieved by bandaging tightly. 
Priapism. Sexual excitement. 
Uraemia with complete anuria. 

SYNONYM : Trinitrophenol 
A/F : - Slightest excitement - Mental exertion or overwork or study. 
- Grief. 
- Depressing emotions. 
MODALITIES : < Least mental exertion 3 > Bandaging 2 < Motion > Cold air < Study > Cold water < Wet weather > Rest < Fatigue > In sun < Mental shock 
MIND : -Dull and unable to concentrate or read more than a few minutes at a time. 
-"Brain -fag". 
-Mental weakness and confusion, unable to take on projects. 
-Sexual desire and lascivious thoughts in presence of any woman. Extreme prostration from frequent seminal emissions. 
-Weakness, heavy, tired feeling, mentally as well as physically. 
-Easy prostration. 
-< Mental exertion. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Burning in parts along spine, in legs. 
-Coldness in single parts. 
-Head-Headache of students, teachers and overworked business men. 
-Headache from grief or depressing emotions. 
-Pain in occipito-cervical region (Nat-m, Sil) < Slightest motion > Nose bleed < Mental exertion > Tight bandage 
-G.I.T.-Aversion to food. 
-Vomits suddenly, without warning, bright yellow, bitter. 
-Diarrhoea from mental exertion. 
-Stools - thin, yellow. 

-Urinary system-Uraemia with complete anuria. 
-Vivid colouration of sclerotics and integuments, urine coloured blood-red. 
-Back-Patient is unable to sit straight. 
-Burning along spine < study. 
-Extremities-Keep legs wide apart when standing. 
-Tired legs, heavy like lead. 
-Skin-Boils with in ears and back of neck. 
KEYNOTES : 1. Sexual desire in followed by prostration or complete impotency. 
2. Least study causes burning along spine. Great weakness of spine and back. Softening of cord (Phos, Zinc) 3. Tired heavy feeling all over body, especially of limbs < exertion. 
4. Headache of mentally overworked people in occipito-cervical region > tight bandaging. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Causes digression of spinal cord with paralysis neurasthenia (Oxa-ac). 
-Acts upon the generative organs, probably through the lumbar centres of spinal cord, prostration, weakness and pain of back, pins and needles sensation in extremities. 
-Tired, weak feeling physically with weakness of mind, indifference or want of will power. 
CLINICAL : -Acute ascending paralysis, Anuria, Boils in ear, Brain fag, Burns, Cerebral softening, Headaches, Lumbago, Myelitis, Neurasthenia, Pernicious anaemia, Priapism, Prostatic hypertrophy, Satyriasis, Sexual excitement, Spinal cord degeneration, Uraemia, Writers palsy. 
-Often restorative in a wasted and worn-out system. A fair picture of nervous prostration. 
-A 1% solution applied on lint, is the best application for burns until granulations begin to form. 
-If mental shock arises from death of a near relative, followed by languor, lassitude or exhaustion, think of Pic-ac- Dr. Wallace Mckenge. 
-Pic-ac is as near specific for small furuncles. In the meatus externus it aborts the furuncle- Dr. Houghton. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Arg-n, Gels, Oxa-ac, Petr, Phos, Sil. 
-Calc-pic ( Boils in and around ears) -Zinc-pic ( Facial palsy and paralysis agitans). 
-Kali-phos ( Exhaustion from mental strain) -Phos-ac (Mental weakness and collapse state) -Ferr-pic ( Buzzing in ears, deafness, chronic gout, epistaxis, prostatic trouble). 

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