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Slow, insidious processes. Paralysis. Atrophy. Retraction. Violent contraction. Sclerosis. 

A/F : - Repelled eruptions. 
- Sexual excess. 

MODALITIES : < Night (pain in limbs) < Motion > Rubbing < Exertion 2 < Touch > Hard pressure < Company < Open air > Stretching limbs < Clear weather > Physical exertion. 
MIND : -SLOWNESS in perceptive and expressive functions. 
-Memory poor, especially for words. Struggle to find the right word to express himself. Slow perception, weakness or loss of memory (Anac., Baryta-c). 
-Mental depression. Apathy, no enjoyment in ordinary things. 
-High-livers, people who have been SELFISH and possessive and have become accustomed to these things. Self-satisfied. Self indulgent. 
-Fixed ideas. 
-Irritability because of apathy, with impulse to do harm to themselves. 
-Counteract the apathy by getting involved in things which are unacceptable to society, e.g. scandalous behavior, gambling. 
-Hysterical FEIGNING of sickness. 
-Inclined to deceive, to feign sickness, to EXAGGERATE illness. 
-Impulse to stretch. Takes odd positions during sleep. 
-Lassitude, faints on going into a room full of company. 
-Fear of being ASSASSINATED. 
-Intensely emotional, while the intellect is slowed down. 
-Delirium <-> Colic. 
-Assumes strangest attitudes and positions in bed. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -SLOWING down of functions like in arteriosclerotic deterioration. ARTERIOSCLEROSIS. Slow development of symptoms. 

-Ailments after strokes. 
-Neurological conditions: Parkinson, A.L.S., M.S., C.V.A. Convulsions, chronic epilepsy with marked aura, with haemorrhages. 
-ATROPHY OF AFFECTED PARTS, e.g. paralyzed muscles. Excessive and rapid EMACIATION, especially of suffering parts. Progressive muscular atrophy, general or partial paralysis, with anaemia and great weakness. 
-Symptoms appear slowly, insidiously, progressively, coming in single parts. Paralysis of single muscles. 
-Cramps and pains > by rubbing, massage (Phos). 
-PARESIS LEADING TO PARALYSIS. Weakness of muscles with trembling, spasms. 
-CONTRACTIONS of muscles. Contracting, drawing pains. Constrictive sensation in internal organs or sensation of retraction or pulled in or upward feeling. Pains- DRAWING, as if drawn back by a string. 
-lightning-like pains that extort cries. 
-Right sidedness, complaints go from right to left. 
-Desire-FRIED, biscuits and salty food. Allergy to eggs and fish. 
-Head-Frontal and occipital headaches, usually with colic and bilious vomiting, with sensation of a ball rising from throat into head. 
-Face-Appearance- Skinny, earthy hue, deep lines or FURROWS and pores in the face. 
-Complexion- PALE, ash- coloured, YELLOW, corpse- like, cheeks sunken. 
-Eyes-Glaucoma especially if secondary to spinal lesion. 
-Mouth-BLUE LINE along margins of gums. 
-Sensation as if abdominal wall was drawn by a string to the spine3. Painters colic, better from leaning backwards (Dios). 
-Radiating abdominal pains, or boring, or as if forced through a narrow place. 
-Violent COLIC, radiating to all parts of body (Diosc.). 
-Pain causes desire to stretch (Dios). 
-Obstructed bowels. Intussusception with colic and fecal vomiting. 
-Strangulated hernia. Hernia at navel. 
-Gastralgia. Constant vomiting. Solids cant be swallowed, they come back into mouth. 

-Rectum-Constipation with urging and spasm of anus. 
-Stool hard, round balls, black, like sheep-dung3 (Chel., Op., Ver.a) -Anus drawn up with constriction, spasms of anus, during pregnancy, from impact faeces (when Platina fails). 
-Stool-Hard, lumpy, black. 
-Urinary system-Bladder-Retention from paralysis if sphincter. 
-Urine-Scanty, albuminous, low specific gravity. 
-Chronic interstitial nephritis, with great pain in abdomen. 
-Male genitalia-Impotency. Increased desire. 
-Testes feel constricted, drawn up. 
-Retraction of testes. 
-Female genitalia-Vaginismus with emaciation and constipation. 
-Induration of mammary glands. 
-Tendency to abortion. 
-Chest-Palpitations < lying on the left side. 
-Drawing pains as in abdomen. 
-Induration of mammary glands. 
-Angina pectoris. 
-Wiry pulse. 
-Back-Lightening-like pains, temporarily > by pressure. 
-Extremities-PARALYSIS of EXTENSORS, wrist-drop, ankle-drop. 
-TREMOR of hands < writing, eating (Merc). 
-Sclerosis of TENDONS in palms, HARD, THICKENED AND CONTRACTED (Ruta). 
-dupyutrens (even without contraction). 
-Mainly affects upper extremities. 
-Pains in muscles of thighs come in paroxysms. 
-Contractures of tendons. Thickened and contracted tendons in the palms. 
-Pain in right big toe at night (Gout). 
-Feet cold, while walking only. 
-Offensive foot sweat. 
-Tearing, shooting pains in extremities >from rubbing. 
-Skin-Anesthesia or hyperaesthesia of the skin. 
-Anaesthesia in chronic complaints, HYPERAESTHESIA in acute complaints with loss of power. 
Anaesthesia of the affected part, hyperaesthesia associated with paralysis. 
-Dry oversensitive skin. 
KEYNOTES : 1) Violent colic with sensation as if abdominal wall is drawn by a string to the spine3. 
2) Constipation 3, hard, lumpy, black, like sheep dung stools. 
3) Blue line along margin of gums. 
4) Takes strange attitude and position in bed during sleep. 
NUCLEUS OF THE REMEDY: -General Sclerotic conditions. 
-Lead paralysis is chiefly of EXTENSORS, of forearm or upper limb, from centre to periphery, with partial anaesthesia or excessive hyperaesthesia, preceded by pain. 
-Excessive and rapid emaciation 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : 1) Abdominal colic with pain radiating to all parts with sensation as if abdominal wall is retracted and tied to spine by a string > stretching. 
2) Constipation - Stools hard, lumpy, black, like sheep dung. 
Faecal vomiting. 
3) Paretic and paralytic conditions -Wrist drop. 
4) Alternating states: Diarrhoea <-> Constipation. 
Delirium <-> colic. 
Colic <-> paralysis Head symptoms <-> abdominal symptoms. 
CLINICAL TIPS : - Arteriosclerosis especially of the cerebral vasculature, Amyotropic lateral sclerosis, Angina, Cerebral accident, Claudication, Contractures, Dementia, Multiple sclerosis, Neurodegenerative disorders, Parkinsons disease, Tremor. 
- In constipation with stools hard, black when Platina fails. 
- In strangulated hernia, Plumbum has relieved in many cases where Aco, Bell and Nux-v. failed- Dr. Banmann. 
- Plumbum met is the remedy for interstitial nephritis- Dr. Curtis. 
- Apparently hopeless cases of marasmus in infants, with large and hard abdomen and extreme constipation, has been cured with this remedy in 3rd trituration- Dr. Clarke. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare- Agar, Alum, Caust, Cocc, Cur, Hell, Lath, Lyc, Merc, Med, Op, Plat, Sulph, Thal, Zinc. 
-Complementary- Rhus-t, Thal. 
-Alum, Plat, Op - in colic. 
-Pod - in retraction of navel. 
-Nux-v- in strangulated hernia. 
-Pod - the vegetable analogue. 

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