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Soft. Shy. Weeping. Consolation ameliorates. Dependence. Mildness. 
Craves and ameliorated by open air or in breezes. 
Discharges bland, greenish. 

SYNONYM : Anemone Pratensis. 
COMMON NAME : Wind Flower. 
A/F : -Eating fatty and starchy food, ice-cream, tea, coffee -Abuse of mercury, quinine, sulphur, chamomile -Abortion -Irregular menses -Ovarian and uterine troubles -Worm affection in children and indigestion -Chill, getting feet wet -Excessive joy -Abuse of iron tonics and after badly managed measles -Ill effects of suppressions 
MODALITIES : < In a warm closed room 3 < Getting feet wet 2 > In the open air3 < On beginning to move 3 < On the painless side > Lying on the painful side 3 < Lying on the left side < Warm application > Cold air or cold room 3 < Very rich, fat indigestible < Heat > Eating or drinking cold things 3 food 3 < Hanging down limbs > Cold application 3 < Puberty 3 < Thunderstorm > Uncovering 3 < Pregnancy 3 < Sun > Gentle motion 3 < Before menses 2 < Tea > Erect posture3 < Rest > Continued motion 2 < Evening 3, at twilight 3 > After a good cry 2 > Changing side 2 > Pressure 2 > Rubbing 2 > Lying with head high 2 
MIND : -Mild, timid emotional and tearful. 
-Weeps easily, can hardly give has symptoms without weeping, weeps at everything. 
-Disgusted at everything. 
-Discouraged, easily offended. 
-Timid, irresolute -Whining, craves sympathy. 
-Children like fuss and caresses. 
-Morbid dread of the opposite sex; marriage. Thinks that sexual intercourse is a sinful act. 
-Given to extremes of pleasure and pain. 
-Easily moved to tears and laughter; after eating. 
-Religious melancholy. 
-Fear-to be alone -of dark -of ghosts in the evening -of insanity -of high places. 
-Capricious. Miserly. Suspicious. 
-Very irritable, touchy, feels slighted or fears slight. 
-Answers yes or no by nodding her head. 
-Imagines that certain articles of food are not good for the human race. 
-Sad from disagreeable news. 
-Mania from suppressed menses -Anxiety about the heart, in the evening, even to suicide. 
-Anxiety as if in hot air. 
-Desire to be carried slowly. 
->Consolation -Hatred of women. Delusions women are evil will injure his soul. 
-Remorse in the evening. 
-Weeping when disturbed at work, weeping when interrupted while nursing. 
-Delusion she is alone in the world, she is always alone. 
-Sees cats, dogs, insects, devils. Sees black forms when dreaming. 
-Forsaken feeling in the evening. 
-Dreams frightful, disgusting, voluptuous, confusion of etc. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Adapted to person of indecisive, slow, phlegmatic temperament, with sandy hair, blue eyes, pale face, plethoric, the womans remedy. 
-Never well since puberty. 
-Symptoms ever changing; no two chills, no stools no two attacks alike, very well one hour, very miserable the next. 
Changing and contradictory symptoms; having no head or tail to them. 
-Symptom > moving about slowly in open air. 
-Pains-drawing, tearing, erratic, rapidly shifting from one part to another. 
-pains start suddenly, disappear gradually, vice-versa. 
-pains are accompanied with constant chilliness. 
-the more severe the pain the move severe the chill. 
-All discharges from mucous membrane are thick bland greenish yellow, but vaginal discharges, such as leucorrhoea, are sometimes acrid and excoriating causing rawness of the parts. 
-Chilliness in warm room. Patient though is chilly, seeks the open air, doesnot want to cover. 
-There is thirstlessness with nearly all complaints, with dry while coated tongue. 
-Haemorrhage-passive, vicarious, dark, easily cogitating blood. 
-Head-Headache neuralgic pain, commencing in right temporal region, with scalding lachrymation of affected side. 
-Headache from over worry. 
-Headache of school girls at the time of puberty. 
-Vertigo > in open air 
-Vertigo before, during, after or suppressed menses. 
-Cannot lie with head low. 
-Headache one-sided. 
-Ears-Otorrhoea, thick bland discharge offensive odour. 
-External ear swollen and red. 
-Catarrhal otitis, sensation as if something were being forced outward. 
-Otalgia worse at night. 
-Diminishes acuteness of hearing. 
-Mumps, especially metastatic to the breast or testes. 
-Deafness as if ears were stopped up; can hear better in a car and in a warm room. 
-Eyes-Itching and burning in eyes. 
-Profuse lachrymation and section of mucus. 
-Thick, profuse yellow bland discharges. 
-Lids inflamed agglutinated. 
-Opthalmia neonatrum, gonorrhoeal. 
-Styes recurseut, mainly on upper eyelid. 
-Veins of fundus greatly enlarged. -Subacute conjunctivitis with dyspepsia < in warm room, from cold. 
-Paralysis of optic nerve. 
-Blind attacks before menses. 
-Nose-Coryza, stoppage of right nostril, mainly in evening. 
-Yellow mucus abundant in morning. 
-Large green scabs in nose. 
-Nose bleed before, and from suppressed menses. 
-Face-Right sided neuralgia with profuse lachrymation < chewing < talking or with hot or cold things in mouth. 
-Mouth-Swelling of lower lip, which is cracked in the middle. 
-Licks lips. 
-Dry mouth without thirst wants it washed frequently. 
-Yellow or white tongue covered with a tenacious mucus. 
-Toothache relieved by holding cold water in mouth. 
-Food, especially bread, tastes bitter. 
-Much sweet saliva, tenacious, frothy, cotton like. 
-Alteration of taste, bitter, bilious, greasy, foul. 
-G.I.T.-Desires for tonics. 
-Craves acids or what disagrees; refreshing things, pungent things, herring, cheese. 
-Aversion to water, fat food, warm food and drink, butter, pork, bread, milk. 
-Eructations; taste of food remains along time; after ices, fruits, party. 
-Heartburn, dyspepsia with great tightness after a meal, must loosen clothes. 
-Pain in stomach an hour after eating. 
-Weight as from stone. Stomach deranged, feels heavy. 
-All gone sensation especially in tea drinkers. 
-Gastric dyspepsia from eating rich food, cake, pastry, especially after pork or sausage. 
-Diarrhoea only or usually at night; rumbling, watery, greenish yellow, very changeable, as soon as they eat, from fruit, cold food or dunes, ice-cream. 
-Blind piles with itching and sticking pains. 
-Two or three normal stools daily. 
-Urinary system-Urine increased desire, worse when lying down. 
-Involuntary micturation at night, while coughing or passing flatus, hearing sudden noise, after pleasurable surprise shock. 
-After urinating, spasmodic pain in bladder. 
-Urine dribbles when angry. 
-Female genitalia-Amenorrhoea from wet feet; nervous debility or anaemia. 
-Derangement at puberty. 
-Delayed first menstruation. 
-Menses- too late, scanty, slimy, painful, irregular, intermittent flow, with evening chilliness, with intense pain, and great restlessness and tossing about. Pains spasmodic excite suffocation and fainting, must have fresh air. 
-Diarrhoea during or after menses. 
-Feels like menstruating. 
-Leucorrhoea milky thick like cream, acrid, with pain in back and exhaustion. 
-Leucorrhoea in infant. 
-Mammae sore; aching lumps in; in girls before puberty. 
-Thin milky fluid escapes from mammae in virgins; before puberty. 
-Post partum secondary haemorrhage from retained placenta. 
-Weeps every time the child is put to breast. 
-Swelling of breast after weaning. 
-Secretion of milk during menses. 
-Malposition of foetus. 
-Threatened abortion- flow ceases and then returns with increased force. 
-Male genitalia-Orchitis. 
-Thick yellow discharge from urethra; late stage of gonorrhoeal stricture, urine passed only in drops and stream interrupted. 
-Acute prostatitis. Pain and tenesmus > lying on back. 
-Respiratory system-Capricious hoarseness; comes and goes. 
-Dry cough in evening and at night, must sit up in bed to get relief. 
-Loose cough in the morning with copious mucous expectoration. 
-Expectoration bland, thick, bitter, greenish. 
-Short breath < lying on left side. 
-Smothering sensation on lying down. 
-Cough after measles, cough in and paroxysms. 

-Extremities-Pain in limbs, shifting rapidly. 
-Drawing, tensive pain in thighs and legs, with restlessness, sleeplessness and chilliness. 
-Joints swollen red. 
-Legs feels heavy and weary. 
-Veins full varicose, painful milk leg, veins in forearm and hands swollen < letting the affected limb hang down. 
-Skin-Urticaria after rich food, with diarrhoea, from delayed menses, worse undressing. 
-Fever-Chilliness in warm room, without thirst, yet averse to heat. 
-Chilly, with pain in spots, worse evening. 
-Chill about 4. p.m. 
-Feverish body temperature normal. 
-Intolerable burning heat at night, with distended veins. 
-Heat in parts of body, coldness in other. 
-One sided sweat; pains during sweat. 
-During apyrexia- headache, diarrhoea, loss of appetite. 
-Sleep-Sleepless in the first of night; from ideas crowding in the mind, and sleeps late in the morning when it is time to get up. 
-Lies with hand overhead. 
-Great sleepiness during day. 
-Confused, languid, unrefreshed, talks whines screams during sleep. 
KEYNOTES : -Weeps easily, almost impossible to detail her ailments without weeping. 
-Symptoms ever changing. 
-Pains rapidly shifting, tearing, drawing, erratic, are accompanied with constant chill, appear suddenly leave gradually. 
-Thirstlessness, with dryness in mouth with nearly all complaints. 
-Though chilly, craves fresh open air. 
-Dry cough in the evening, and at night loose cough in the morning. 
-Diarrhoea usually at night. 
-Nervousness felt intensely about the ankle. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -A/F - Fat, rich food, ice-cream, pork etc. 
-Mild, gentle, yielding, nervous, affectionate, undecissive females. 
-Weeps easily, almost impossible to detail her ailments without weeping. 
-Thirstlessness with all complaints. 
-Symptoms ever changing. 
-Pains shifting from one part to another, attended with chilliness. 
-Though patient is chilly, patient seeks open air. 
-< Evening > Walking or gentle motion. 
-Delayed menarch, menses late scanty. 
-Discharges are thick, bland and yellowish greenish, except leucorrhoea which is acrid. 
-Dry cough in the evening and at night, loose cough in the morning. 
CLINICAL : -Amenorrhoea, Anxiety, Arthritis, asthma, Bronchitis, Conjunctivitis, Cough, Cystitis, Dementia, Depression, Dysmenorrhoea, Eczema, Endometriosis, Food allergy, Gastritis, Menstrual disorders, Menopause, Metrorrhagia, Migraine, Mumps, Orchitis, Otiyis media, Premenstrual syndrome, Prostatitis, Psoriasis, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Urethral stricture, Urethritis, Uterine prolapse, Varicose veins, Vertigo.
-Pulsatilla may empty the majority of pus tuber- Dr. Boger. 
-Pulsatilla is a better antidote to whisky then even Nux-v- Dr. Hering. 
-One of the best remedy with when to begin the treatment of a chronic case. 
-Patients who areanemic, chlorotic, and have taken much iron, quinine and tonics, even years before. 
-Silicea is the chronic of Pulsatilla in nearly all ailments. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Arg-n, Bar-c, Caps, Kali-s, Lyc, Med, Merc, Phos, Sep, Staph, Sulph. 
-Complementary-Kali-m, Lyc, Sil, Sulph-ac, Kali-m its chemical analogue. 
-Follows and is followed by- Kali-m. 
-Follows well after- Kali, Lyc, Sep, Sil, Sulph. 

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