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Right sided affections. 
Flashes of heat. Burnings. 
Periodical sick headache, begins in occiput and settles over the eyes, especially right. 
Sudden stopping of respiratory tract followed by diarrhoea. 
Cough of gastric origin. 

COMMON NAME : Blood Root 
A/F : -Change of weather. 
-Exposure to sun. 
MODALITIES : < Sun 3 > Sleep 3 (headache) < Odours 2 > Passing flatus (cough) < Jar 2 > Vomiting < Cold air or drafts > Quiet; dark room < Damp weather (rheumatic pains) > Acids < Motion < Touch < Sweats 
MIND : -There is great torpidity and aversion to mental work in wet weather. 
-Feeling of helplessness because of a sensation of being paralysed. 
-Confusion of mind. 
-Delusion that she is in a car or a train and beg others to hold her. Wants to be held. 
-Day dreaming, she lies with her eyes wide open, one thought chasing another. 
-Painfully sensitive to noise with irritability. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Highly chilly patient, very easily taking cold. 
-Chiefly a right sided remedy with affections of head, chest, lungs, arms and shoulders. 
-Great burnings, heat and ebullitions, extending from head to stomach. 
-Circumscribed redness of cheeks especially in afternoon with respiratory diseases. 
-Dryness of mucous membranes with burning in throat, under sternum, palms and soles, with stitches in chest. 
-All complaints relieved by belching or passing flatus. 
-Symptoms ascending, ending in bilious vomiting. 
-Acrid, foul smelling discharges. Sputa and breath smell badly to the patient himself in loose cough. 
-Sudden stopping of catarrh of respiratory tract followed by diarrhoea. 
-Head-Sun headaches; arising from occiput and setting over right eye > urination. 
-Flushing of blood to head with whizzing in the ears and transitory feeling of heat, then a sensation of vomiting. 
-G.I.T.-Aversion to butter. 
-Craving for piquant things. 
-Respiratory system-Rose cold. 
-Sensitive to the odour of flowers. 
-Pneumonia in the resolution stage; with affection of middle lobe of right lung, with constant hacking cough, offensive sputa and burning and soreness in chest > passing flatus. 
-Cough of gastric orgin. 
-Asthma with stomach disorders. 
-Extremities-Pains in shin bones, where bones are least covered. 
-Right sided rheumatism, of shoulder, after exposure to cold. Cannot lift his arm. 
KEYNOTES : -Gastric origin of headaches, symptoms ascend from stomach to head, ending in bilious vomiting. 
-Rush of blood to head and chest with circumscribed redness of cheeks in afternoon with respiratory complaints. 
-Cough > passing flatus. 
-Coryza followed by diarrhoea. 
-Pain in places leant covered by flesh. 
-Feet hot, at night puts them out of bed. 
-Affections of various membranes, disturbance in vasomotor. 
NUCLUES OF REMEDY: -Circulation causing congestion, circumscribed redness of cheek, headache etc. Burning and ebullitions and sensation of heat. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Circumscribed redness of cheeks with respiratory complaints especally in afternoon. 
-Cough > passing flatus. 
-Rheumatism > sour or acids. 
-Right sided congestive sun headache. 
-Facial neuralgia > kneeling; pressing head against floor. 
CLINICAL : -Asthma, Cimacteric disoders, Cough, Cyanosis, Diarrhoea, Flushes, Hay-fever, Migraine, Nasal polypi, Rectal cancer, Rheumatism, Rhinitis, Uterine polypi, Worms. 
-In oedema of glottis, secondary to acute pharyngitis- Dr. Irving. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Bell, Acon, Op, Phos. 
-Amyl-nit, Verat-vir-Circulatory disturbances. 
-Phytolacca, Ferrum-Rheumatism. 

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