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Weakness, depletion, exhaustion with respiratory disorders, especially felt in the chest, worse slight exertion. Copious, sweet or salty expectoration. 

A/F : -Emotions. 
-Using voice. 
MODALITIES : < Laughing < Singing > Coughing < Talking < Touch > Expectorating < Lying on right side 3 < Drinking anything warm 3 > Hard pressure < Cold < 10 A.M. > Rapid motion < Motion < After gentle motion > Bending double < During stools < Descending < USING THE VOICE (speaking, singing, laughing). 
< LEAST EXERTION < 5 a.m. 
MIND : -SAD, despondent, hopelessness, FEELS LIKE CRYING ALL THE TIME, but crying makes her worse (Nat-m, Puls, Sep). 
-Very sensitive to what others say about her. 
-Anxious, nervous, sad < before menses, > flow. 
-Disinclination to talk. Cannot answer questions because of weakness. 
-Sweat, undemanding. Can go along well with people. 
-Get an aversion to people because of weakness. 
-Anxiety about future. 
-No hope, feels so weak, they know they will die soon. 
-Difficult concentration because of mental weakness: thoughts go from one subject to another. Begin one task and get off into another without finishing any. 

GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Skinny, pale and exhausted patients. 
-Extreme EXHAUSTION of mind and body. Weakness felt most DESCENDING. 
Weakness, sinking, empty all gone sensation especially FELT IN CHEST, throat, stomach, upper arms, thighs. 
WEAKNESS, as if flowing through the veins. 
While dressing in the morning, has to sit down several times to rest. 
Dizziness and weakness when descending, faints especially when going down stairs, can go up well enough. 
So weak she DROPS into a chair, instead of sitting down. Limbs suddenly give out when attempting to sit down. 
-Great WEAKNESS in chest < TALKING, laughing, reading. WEAK, unable to talk. 
-Pains appear and disappear GRADUALLY, coming and going with the sun. 
Pressive drawing pains, compressive and cramp-like spasmodic pains. 
-YELLOWNESS of secretions, tongue, sputum, leucorrhoea. 
-Attacks of epilepsy with clenching thumbs, in teething children. 
-Head-Headache-forehead, temples. 
-Pain -increases and decreases gradually, < motion, jar. 
-as if constricted by a band. 
- < between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., gradually increasing and decreasing with the sun. 
-Eye-Burning from weakness. 
-Much mucus, difficult to detach. 
-Cough- deep, hollow, strangling, in paroxysms of three, dry in bed. Must hold chest when coughing. 
Dry cough at night, with sweet or salty expectoration in the daytime. 
Cough < using voice, lying on right side, evening untill midnight, exertion. 
-EMPTY sensation in chest 3. 
-Expectoration - Profuse, putrid, like white of an egg, SWEETISH, salty, sour, putrid, yellowish green, offensive. 
-Asthma. Bronchitis. Pneumonia. Tuberculosis. 
-Stitching pain in left side of chest, < stooping, inspiration, expectoration, lying on left side. 
-G.I.T.-Cutting, pinching colic with hunger > hard pressure. >hard pressure > lying on cross knee or shoulder. 
-Sensation of emptiness in stomach. 
-Prolapse of rectum during stool. 
-Nausea and vomiting in the morning, from the odor of cooking food (Ars., Colch.). 
-Prolapsus < during stool. 
-Diarrhoea which exhausts. 
-Sensation of emptiness in stomach. 
-Passes worms. 
-Constipation- dry, hard, knotty, insufficient and green stools. 
-Monday constipation i.e. after day of rest. 
-Female genitalia-Sexual desire is increased. 
-SCRATCHING of distant parts (of arms) produce an intolerable sensation of pleasure in genital organs producing ORGASM. 
-Menses-early and profuse, with sadness before menses. 
-Bearing down sensation. 
-Leucorrhoea- gushing, yellow white, with great weakness, alternating with neuralgias. 
-Prolapse of uterus and vagina with weak, sinking feeling in stomach (Sep). < stool. 
-Leucorrhea with weakness. 
-Extremities-WEAKNESS. Drops things. Legs give out. 
-Deltoid pains and weakness. 
-Jerks and spasms. Cramps. 
-Typewriters paralysis. 
-Weakness and pain in deltoid and arm, < using voice. 
-Skin-Discoloration: yellowish copper. 
-Exhausting night-sweats (Tub), < towards morning. 
-Sleep-Position- one leg drawn up, the other stretched out. 
-Fever -Chill 10 A.M. 
-Exhausting night sweats burning palms and soles. 
KEYNOTES : 1) SADNESS, feels like crying all time. 
2) Fainting < descending. 
3) Sensation of weakness esp in chest, < talking. 
4) Expectoration - SWEETISH, mucopurulent. Cough-dry, deep, in paroxysms of three. 
5) Pains increases and decreases gradually. 
6) Lies one leg stretched out (extended) the other drawn up. 
7) Monday constipation, constipation occuring in days following rest-day. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : Debility, especially of chronic bronchial and pulmonary conditions, characterised by profuse, muco-purulent discharge, upon tuberculosis basis, with the chest being the centre of all affections. Weakness especially in the chest. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Sensation of weakness in chest.< using voice > coughing > expectorating. 
-Expectoration - sweetish. 
-Pain increases and decreases gradually. 
-H/o Chronic chest affections especially tuberculosis. 
CLINICAL : -Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Pneumocystis, Pneumonia, Recurring fever, Respiratory infection, Tuberculosis, Uterine prolapse. 
-Do not forget Stannum in frontal sinusits where the pain gradually rises to peak and fall gradually- Dr. Woodbury. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare- Carb-v, Gels, Laur, Mur-ac, Ph-ac, Sel, Tub. 
-Pain increases and decreases gradually- Arg-n, Plat, Stront-c, Syph. 
-All gone sensation in stomach- Chel, Phos, Sep. 
-Complementary- Puls follows after Caust. 

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