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Sweet and gentle. Suppression of emotions and anger, suppressed sexuality leading to masturbation and a romantic erotic inner life. 
Styes or tumours on eyelids. Honeymoon cystitis. 
Trembling from anger or emotions. 

COMMON NAME : Stavestacre Lark-spur. 
FAMILY : Ranunculaceae. 
PREPARATION : Stavestacre is a plant growing about a foot high, the flowers are spur shaped and the seeds have a bitter, burning taste. 
Ripe seeds are used for preparation. It has marked action over the nervous system. Generally regarded as a great germicide and used to destroy lice and itch-mites. 
A/F : Onanism Sexual excesses or sexual abuse Loss of vital fluids Indignation Mortification Reserved displeasure Mechanical injuries from sharp cutting instruments; post-surgical. 
MODALITIES : < EMOTIONS (chagrin, vexation, mortification, indignation) > Breakfast 2 < Sexual excesses, onanism 2 < Touch 2 > Warmth < Cold drinks 2 < Mercury, tobacco > Rest < Lacerations < Night < Stretching parts < After surgery < AFTERNOON NAP < Sleep 
MIND : -LOW SELF-ESTEEM, depression, weeping during the interview. 
Suppression of emotions. History of abuse, incest. 
-Was insulted, being too dignified to fight, subdued his wrath and went home; sick, trembling and exhausted. 
-Heightened sensitivity, both mental and physical. Extremely sensitive to least mental impression, to rudeness, to what people say about her. Often the insults are perceptions due to such sensitivity. 
-Anger violent, with tendency to THROW things, usually not at persons. Rage. In later stages, snappish, irritable and destructive. Angry over his mistakes. Very excitable. 
-Suppressed anger can give outbursts of temper. Trembling from anger. 
-Depressed after a fit of anger or after an insult; prefers solitude. 
-Fear of heights, anger, doctors. Fear of opposite sex. 
-Delusion that he was going to lose his fortune. 
-Delusion of someone pursuing him. 
-Sweet reservedness, does not wish to burden another with her problems, but opens up easily to one who shows interest.
-Cannot fight for her rights, no bitterness even if treated unjustly- Morrison. 
-Very excitable, timid internally though may be hard externally. 
-Artistically inclined. Sentimental and romantic, writes poetry.
-Indurations mental and physical. 
-GENTLE, SWEET and MILD persons, who draw our sympathy. Sensitive to rudeness. 
-Very considerate of others. Not demanding. 
-SELFLESS. Never egotistical, harsh or proud. 
-No bitterness. Blames herself instead of others. 
-ROMANTIC AND SEXUAL FANCIES before falling asleep. Masturbation. 
Can go to lasciviousness. 
-Timid when they feel attracted to someone. Romantic vulnerability. 
-Talk to themselves loudly. 
-Vanishing of thoughts on mental exertion with sensation of wood or ball in head. 
Difficult concentration. Forgetfulness. 
-Amorous dreams with seminal emissions. 
-Child is quiet, serious and composed (Nat-m). Sensitivity, inhibition and vulnerability. Infrequent outbursts of emotion or anger. History of an abusive parent or elder sibling who suppresses or humiliates the child. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Suited to persons who are pale and sunken, worn out and exhausted as a result of sexual excesses and self abuse with sunken eyes and a guilty abashed look, refuse to look up during an interview. Sexual fantasies. 
-Induration on the physical plane are manifested in recurrent hard styes on upper lid and in glands and glandular affections -Scrofulous painful swelling of glands of nape, neck, axillae. Ovaries and testes enlarged and indurated. Atrophy of testicles causing impotency with increased sexual desire. 
-Bad effects of masturbation. 
-Complaints after surgery, cuts. Stinging, smarting pains, like the cutting of a knife in post surgical cases. Mechanical injuries from sharp instruments. 
-Head-Sensation of a ball or wooden block in forehead or occiput (Irid, Kali-n). 
-Numb or hollow sensations. 
-Head pain from suppressed emotions; 
-Eruptions. Loss of hair, < about ears and occiput. 
-Alopecia areata after grief or suppression. 
-Eyes-STYES which leave small hardened spots. 
-Photophobia. Iritis. 
-Lacerations or incisions to the eyes. 
-Face-Neuralgia. Pain from lips over face. 

-Mouth-Toothache with tearing and tugging pain from head down into cheeks and teeth. 
-Premature decay of teeth in children. 
-Teeth turn black or show dark streaks and crumble. 
-Gums bleed when pressed, tearing in gums when eating. 
-Decay of teeth. 
-Toothache < touch 
-Gums white. 
-Cleaning the teeth brings on cough. 
-Throat-Swallows or scrapes constantly while talking. 
-G.I.T.-Nausea of pregnancy, nausea of sea-sickness. Nausea after operations. 
-Desire- Sweets, milk. 
-Aversion- Fat, milk. 
-Intense craving for tobacco. 
-Intense hunger even when the stomach is full. 
-Relaxation of abdominal muscles, sensation as if hanging down. 
-Abdominal colic after indignation, after lithotomy; with urging to stools and urine. 
-Frequent hiccoughs, much flatulence, with violent twisting pain, pinching. 
-Itching in anus, needle-like pricking in renal region. 
-Ailments from abdominal operations. 
-Respiratory system-Cough with maddening frequency, but soft. 
- Cough only in the daytime, with roughness of throat. 
-Cough alternating with sciatica, cough brought on by tobacco smoke. 
-Chronic hacking cough. 
-Nervous or emotional cough. 
-Loss of voice after anger. 

-Urinary system-HONEYMOON CYSTITIS. CYSTITIS AFTER EVERY INTER-COURSE. Useful in young women who develop a constant urging to urinate or dysuria after coition. 
-Ailments after catheter, lithotomy. 
-Urinary troubles in old men with prostatitis. 
-Burning in urethra when not urinating. 
-Urinary difficulties after severe labour. 
-Male genitalia-Enlarged prostate. 
-Prostatitis, pain from anus to urethra. Cancer. 
-MASTURBATION. Masturbate till falls asleep at night. 
-Impotency when confronted or after excess. 
-Condylomata painful on touch. 
-Orchitis, < left. 
-Induration, tumors, atrophy of testes. 
-Atrophy of testes, < sexual excess. 
-Nocturnal seminal emissions. 

-Female genitalia-Amenorrhoea from indignation. 
-Menses regular, with aching around hips and loss of power in limbs. 
-Toothache during menses. 
-MASTRUBATION. Frigid when confronted. 
-Cysts and tumors. Cancer. 
-Painful sensitiveness of organs, < sitting. 
-Ailments after FIRST INTERCOURSE which is very painful causing suffering. 
-Extremities-Sharp needle pricks on thumb scratching, prickling and itching in muscles of the buttocks. 
-Obtuse shooting pains in shoulder joint 
-Paralytic aching in left upper arm. 
-Fine twitching and jerking of muscles especially thumb tips, pain in knee joints, tearing pains in calf muscles. 
-Weakness in body especially when walking. 
-Paresis after cerebral accidents. 
-Sleep-Sleepy all day, sleepless at night, body aches all over. 
-Sleeplessness from romantic or sexual fancies. Masturbates to fall asleep. 

-Skin-Eczema and discharge of yellow, acrid moisture from under the crusts. 
-Thick scabs. 
-Itching shifting, changing place on scratching. 
-Wounds do not heal easily. 
-Damaged tissues become hard and indurated. 
-Figwarts, dry, pedunculated, cauliflower like, after abuse of mercury. 
-Unhealthy skin. 
-Oversensitive spots. Ulcers, scars, warts extremely sensitive. Touch may give convulsions. 
KEYNOTES. : - Sensation of round ball in forehead sitting firmly there even when shaking his head. 
- Extreme hunger even when stomach is full of food. 
- Sensation as if stomach and abdomen were hanging down relaxed. 
- Sleepy all day, sleepless al night, body aches all over. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Bad effects of sexual abuse, sexual excesses, onanism, complaints with increased desire, causing both physical and mental symptoms. 
-Bad effects of suppressed emotions especially suppressed anger, indignation, chronic suppressions. Staphysagria absorbs griefs. 
-Low spirited, depressed individuals with a guilty, abashed feeling. 
-No anger - feel guilty where they might have been angry. 
-Very sensitive, with nervous affection and trembling. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -A/F sexual abuse, onanism, suppressed emotions, anger, indignation etc. 
CLINICAL : -Cerebral accidents, Chorea, Condylomata, Cystitis, Depression, Enuresis, Insomnia, Orchitis, Peptic ulcer, Post-surgical pain, Prostatitis, Psoriasis, Strabismus, Styes, Tics. 
-Weeping without tears in children-Staphysagria 30 or 200-Dr. Foubister. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Anac, Caust, Cham, Colo, Merc, Nat-c, Nat-m, Nux-v, Puls, Sil. 
-Complementary- Caust, Coloc, Thuj. 

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