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Violence. Remedy of terrors, but lacks pain. Dreads darkness. 

COMMON NAME : Thorn apples. 
A/F : Shock Fright Sun Child-birth Suppression of secretions and excretion Masturbation Overstudy. 
MODALITIES : < Glistening objects < Fright > Bright LIGHT < After sleep < DARK > Company < Cloudy days < Swallowing > Warmth < Suppressions < Intemperance > Lemon juice < Touch < At night < Looking into light. 
MIND : -VIOLENCE AND FEAR OF VIOLENCE. A subconscious, dark element. Intense emotions leading to violence: out of control, sudden anger. Can be destructive with striking, biting, tearing, smashing, strangling. Rage and violence, has the capacity to commit murder. 
-On the other hand, EMOTIONAL VULNERABILITY. Fear of being injured. Delusion is alone in the wilderness. 
-STRONG FEARS AT NIGHT. WAKE WITH TERROR, wild look in the eyes. Half awake, half dreaming. Child wants to sleep with the parents. 
-Often seen in people without violent behaviour, but with very strong fears. 
-Cannot bear solitude or darkness, must have light and company. 
-Sight of water or anything glittering brings on spasms. 
-Awakens with a shrinking look, as if afraid of the glistening objects seen, clings to those near him. 
-Hallucination terrify the patient, a remedy of terrors. 
-FEARS: DARK (sleeps with light on, goes into parents bed),WATER (deep, dark water, reflecting surface, running water, getting head in water), Death (especially violent death or murder), cemeteries, ANIMALS, especially dogs (that might attack), Being alone (< night or in the dark), VIOLENCE, CLAUSTROPHOBIA, TUNNELS. 
Mirrors, reflecting objects, disease, ghosts, injury, insanity, suffocation, Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia. 
-Fear and anxiety on hearing water run. 
-Aversion to all fluids. 
-Anxiety when going through a tunnel. 
-Complaints after FRIGHT, especially violent things, or where death may have been averted. 
-MENTAL CONDITIONS, mania, psychosis with violent behavior, increased strength. Delusions, e.g. of black dogs attack him, that he is falling, room is on fire, that he is naked, that he is in communication with God. 
Mania with red face, dilated pupils, superhuman strength. 
Talking in a foreign language. Raving mania with cold sweat. Delirium with febrile conditions. Jealous, threatens to kill. 
Children: Behavior disorders. Can appear very quiet during consultation. 
-Devout, earnest, beseeching and ceaseless talking, entreating. 
-Loquacious, garrulous, laughing, singing, swearing, praying, rhyming. Laughter loud and cruel or wild. 
-Sees ghosts, hears voices, talks with spirits. 
-Sensation as if limbs were separated from body. 
-Rapid changes from joy to sadness. Laughs at night, weeps during day. 
-Violent and lewd. 
-Delusions about his identity, thinks himself tall, double. A part missing lying crosswise or one half of the body is cut off in delusions. There is a desire to escape. 
-Religious mania. 
-Wife thinks husband is neglecting her man; thinks his wife is faithless. 
-Sees ghosts, vividly brilliant or hideous phantoms, animals jumping sideways out of ground or running to him. 
-Loss of reason or of speech. 
-Talks in foreign tongue, lascivious talk -Maniac, curses, tears ones clothes with teeth, exposes the person. 
-Sits silent, eyes on ground, picking at her clothes. 
-Wants to kill people or himself. 
-When the child is reprimanded, its pupils become dilated. 
-Weak memory, loses thought before she can utter them. Calls things by wrong names. 
-Aversion to everything that is back and sombre. 
-Sleepy but cannot sleep. 
-Stammering, has to exert himself a long time before he can utter a word, makes great effort to speak. Weeping in dreams.
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -It is more adapted to young plethoric persons and especially children in chorea, mania and fever with delirium. 
-Painlessness is very characteristic. There is no pain of complaints usually painful. 
-Secretions and excretions are suppressed; passes neither urine nor stool. 
-Increases the mobility of muscles of expression and of locomotion - Involuntary movements; graceful; contraction of various muscles. 
SPASMS, CONVULSIONS, CHOREA. Tics. Jerks. Distortions. 
-Neuro-muscular conditions- -Epilepsy < light, looking at bright or reflecting objects. 
-Febrile convulsions, delirium. 
-Ailments from fright, suppressed anger, head injury, vaccination, fever, cerebral accident. 
-Craving for SWEETS. 
Aversion to WATER. 
-Vertigo in the dark or with eyes closed. 
-Head-Jerking of the head. 
-CONGESTION (Glon). Pulsation. 
-Pain from occiput to head, < sun, heat, lying, motion, > sitting up. 
-Meningitis, encephalitis from suppressed otitis. 
-Raises head frequently from the pillow. 
-Rush of blood to head, staggers with tendency to fall forward and to left. 
-Dilated pupils. 
-Strabismus. Diplopia. 
-Paralysis of optic nerve. 
-All objects look black. 
-Eyes seems prominent, staring, wide open. When child is reprimanded, loss of vision; complains that it is dark and calls for light. 
-Smalls objects looks large. 
-Ear-Hallucinations of hearing. 
-Face-Expression of terror, pale face. 
-Distorted. Tics. Jerks. 
-One side hot, the other cold. 
-Heat of face with cold hands and feet. 
-Circumscribed redness of cheeks. 
-Blood rushed to face. Risus Sardonicus. 
-Mouth-Violent STAMMERING: big struggle to get the word out. 
-Mouth dry, yet dreads water, it drinks him. 
-Food tastes like straw, fine red dots on tongue. -Saliva tastes salty. 
-Vomiting of mucus and green bile vomiting as soon as he raises head from pillow. 
-Teeth-Grinding of teeth. 
-Throat-Spasms on swallowing. Constriction. 
-Rectum-Dark, putrid, painless, involuntary, offensive diarrhoea. 
-Stools suppressed. 
-Diarrhoea, strabismus and pale face. 
-Bladder-Retention of urine < old people. 
-Enuresis after fright. 
-Male Genitalia-Desire increased. Violent sexual desire, aggressive, vulgar language, promiscuous. Sexual erethism with indecent speech and action. 
-Hands constantly kept on genitals (Hyos). 
-Patients with history of incest or any type of frightening sexual abuse. 
-Female Genitalia-Desire increased. Nymphomania. < before menses. 
-Hands constantly kept on genitals (Hyos). 
-Metrorrhagia; with loquacity, singing, praying. 
-Convulsions after labor. 
-Puerperal mania with characteristic mental symptoms with profuse sweating. 
-Menses have strong smell of semen. 
-Respiration-Suffocation when water is poured on head. 
-Nervous, spasmodic asthma. 
-Cough-BARKING. DEEP. LOUD (Bell). 
-From looking into bright light or fire. 
-Graceful, rhythmic, involuntary motions. 
-Convulsions caused or renamed by a lighted candle, a mirror, running water, or attempts to drink. 
-Convulsions with consciousness. 
-Convulsions of upper extremities and of isolated groups of muscles. 
-Tonic and clonic spasms alternately. 
-Chorea; spasm partial, constantly changing. 
-Violent pain in left hip. Pains drive patient to madness. 
-Trembling, twitching of tendons, staggering gait. 
-Paralysis of one side with convulsion of the other, or one sided paralysis. 
-Paralysis of one side and convulsion of the otherside. 
-Claps hands over head. 
-Hands open and shut, wringing of hands. 
-Inside of right thigh red and swollen. 
-Misses step of stairs while descending. 
-General paralysis of the insane. 
-Traumatic neurotics. 
-Severe pain in left hip. Hip-joint disease. Abscess of left hip joint. 
-Coldness of extremities with heat of face. 
-Hemiplegia with convulsions in the unparalysed parts. 
-Skin-Chronic abscesses, boils; septic states with spasms. 
-Dry and burning. 
-Effects of suppressed eruption in scarlatina, with delirium etc. 
KEYNOTES : 1. There is no pain with most of the complaints. 
2. Pupils dilated when child is reprimanded. 
3. Frequently raises head form the pillow. 
4. Menses have strong smell of semen. 
5. Graceful rhythmic contractions during convulsions. 
6. Paralysis of one side and convulsion of the otherside of body. 
7. Sight of water or anything glittering brings on spasm. 
8. Desires light and company. 
9. Vomiting as soon as he raises head from the pillow. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : Remedy of Terrors. 
Throat, skin or spinal nerves are affected, with increased mobility of groups of muscles, spasms but painlessness. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : 1. Face not red and cold hands and feet. 
2. Graceful rhythmic contraction during convulsion. 
3. Paralysis of one side and convulsion of the other side of body. 
4. Sight of water or anything glittering brings on spasms. 
5. Desires light and company. 
6. Loquacity, praying, entreating. 
CLINICAL : -In whitlow, Stramonium is important when the pain is almost unbearable, driving to despair, it ameliorates at once and hastens suppuration - Dr. Raue. 
-Temper problems and fears or nightmares. 
-Convulsions and fears. 
-Abscess, Behaviour disorder, Cerebral accidents, Chorea, Delirium, Diarrhoea, Enuresis, Febrile convulsions, Head injury, Hirsuitism, Hyperactive children, Mania, Manic-depression, Meningitis, Metrorrhagia, Night-terrors, Phobic disorder, Strabismus, Schizophrenia, Seizure disorder, Sexual disorders, Stammering. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare especially Hyoscyamus and Belladonna. It has less fever than Belladonna but more than Hyoscyamus. It causes more functional excitement of the brain but never approaches the true inflammatory condition of Belladonna. 
-DD: Anac, Bell, Cupr, Gal-ac, Glon, Hep, Hyos, Kali-br, Lach, Lyss, Med, Nux-v, Puls, Tub, Verat. 
-Antidotes; Belladonna, Tabac, Nux-v. 
-Complementary: Sol-t-ae, Sulph. 

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