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Post surgical weakness, collapse, coldness. 
Chilly and worse from cold and cold, damp weather. 
Sprained wrists or ankles, chronic tendency to such sprains. 

COMMON NAME : Carbonate of Strontia. 
A/F : -After operation -Chronic sprains -Sequelae of harmorrhages -Shock -Anger, vexation -Excitement -Emotional, mental symptom from 
MODALITIES : < Aggravation > Amelioration < Change of weather > Heat 2 < Evening > Warmth < Lying with head low > Wrapping up 3 < Touch > After 3 a.m. 
< Motion 2, walking 2 > Eating < Tension > From very bright light < Night > Immersing in hot water < Cold 2 < Undressing 2 < Exertion < Byrubbing < Stooping < From being quiet 
MIND : -Anguish. 
-Apprehension as from a bad conscience. 
-Peevishness, with tendency to fly into a rage. 
-Excessive forgetfulness. 
-Restlessness at night. 
-Confusion of mind from spirituous liquors. 
-Delusion that he is a criminal. 
-Destructiveness, suddenly angry, beats anything that comes in his way. 
-Discontented, displeased, dissatisfied. 
-Dullness sluggishness. 
-Shrieking shouting sleep during. 
-Desire to be silent. 
-Dreams of fire, frightful, pleasant, sad. 
-Ailments from search. 
-Anxiety and fear. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Chronic sequelae of haemorrhages after operation with much oozing of blood. Coldness and prostration from shock, after surgical operation, arterioscierosis. 
-It is particularly suited to bone affections of scrofulous children, when associated with diarrhoea. 
-Congestion, flushing of face. Violent pulsations of arteries. Congestion of heart, lung and head. Congestion > wrapping up. 
-One side of the body generally affected, especially right side. 
-Sensitiveness of cold > by warmth wrapping up. 
-Pains-are so severe, makes patient faint, or sick all over -fleeting pains -burning, gnawing, neuralgic. 
-Craving for bread and butter. 
Aversion to meat. 
-Violent thirst especially for beer. 
-Excessive emaciation. 
-Walking aggravates all complaints, especially headache and dyspnoea. 
-Head -Vertigo with headache and nausea. 
-Headache with boring, pressive and tensive pains. 
-Tension from vertex to upper jaw as if head were expanded from within -As if scalp were too tight. 
-Headache slowly increasing and decreasing. 
-Supraorbital neuralgia. 
-Aches from nape of neck which spreads upwards. 
< evening < when lying with head low < cold drafts > heat > wrapping head warmly. 
-G.I.T.-Pressure in the stomach > eating < by walking. 
-Diarrhoea and constipation. 
-The stools of both are accompanied and followed by burning in the rectum. 
-Stools are large and hard, expelled with great effort, so that she thought she would faint and followed by great pain in anus. 
-Burning pain lasting a long time and compels patient to lie down. 
-Anus violently contracted after stool. 
-The diarrhoea is < at night and is very urgent can scarcely leave the vessel before having to returns > after 3 a.m. 
-Constant urging. 
-The stools are yellow, like sheep dung. 
-Extremities-Affection of bone especially femur. 
-Rheumatism with diarrhoea. 
-Scratica with oedema of ankle. 
-Sprains of ankle joint with oedema > immersing in hot water. 
-Rheumatic pain in right shoulder. 
-Gnawing as if in marrow of bones. 
-Cramps in calves and soles. 
-Chronic spasms particularly of ankle joint. 
-Icy cold feet. 
-In the arms there is venous tension. The veins of the arms and hands are injected and tense with great prostration, suggesting phlebitis and varicosis. 
KEYNOTES : -Shock after surgical operation. 
-Rheumatism, chronic with oedema of ankle. 
-The diarrhoea is < at night and is very urgent and scarcely leaves the vessel before having to return > 3 after a.m. 
-Pains are so severe, she thought she would faint. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -For chronic sequalae of haemorrhage after operation with much oozing of blood, coldness and prostration. 
-For shock after surgical operation. 
-Congestive states especially of the head, heart. 
-Threatened apoplexy. 
-Rheumatic pains, chronic sprains with oedema of joint. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Rheumatism with diarrhoea. 
-Congestion > heater, wrapping up warmly. 
-Sprains of ankle joint with oedema. 
-The diarrhoea is at night, and is very urgent, and scarcely leaves the vessel before having to return > after 3 a.m. 
-Walking aggravates all complaints. 
CLINICAL : -Collapse, Hypertension, Nephritis, Prostration, Sprains, Varicosities. 
-For the bad effects of harmorrhages during and after surgery [surgical shock]. 
-For "bad effects" x-rays, radium, nuclear exposure. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Antidoted by-Camphor. 
-Compare-Baryt-c-apopletic conditions chilliness. 
-Silica-in headache > wrapping up warmth. 
-Mag-m-in sheep dung stool. 
-Arn, Rhus, Ruta-sprains -Staph-scrofulous bone affection. 
-Stram, Calc, Bary-c-> by light. 
-Ars, Carb-a, Lyc. 
-Ast-r-threatened apoplexy. 
-Follows well by-Bell, Caust, Kali-c, Puls, Rhus-t, Sep, Sulph. 

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