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Destructiveness, erosion. Mental and physical breakdown. 
Hereditary tendency to alcoholism. 
Nocturnal aggravation. Bone pains or destruction. Neuralgias. 
Ulcerations or distortions (could be congenital). 
Washing mania with fear of infections. 

SYNONYM : Leusinum or Leuticum. 
COMMON NAME : The syphilitic virus. A nosode. 
The king of Anti-Syphilitic remedies. 
A/F : -Sun. 
-Damp weather. 
MODALITIES : < Night 3 > Changing positions < Damp 2 > Continued or slow motion < Sunset to sunrise > High altitudes < Every alternate full moon > Applied heat < Extreme heat or cold < Thunderstorms < Protruding tongue < 2 to 4 am 
MIND : -Persons antisocial, hopeless, despair of recovery, horrid depression, feels as if he will go insane or will become paralysed. 
-Forgetfulness, does not remember faces; name events; places etc., but remembers things previous to his illness, has a faraway feeling - that he is not himself. 
-Apathy and indifference to the future. 
-IMPULSE TO WASH HANDS. Profound aversion to dirt or to touching dirty things. 
-COMPULSIVE CHECKING. Compulsive neurosis. 
-Very nervous, laughs or weeps without cause; does not wish to be soothed. 
Aversion to company. Sad and lamenting. 
-Nightly delirium. Terrible dread of the night. 
-ALCOHOLISM (hereditary tendency). 
-Fear and anxiety especially of the health, strong fear of INFECTIOUS DISEASES. 
-Fear night and the suffering, from exhaustion on waking. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Useful in chronic cases with poor reactivity and no amelioration with the indicated remedy. Hereditary tendency to alcoholism or history of syphilis. 
-Suited to persons with pale, fine textured skin, who are slender, having graceful movements. 
-NOCTURNAL AGGRAVATION of all complaints, from sunset to sunrise. Absolute dread of the night. 
-Craving for ALCOHOL in any form acutely. 
-Constant ERUPTIONS, pustular boils and abscesses in endless succession; foul green pus. Knots in muscles. Stubborn ulceration. 
-FOETIDITY of all discharges and secretions; stool; urine; sweat and all other secretions. 
-Affections of all the glands of the body. 
-Pains which increase and decrease gradually, violent and linear. 
-Much emaciation, great debility and prostration but with few symptoms. 
Chronicity of complaints. 
-Face-Distorted facial features (mild asymmetry of face). 
-Facial neuralgia 
-Head-Neuralgic headache causing sleeplessness and delirium. 
-Pain starting at 4pm,<10 -11 pm, ceasing at daybreak, with falling of hair. 
-Deep crushing head pains; beats the head against the wall. 
-hair loss, alopecia. 
-C.N.S.-Cerebral softening, slowly advancing hemiplegia. 
-Eye-Linear head pain with vertical diplopia, ptosis, glimmering vision. 
-Inflammation of cornea > cool bathing. 
-Pain over left eye < protruding tongue. 
-Nose-Bone and cartilage affections - caries of nasal bone; abscess of middle ear. 
-Nose painful to inhaled air. 
-Nasal or oral cancer. 
-Saddle nose. 
-Chronic post nasal drip. 
-Mouth-Teeth feel sticky; as if a worm in; decay below gum line, serrated and drawfed. 
-Tongue coated, indented, with deep longitudinal cracks in the centre; with ulcerations. 
-Putrid taste. 
-Salivation increased, drooling during sleep. 
-Paralysis of tongue. 
-Cleft palate. 
-G.I.T.-Chronic constipation -obstinate for year. 
-Rectum feels tied up in stricture. 
-Fissure in anus and rectum. 
-Urinary system-Urine voided when standing, frothy. 
-Nocturnal enuresis. 
-Female genitalia-Menses with the odour of rotten meat. 
-Leucorrhoea profuse; acrid; greenish, running to the heels with itching. 
-Male genitalia-Induration of spermatic cords. 
-Back-Backache < urinating. 
-Curvature of spine. Scoliosis. 
-Extremities-Rheumatism of the shoulder joint at the insertion of the deltoid < raising the arm laterally. 
-Pain in the middle fingers. 
-Cold pain in legs. 
-Bone pain as if sawed. 
-Bone pains, growing pains cold applications. 
-Skin-Ulcerations, especially of legs. 
-Sleep-Insomnia <2-4 am. 

KEYNOTES : 1) Nocturnal aggravation of all complaints. 
2) Violent linear pain. 
3) Craving for alcohol in any form. 
4) Leucorrhoea profuse, soaking through the napkin and running down to the heels. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : 1) When there is hereditary tendency to alcoholism or a syphilitic taint. 
2) Lack of reaction with much prostration and few symptoms or multiphase symptoms. 
3) Nocturnal aggravations of all complaints. 
4) Ulcerations, foetidity and syphilitic affections. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : - < Night, sunset to sunrise. 
- History of Syphilitic taint. 
- Ulceration and destruction of bones. 
- Recurrent abscesses. 
- Pain violent, linear. 
- Craving for alcoholism in any form. 
CLINICAL : -Abscess, Acne, Alcoholism, Alopecia, Aneurysm, Anxiety, Aphthae, Bone pains, Compulsive disorder, Insomnia, Leucorrhoea, Malignancy, Neuralgia, Psoriasis, Scoliosis. 
-When Tuberculinum fails try Syphilinum, it often arouses reaction -Dr.William Boericke. 
-In Lymphosarcoma think of Syphilinum [Cystus canadensis] -Dr.Leon Rohand. 
-When a patient is slow re-establishing himself, a single dose of Syphilinum will bring him, his appetite, strength, sleep and former weight - Dr. Kent. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Ars, Aur, Kali-I, Merc, Nit-ac, Phyt, Plat, Sulph. 

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