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Septic states. Toxaemia. Diphtheria. Severe inflammations, with pains. Malignanat suppurations. 
Pain of death, soothes the last struggles. 
Pruritus about the genitals. 
Carbuncles. Gangrene. 
Abscesses, where pain and inflammation predominate. 

COMMON NAME : Cuban spider 
FAMILY : Mygale cubensis 
SOURCE : It is prepared from the rotten specimen of the Cuban Tarentula. The pyogenic effect of Tarentula cubensis is the point of differentiation between Cubensis and Hispania. 
MODALITIES : < Touch 3 < Cold 2 < Noise 2 < Damp 2 < Hands in cold water < Periodicity - yearly, hourly < After menses, coitus < Evening, night < Bright colours < Washing head < Cold drinks < Seeing others in trouble < Music > Relaxation > Rubbing 2 > Sweating 2 > Smoking > Tobacco chewing > In the sun > Open air 2 > Riding in carriage, horseback 
MIND : -Restlessness 3, could not keep quiet in any position 2, must keep in motion, though walking < all symptoms 2 (reverse-Rhus-t, Ruta). 
-Anxiety while walking, which makes him walk faster. 
-Delirium with pains or from sepsis. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Choric affections-Constant movements of the legs, arm, trunk, twitching and jerking of muscles. 
-Right arm, left leg affected. 
-Rolling from side to side to relieve the distress 3 (Am-c, Ars, Lach). 
-Atrocious burning pain 3, slightest touch provokes the pain Alarming prostration 3, hardness 3 of part. 
-G.I.T.-Desire Raw articles. 
-Aversion to bread, roasted meats. 
-Desire to eat with intense thirst, inextinguishable thirst for cold water. 
-Loss of appetite except for breakfast. 
-Respiratory system-Suffocation 3, must have fresh air < coughing noise > smoking. 
-Cannot hold urine on coughing. 
-Sleep prevented by harsh cough. 
-Female genitalia-At every menstrual nisus, throat, mouth, tongue intolerably dry, especially when sleeping (Nux-m). 
-Dry, hot, raw itching of vulva a vagina < scratching. 
-Genitals sensitive, sexual excitement, even to mania. 
-Scirrhus of breast. 
-Skin-Carbuncles, even to sloughing, with great prostration and diarrhoea. 
-Abscess, boils, felons, affected part becomes dark red, purplish swelling of skin and tissue. 
-The agony of felon compelling patient to walk the floor for nights. 
-Malignant ulcers, anthrax, gangrene. 
-Senile ulcers. 
KEYNOTES : -Atrocious burning pain, hardness of part. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Atoxaemic medicine, septic condition, various forms of malignant suppuration, with atrocious pains. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Terrible, burning, stinging pain in all septic states. 
CLINICAL : -Abscess, Bubo, Bubonic plague, Carbuncles, Diphtrheria, Gangrene, Pimples, Prostration, Pruritus, Scirrhus, Septicemia, Suppuration, Ulceration. 
-In pulmonary kochs, it soothes the dying suffers Dr.Kent. 
-According to Dr.Nacterlam it is more useful in whooping cough than Ipecac or Castanea to or any other remedy. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Anthrac, Apis, Ars, Bell, Crot, Echi, Pyrog. 
-Antidotes-Bov, Carb-v, Cup, Lach. 
-Similar to-Apis, Crot, Lach, Platina, Mygale, Naja, Ther. 

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