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Oversensitiveness to noises, causes pains, toothache etc. 
Hysterical vertigo < closing eyes. 
Craves bananas. 
Horrible insomnia though exhausted. 

COMMON NAME : Orange Spider 
SOURCE : Introduced, proved by Hering in 1832. Spider is found in the West Indies, chiefly in the island of Curacoa. It is found on the orange trees. It has antero-posterior lines of white dots, three orange dots on the posterior aspect, large square yellow spot on belly. It is very poisonous. 
The whole living spider is used for the tincture. 
A/F : -Sea travelling -Riding -Washing clothes 
MODALITIES : < Noise 3 < Closing eyes 3 > Rest < Touch 2 < Jar 2 > In horizontal position < Riding 2 < Least motion > Warmth < Cold < Coitus sunstroke < Exertion 
MIND : -Extreme sensitiveness to noise < least noise. 
-Sounds penetrate through the whole body (seem to strike on painful part) causing nausea and vertigo. 
-Every shrill sound penetrates the teeth. 
-Extreme sensitiveness in general. 
-Fruitless activity, finds pleasure in nothing. 
-Confusion of mind < laughing. 
-Time passes too quickly, appears shorter. 
-Hysterical anxiety felt in the region of the heart; at puberty. 
-Must lie down. 
-Feels as if dying. 
-Panic disorder. Hysteria and anxiety. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Indicated for sea sickness, car sickness. 
-Vertigo-< closing eyes, vertigo as soon as she closes the eyes (Lach, Thuja. On opening eyes-Tabaccum). 
-Vertigo with nausea, vomiting < stooping from least motion < least noise. 
-Hysterical vertigo. 
-Head-Headache < lying down, < others walking on the floor < least movement. 
-Mouth-Toothache from noises. 
-G.I.T.-Craving for bananas. 
-Male genitalia-Nocturnal emissions. 
-C.V.S.-Hysterical palpitations. 
-Back-Sensitiveness. Pain in bones as if broken. 
-Sensitiveness between vertebrae, patient sits sideways in a chair to avoid pressure against spine < least motion, jar of foot on floor. 
-Sleep-Horrible insomnia, though exhausted. 
KEYNOTES : -Sensitive to slightest noise, it penetrates through the body through painful spots. 
-Vertigo, nausea on closing the eyes. 
-Great sensitiveness between vertebrae, sits sideways on a chair to avoid pressure on the spine. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Nervous hyperasthesia. 
-Sensitivity to external stimuli eg. noise 3, touch 2, jar 2 and either brings on the complaints or aggravates them. 
CLINICAL : -Allergy, Anxiety, Arrhythmia, Headache, Insomnia, Neuralgia, Nocturnal emissions, Panic disorder, Toothache, Vertigo. 
-Vertigo and nausea associated with abscess of liver- Dr. Lippe. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Ars, Asar, Cocc, Coff, Con, Iod, Nux-v, Sep. 
-Antidoted by-Acon, Graph, Mosch. 
-Follows well-Calc, Lyc, Sulph. 

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