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Discontented, disobedient, destructive, obstinate. 
Romantic, longs for nature. Hyperactivity. 
Need for change and travel. 
Recurring infectious illnesses in childhood. 
Developmental defects, failure to thrive. 

SOURCE : A Nosode prepared from pus of Tuberculosis (abscess),or from a glycerine extract of pure cultivation of tubercular bacilli (Phatak). 
A/F : -Tubercular heritage. 
-Exposure to slightest cold air. 
MODALITIES : < Closed room 3 > Cold air < Noise 2 > Open air < Exertion 2 > Motion 2 < Damp, cold air 3 > Mountains, especially in pine forests < Draft < Awaking 2 
MIND : -Depressed and melancholic. 
-Despondent and morose. 
-Mania alternating with melancholia -Insomnia alternating with sopor. 
-Fear of-animals especially, dogs, cats. 
-Disgust with cats and furred animals. 
-Disposition to use foul, filthy language; to curse and swear. 
-Sensitive to music. 
-Every trifle irritates him. 
-Horrid anger, wants to throw things away. Bangs the head when angry. 
-malicious behaviour, breaks things, breaks others valuables.
-Obstinate and disobedient child. 
-Dissatisfied, always wants a change. 
-"Cosmopolitan" patients. 
-Compulsive behaviour, ritualism. 
-Desire to travel. 
-Desire for change and excitement. 
-Confusion, everything in the room looks strange. 
-Dreams-of shame -frightful. 
-Hyperactivity, restless. 
-Shuddering sensation on falling to sleep. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Persons of light complexion, blue eyes, blonde, tall, slim, narrow chest, with fine and long eyelashes. 
-Symptoms are constantly changing. 
-Takes cold easily, on slightest exposure to cold air, without knowing how and why. 
-Susceptible to changes in weather. 
-Scrofulous diathesis; enlarged glands adenoids etc. 
-Rapid and profound emaciation though eating well [Abrot, Calc-p, Iod, Sil]. 
-Great weakness with profuse night sweats. 
-Longs for open air, wants doors and windows open, or to ride in strong wind. 
-Very sensitive, mentally and physically. 
-Allergy to milk and cats. 
-Head-Especially suited to headache of school going girls. 
-Headache, as if iron whoop around head. 
-Deep brain headaches. 
-Acute, cerebral or basilar meningitis, with threatened effusion, with nocturnal hallucinations. 
-Eyes-Blue sclera. 
-Long fine eyelashes. 
-Ears-Perforation of membrana tympani with ragged edges. 
-Mouth-Delayed dentition. 
-G.I.T.-Craves smoked meat, bacon, pork, ham, salami, cold milk, fat, salt, ice-cream. 
-Milk allergy. 
-Early morning diarrhoea (Aloe, Sulph). 
-Emaciation, inspite of eating heavily. 
-Respiratory system-Thick, yellow or yellow green sputum. 
-Sensation of suffocation, even with plenty of fresh air. 
-Tuberculosis begins in apex of lungs, especially left lung (Phos, Sulph). 
-Female genitalia-Menses too early, too profuse, too long lasting. 
-Benign mammary tumours. 
-Dysmenorrhoea with pains increased with establishment of flow. 
-Male genitalia-Hyper-sexual. Promiscuity. 
-Early or excessive masturbation. 
-Back-Dark or long, fine hair on back of children, along the spine. 
-Extremities-Acute articular rheumatism. 
-Good remedy for bony suppurations. 
-Skin-Dry, harsh skin with itching profound. 
-Crops of small boils which are intensely foetid, with green foetid pus. 
-Eczema with intense itching < night when undressing, bathing. 
-White bran like scales; oozing in the folds of skin. 
-Hair-plica polonica. 
KEYNOTES : -Profound and rapid emaciation, though eating well. 
-Crops of small boils with green, foetid pus (Sec). 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Persons of tubercular heritage, when symptoms are ever changing and well selected remedies fail to improve. 
-Take cold easily from the slightest exposure. 
-Chronic or recurrent illness like diarrhoea, epilepsy, arthritis, boils. 
-Craves open air. 
-Rapid and pronounced emaciation though eating well. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -History of tubercular affection. 
-Takes cold easily even on slightest exposure to cold air. 
-Rapid and profound emaciation while eating well. 
-Fear of animals especially dogs, cats. 
-Always tired, motion causes intense fatigue. 
CLINICAL : -Adenopathy, Alopecia, Amenorrhoea, Arthritis, Asthma, Astigmatism, Autism, Behaviour disorders, Bronchitis, Bruxism, Colds, compulsive behaviour, Croup, Enuresis, Hodgkins disease, Hyperactivity, Lymphoma, Malignancy, Meningitis, A-Compare-Phos, Sep, Sulph. 
-Complementary-Calc-s, Kali-s, Psor, Sep, Sulph. 

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