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Agalactia, lithiasis, gout, urticaria. 
Spleen affections. 
Rheumatism associated with urticaria-like symptoms. 
Pruritus vulvae, with stinging, itching and oedema. 

COMMON NAME : Stinging-nettle 
A/F : -Burns 2 -Bee stings 2 -Eating shellfish 2 -Suppressed milk -Suppressed nettle rash 
MODALITIES : < Snow air < Cold moist air < Cool bathing < Lying on arm < Touch < Yearly, after sleep (Clarke) > Lying down 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Gout. Uric acid diathesis. 
-Rheumatism with urticaria-like eruptions. 
-Pain in right deltoid muscle with great soreness, lameness of muscles. Weakness in general, restlessness. Afraid to go to sleep, due to intense burning after sleep with continued fever (Clarke). 
-Fever in gout, tropical. Pulsation all over the body, giddiness, sensation of falling down (forwards) with spleen pain, headache, mainly at night (Clarke). 
-Lump in left breast. Entire absence of milk after confinement without apparent cause. 
-Angio-neurotic oedema. Urticaria. Itching blotches with central white spot and red areola with burning and stinging pains. 
KEYNOTES : -Gout with rheumatic pain in right deltoid muscle. 
-Rheumatism with urticaria like eruptions which alternate with each other. 
-Complaints from eating shellfish. 
-Diminished secretion of milk, also to arrest the flow of milk after weaning. 
-Symptoms return at the same time every day. 
-Urticaria and itching disappears while lying down and reappears immediately after rising. 
-Urinous odour to the body (Phatak). 
-Diarrhoea after suppressed eruptions. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : -Burning, stinging pain. 
-Complaints return at the same time every year. 
-Urinous odour to the body. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -Urticaria alternates with joint complaints. 
CLINICAL : -Agalactia, Burns, Spleen affections, Prevention of calculus, Uric acid diathesis, Gout(acute) with fever, Deltoid rheumatism, Uraemia, Urticaria, Urticaria nodosa, worms-Pin worms ascarides, Fevers especially at night. 
Hemorrhages, Bee stings, Peritonitis followed by effusion, Enteritis, Enuresis, Angio-neurotic oedema. Neuritis, Burns. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Antidoted by-Rumex obtus. 
-Antidote to-Apis (bee stings) -Compare-Nat-m (Gout, Fever, Spleen). 
-Ur-ac, Urea, Urinum (Dropsy, Uraemia, gravel, gout). 
-Quercus (Fever, Vertigo, Spleen). 
-Ceanothus (Spleen). 
-Sang (Rheumatism of right deltoid). 
-Ricin, Puls, Lac-c, Medusa, Nat-m (Secretion of milk). 
-Apis, Nat-m, Ast. Fl, Medusa, Homar (Urticaria). 
-Formica (Uric acid conditions). 
-Sulphate of Lime. 
-Plaster of Paris. 

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