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Uterine haemorrhage. Miscarriage. 
Left ovarian or pelvic pains radiating to the legs. 
Uterine fibroids with haemorrhage. 

COMMON NAME : Corn smut 
FAMILY : Fungi 
PREPARATION : 5 parts by weight of alcohol is added to powdered fungus for mother tincture. 
PHYSIOLOGICAL ACTION: 1. Circulation - Long lasting arterial capillary contraction. 
2. Veins- Dilation, passive hemorrhage. 
3. Skin - Loss of hair nails, loss of teeth. 
4. Glandular system- Congestion, hypertrophy. 
5. CNS - Congestion, paralysis 6. Male- Prostration, impotence, neuralgia 7. Female- Oxytocic, venous hemorrhage, ovaralgia. 
MODALITIES : < Sexual abuse < Climateric > Bandaging < Touch < Motion 
MIND : 1) Amorous disposition. 
2) Irresistable tendency to masturbation, seeks solitude. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : -Timid tissues; haemorrhages slow, passive or in clots, blood DARK, but watery. 
-Sensation of knot in uterus, bowels, throat. 
-Languor and faint feeling at 11 AM in a warm lecture room [WP]. 
-Craving for hearty food and acids. 
-Loss of hair and nails. 
-Crusta lactea. [Viola tricolor]. 
-Sticky secretions matting the hair. 
-Head-Nervous headache from menstrual irregularities. 
-Throat-Tonsilitis, left tonsil affected, congested and enlarged. 
-Pain from tonsil to ear < swallowing. 
-G.I.T.-Pain as if intestines were tied in a knot, colicky pain >hard stools or constipation. 
-Male genitalia-Spermatorrhoea; with erotic fancies and anxious dreams. 
-Orchitis after gonorrhoea [FV Synoptic Key]. 
-Neuralgic pain in right testicle, pain suddenly shifts to bowels, accompanied with nausea and cold sweat on scrotum. 
-Masturbation and sexual drive excessive. 
-Female genitalia-Vicarious menstruation from lungs and bowels. 
-Profuse menses after miscarriage, discharge of blood from slightest provocation, bright red, partly fluid, partly clotted. 
-Post partum haemorrhage. 
-Excessive menses when approaching menopause. 
-Oozing of DARK CLOTTED BLOOD forming long black strings. 
-Before flow, pain from hip to hip > after flow commences. 
-After flow, backache of a heavy dragging character 
-Leucorrhoea- foul, yellow, brown. 
-Bearing down pains from thighs to knees, when child nurses, during menses. 
-Acute LEFT OVARIAN PAIN and burning distress in right ovary. 
-Cervix spongy, bleeds easily. 
-Congestion to various parts, especially at climateric. 
-Menorrhagia at climaxis [Calc-c, Lach], after abortion. 
-Profuse lochia. 
-Back-Muscular debility, sensation of boiling water flowing along the back. 
KEYNOTES : 1) Haemorrhages; slow, passive or in clots, blood DARK but watery. 
2) Loss of hair and nail. 
3) Sensation of boiling water flowing along the back. 
CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS : 1) Haemorrhages; slow, passive or in clots, blood DARK but watery. 
2) Loss of hair and nails. 
3) Crusta lactea. 
4) Profuse menses after miscarriage, discharge of blood from slightest provocation, red, partly clotted, partly fluid. 
5) Oozing of dark blood, clotted, forming long, black strings. 
6) Irresistible desire for masturbation. Erotic fancies. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : -A flabby condition of the uterus with haemorrhages of dark, clotted oozing. 
-Increased sexual desire with uncontrollable desire for masturbation. 
CLINICAL : -Abortions, Bulky uterus, Cervical erosion, Post partum haemorrhage, Uterine fibroids, Uterine haemorrhage, 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : -Compare-Erig, Kali-fer, Sec, Sabin, Xanth. 

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