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Earache. Neuralgia of Inferior branch of the Trigeminal Nerve. 
Trumpet-like cough. 

SYNONYM : Verbascum Thapsus hahnemanni, Thapsiforme. 
COMMON NAME : Mullein Oil 
FAMILY : Scrofulariaceae 
SOURCE : Great mullein is prepared by placing crushed yellow Blossoms in a bottle which is corked and allowed to stand in sun. 
MODALITIES : < Change of temperature 3 < Drafts > Rising up 3 < Biting hard < With every cold > Motion 2 < 9am to 4 pm. < Talking > Deep inspiration < Sitting 3 Bent 2 < Twice a day, at same hour < Indoor air 3 < Lying down 2 
MIND : -Anxiety daytime only. 
-Delusion imaginations-sensual. 
-Insanity, madness, anxiety with facial neuralgia. 
-Weakness of memory during vertigo. 
-Dreams of dead people. 
-Excessive gaiety with laughter or morose; ill humoured. 
GUIDING INDICATIONS : - Pains benumbing, pinching, pressing, stitching, squeezing, cramping. 
-Coryza with tears (Euphr). 
-Catarrh with colds with periodical prosopalgia. 
-NEURALGIA affecting LEFT side of face with lachrymation. 
-CRAMPING, SQUEEZING, CRUSHING, PARALYSING FACEACHE in malar bones. <>-Sensation as if parts were crushed with tongs 
-Pain in EAR. Deafness especially from getting water in ears. Dry, scaly condition of meatus. 
-Voice HOARSE, harsh, like a trumpet. 
-Deep, hollow, bellowing or TRUMPET toned cough. 
-Cough in sleep, without waking, nervous. >deep breathing. 
-Piles itching, inflammed, obstructing stools. 
-Urine, dribbling constantly. Enuresis at night and < coughing. 
-Stiffness and soreness of joints of lower extremities. 
KEYNOTES : -Sensation as if parts were crushed with tongs. 
-Copious salt water in the mouth. 
NUCLEUS OF REMEDY : Colds and catarrhs, spasmodic effects and neuralgia. 
The drug has a special affinity for the inferior branch of the trigeminal nerve. 
CLINICAL : 1. In chronic coughs, try Verbascum Q -Hom. Recorder 1898. 
2. Good remedy for nocturnal enuresis - Dr. Cushing. 
3. In deafness, when the patient complains of a feeling as if there is a skin covering the ear, Verbascum should be thought - Dr. Ellis Basker. 
4. Acute otitis. 
5. Trigeminal neuralgia. 
REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS : Compare -Rhus-ar, Caust, Aco, Plat, Sep, Mag-p, Colo. 

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